happy endings’ best quotes: sabado free-gante

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“Are we gonna see any Jackson Five’s tonight? Yep. Are we gonna see any marionettes? Most def’. Are we gonna see any Mos Defs? I wouldn’t know it if we saw it, but I can guarantee we are going to be the only marionette Jackson Five.” – Jane


“Well, since Brad is not working, we’ve had to cut back a little bit. We were spending five grand a month on ‘of the month’ clubs.” – Jane
“How much could you really spend on…” – Dave
“Tea of the month. Cigar, beer, soap, months.” – Jane
“Month of the month?” – Penny
“Yeah, August was March.” – Jane
“I miss ‘time of the month’ club the most. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. It’s a clock that tells you when your period is coming.” – Brad


“Dave, I am going to miss you, paying all our rent. I mean half the rent. I mean, no one is getting scammed by anybody.” – Max


“Well GFF…gay fat friend.” – Brad


“Penny, this is about more than just a car, OK? This is about your life. You control your own destiny, like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.” – Jane
“Oh my god, I love those books. You read them too?!” – Penny
No, that stuff is for dorks, but I knew it would get you excited.” – Jane


“This chandelier is gonna make it tough for chicken fights.” – Alex
“Do you guys have a lot of chicken fights?” – Suzanne
“Enough where it’s a real concern.” – Dave


“There is no car czar.” – Jane
“No car czar? Then who knows what cars are?” – Penny
“Oh, my gullible chesty friend.” – Jane


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