sons of anarchy recapping: andare pescare

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Ablation

Jax is extremely close to figuring out who is the rat at his table, and how to overthrow the ape-faced Clay. He only needs one person..

Since the kidnapping of Chibs and the revelation that the nomads were the muscle behind the home invasions, SAMCRO is keen on bringing them to (their type) of justice. Bringing Frankie Diamond’s fate to the table, the Sons of Anarchy unanimously decide that upon finding Frankie, they will strip him of his patch, and then kill him. However, after the meeting, Jax takes his Vice President, Bobby, aside and clues him in on his own intricate plan. Jax has decided that once Frankie is found, he and Bobby will volunteer to kill him, but will take him somewhere remote where they can make an even trade with sheriff Eli Roosevelt. Jax will be killing two birds with one stone: ensuring Frankie will get the morbid justice he deserves, while also getting the rat at his table. Jax and the crew get a lead on Frankie (who is hiding out in south Lake Tahoe) but has also obtained mob protection from SAMCRO. The Sons then go on a ride to find Frankie.
Jax and Eli

During the ride, Clay’s osteoarthritis acts up, and he cannot ride his motorcycle. Oh, but don’t think Clay unintentionally forget his meds. Clay, who has received outside information of Frankie Diamond’s hideout, convinces Juice to drive him to the hideout without Jax, probably to get to Frankie before Jax does. At this point, Jax and the rest of the Sons arrive at the Poker House where they believe the man who is hiding Frankie resides. After a quick (and necessary) fist fight between the Sons and the Mob, Jax convinces the leader, Leo,that Frankie has much more money than he claimed, and that this will result in a retaliation from the Cartel and from outside gangs. Leo remains skeptical of Jax’s claims, but takes him to Frankie anyway. While this is all happening, Frankie receives news that the Sons are after him, and in a panic, shoots his lookout and attempts to escape BUT NOT BEFORE CLAY ARRIVES. However, Clay cannot extract his homicidal maniac actions before Jax shows up with Leo, and Leo shoots rashly shoots Frankie upon his discovery.
Frankie Diamonds

After this rash action by Leo, Jax takes the dead Frankie to Eli Roosevelt anyway. Although it is not the exchange Eli wanted, he still tells Jax that Juice was the rat at the table (although Jax had already basically figured it out anyway). However, Eli defends Juice’s choice. Jax then stalks Juice, and it is undetermined what will happen next (until next week!)

Tara continues her task with Otto. It appears she has convinced him to recount his statement for the Rico case by bringing his deceased wife’s perfume in and getting Otto to remember what he loves most. The only obstacle that can possibly happen with her meetings with Otto is that her boss, Margaret (played by McNally Sagal) changed Tara’s insurance to married. This could potentially hamper her meeting to the prison because her insurance could reveal ties to the Sons of Anarchy.

As all this is going on, Gemma and Nero are becoming closer, even though Gemma knows she must rekindle her relationship with Clay in order to win Jax’s family back. Nero and Gemma enjoy a lovely day together, meeting Nero’s son and taking Carla’s ashes to a crypt. It’s sad to watch Gemma become a lighthearted person and yet we know it will not last. Gemma reluctantly meets up with Clay and begins to perform her duties as spy and lover. Gemma seeks out Jax and Tara, to make sure that what she is doing with Clay is real and will ensure that she will get her family back. Gemma informs Jax that she is the most happiest with Nero, but that she will sacrifice that happiness in order to get that family back. It’s almost sad to watch her silently suffer, but she screwed up big time with that accident, so this is a consequence (albeit, a little bit harsh).
gemma and clay

  • After the meeting with Otto, Tara seems to have broken down as well. What will this mean for Jax and the Club?
  • Now that Frankie Diamonds is dead without giving the hard evidence against Clay and the home invasions, how will Jax ultimately defeat Clay?
  • Will Jax believe Juice’s justifications for being a rat on the club? Or, will he pull a Clay and jump to conclusions and murder him anyway without hearing the whole story (Clay in season one perhaps?) Also, I do wonder how long Jax has known that Juice was the rat at the table?
  • Will Gemma choose her family or her true happiness with Nero?

Next week, we get a 90 minute episode! Whoo Hoo!
Tara and Otto


“You haven’t said much since your boy was here.”-Nero

“Yeah, he leaves me speechless sometimes, making rules for ol’ grandma.”-Gemma

“All in favor of Frankie Diamonds meeting mister mayhem, yay or nay?”-Jax

“You a shrink now?’-Otto

“I’m an old lady, protecting my man.”-Tara

“I really hope you’re as smart as you think you are.”-Bobby

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