revenge recapping: intuition

Previously on Revenge: Confidence

Emily knows her mother is alive and she confronts Aiden, because she knows he knew. Aiden again warns her not to mess with her past, because she may not like what she finds. Emily does not heed his warning.


How did things get so bad? Oh, that’s right, I did this on purpose

With Jack no longer in the picture, Emily throws Amanda further into the Grayson web, asking her to prod Victoria until she cracks on the truth about Emily’s mother. But, as Emily should know by now, Amanda doesn’t always do things exactly as she is supposed to.

Aiden goes back to Kara in order to get more information. He tries to convince her that he can be trusted but Kara isn’t buying it. She tricks him, ties him up and leaves him while she takes off to find out what happened to the white-haired man.

Jack, Charlotte, Emily

What do you mean she’s not really pregnant?

At Amanda’s baby shower, so kindly thrown by Victoria, Amanda continues to try and get information from Victoria about Emily’s mother. Unfortunately for Amanda, Victoria isn’t telling her anything Emily wants to hear. The only information Victoria gives is that Emily’s mother tried to kill her when she was younger. In their exchange, Amanda, whose heels are far too high for someone who is pregnant, falls over the second floor landing. The baby is fine, but Amanda’s life still hangs in the balance.

Kara, while on the run, hears the news of Amanda Clarke’s fall on the news and rushes to Amanda’s side. Upon seeing her mother Emily has a flashback of Kara holding her underwater as a little girl. So Victoria spoke the truth.

We also learn that Declan’s little robbery and the way he was caught was somehow staged by Kenny Ryan (played by JR Bourne), the man he robbed, and his new friend Trey Chandler (played by Michael Nardelli). Those Porter boys have the worst luck!

The episode ends with Emily throwing a small emotional fit and collapsing into Aiden’s convenient arms.


  • Since Nolan’s new love interest has made the connection between Nolan and David Clarke we can definitely expect an investigation
  • Aiden and Emily will fall into a romance, slowly, but surely
  • Amanda will remain in a coma for just long enough, but eventually she’ll pull through
  • Kara’s presence will bring in a whole new mess of things, but Emily will keep mum about who she really is


Nolan: “Only luddites use snail mail.”

Padma: “What can you tell me about a lawsuit brought against you in 2001?””
Nolan: “Ever hear of them?”
Padma: “No.”
Nolan: “That’s because they lost. End of story.”

Emily [to Amanda]: “Nice touch, bringing your girls from The Beaver Dam.”

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2 thoughts on “revenge recapping: intuition

  1. JimmyMackey says:

    LOL! I agree about Kara, but this is where things get interesting because some of Emily’s past will come out I bet, and it will be a lot less “pure” than she prides herself on. I can’t believe her family would be a Grayson target unless they were as dirty as the Grayson’s, right? Revenge is my wife’s pick for a show to watch together, but I got hooked.

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