thoughts on dexter: swim deep

Previously on Dexter: Buck the System and Run

For the many few of you that asked, I’m not sure how I feel about this season, so rather than complain about the various annoyances (e.g., the pacing, Deb in general, the silliness of bringing the mob into things, etc.) over and over again, I’ve decided to do these bi-weekly. That may or may not change if things get and stay interesting.


“As kids, Deb and I would try to outrun the waves, but I would always end up diving under them. I’d swim deep because I could withstand the pull of the tide. But Deb was always safest at shore. From here on out I’ll face the depths by myself.” – Dexter

Deb’s Acceptance

Harry and Dexter discussing whether or not Deb will be able to accept him now that she knows the truth was essentially Dexter questioning these things himself. As we see Deb navigate her way through LaGuerta’s side investigation and deal with the implications of Dexter killing Viktor, it seems she’s slowly going a bit insane dealing with all of this. In one of the few sweet moments the two have shared since the beginning of the season, Deb and Dexter recall their summer at Myrtle Beach. This walk down memory lane reminds Deb, as well as viewers, of the childhood these two shared, a childhood that makes Deb’s romantic feelings all the more inappropriate. For now, it seems she’s going to let Dexter do his thing (as if she had a choice!) and just stay out of it. I don’t think this will last. Deb has never been good at staying out of anything and her attachment to Dexter goes above and beyond general sisterly concern. When this intensifies, I predict Deb will blurt out her feelings for Dexter or kill someone with him or some fantastic combination of both.

LaGuerta and the Bay Harbor Butcher

LaGuerta never thought Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher and finding the slide with Travis’ blood on it has inspired her to secretly reopen the case…and freak Masuka out in the process. Normally, asking Deb to help her would be the perfect way to combine their respective geniuses and catch the real Butcher. Unfortunately for LaGuerta (and extremely fortunate for Dexter), Deb is on the case solely to keep her away from figuring out that Dexter was the one who left the slide. Deb thought it would be as simple as interviewing Phillip Barnes’ family herself and for the most part, it was. Although they left with pictures that could identify Dexter as the person from the Miami PD who was at the wedding, Deb got to it first and gave it to Dexter. LaGuerta doesn’t know she’s hit a roadblock but even still, this will hardly be the thing that makes her drop the case. I wonder how long Deb can play the “hero” for Dexter, as well as how long it is before Dexter realizes LaGuerta is a real threat to him. As much as I dislike her character, I’m still rooting for her to figure it out because let’s face it, she has the potential to be a Doakes-style adversary and we all remember how fun that was!

Isaak and the Koshka Brotherhood

Isaak wasted no time letting Dexter know he figured out he was the one that killed Viktor. Judging from the picture we saw last week, it’s clear Viktor is/was special to Isaak and he’s adamant about avenging his death. Dexter leaving a voicemail at his apartment to lure Isaak away from his apartment was genius. Dexter luring Isaak to an ambush at the Colombian bar was even more genius. However, Dexter has deeply underestimated who he’s up against. According to Deb, they’re “looking for the fucking Terminator.” Instead of a dead Isaak, Dexter just gets a few drug dealers killed and a story about grandfather’s who return from Siberia  to stab the man who killed his brother. Overall, Isaak lets Dexter know that he has no problem waiting for his revenge, it runs in his blood! When you couple his “revenge is a dish best served cold” mindset with his skilled killing style, it makes him a fun antagonist, but he’s still not Trinity Killer scary. Hell, he’s just a pissed-off Ukrainian mobster who doesn’t even have a cool name. Again, fun to watch, but is he really a threat to Dexter?

Hannah McKay and Dexter

While watching Hannah nostalgically play with the giraffe, Dexter figured out that she was never really one of Randall’s victims. This was confirmed when he realized after digging up their bodies that Hannah helped Randall kill the couple. She knows that Dexter figured it out and soon, she’ll know that he didn’t turn her in. It wouldn’t have mattered since she was given immunity, but she’ll have to at least question why he kept it to himself. I still feel like they’re forcing the sexual tension between Hannah and Dexter, specifically with lines like, “Look at us, talking blood and gore like we’re on a date sharing our first sexual experience.” I’m all for something happening between these two, but there’s a better way to make sparks happen (think more Lila and less Rita).

Other Observations:

  • Deb’s freakout in the elevator was pretty much perfect.
  • If Phillip Barnes went missing after he left the wedding, how did his wife get the pictures he took from that night? Did she get the pictures from another wedding photographer? Since…you know…non-celebrity weddings are known for having multiple wedding photographers.
  • A bag full of cash in the seat of your car says Quinn ends up dead by the end of the season.
  • Although it was understandable that she did it for Dexter, watching Deb pull rank on Batista stung a little bit.
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