the mindy project recapping: halloween

For a show that’s only had four episodes, I’d say that The Mindy Project is starting out as a pretty solid comedy. Not hilarious, but good enough that I’d say it’s usually worth my time to watch.

This week Mindy was invited to an NBA Halloween party by blonde-glasses NBA lawyer Josh (played by Tommy Dewey). Unsure if she wants to go as Josh says she’s got to have an awesome costume to impress everyone, Mindy eventually agrees on going. However, she has no costume. Like most doctors, she has to work on Halloween. Unlike most doctors, her secretaries and nurse–the ex-convict with more than a few brain cells missing–are recruited to help Mindy find the perfect costume that manages to toe the fine line, being both nerdy and sexy.

Danny and Jeremy, the other two doctors, leave on a secret mission which we later find out is not something sketchy like I thought–instead, they are going to try and get their driver’s licenses! Jeremy uses his charms, luck and logical thinking to pass both the written and driving test; Danny isn’t so lucky. While he passes the written test–and all the DMV workers cheer for him–he freaks out during the driving test and crashes into Halloween decorations. Luckily for Danny, Jeremy convinces the proctor to give him another chance, and he passes this time.

Mindy finally decides that despite all the stellar costume ideas from her co-workers–urinal, Linus from Snoopy, or a butt–she will go as Diane from Cheers. To her delight and surprise, Josh dresses up as Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, which he–in a very creepy turn of events–finds out is her favorite movie.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Favorites 

  • Although the plot is sometimes somewhat–or entirely–lacking in this show, certain characters seem to have great chemistry–like the ex-convict nurse.
  • And if nothing else, this show has managed to get great guest stars. Bill Hader was back, and from the looks of it, more NBA stars will be guest starring as well.
  • Some of the characters aren’t that consistent–or even relevant, like the woman Mindy keeps calling on the phone–but I’m sure they’ll find their groove sometime soon. After all, they’re just starting out.


Mindy: [distractedly petting the cat on her lap] Ew, who the hell are you? … Ugh, get out of here, you gross cat!

[talking to her friend on the phone] Things are kinda not great, this random loser cat tried to be my pet.”


Tom: Don’t say anything about ‘Breaking Bad!’ I haven’t seen Season 5 yet!

Mindy: If you’re obsessed with TV, why don’t you keep up with it in a timely way?!


Jeremy: Perfect score Danny, break a leg.

Danny: Never wink at me again.

Emily enjoys lots of things: laughing and watching television being the top two. She loves smart comedies involving witty repartee, loud actions and gestures, over-the-top theatrics, and a solid plot.

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