the tvdm team’s imax experience

Although we tend to focus more on the ‘TV’ part of our ‘TV Dinner and a Movie’ moniker, the TVDM team is still very much into movies. Whether it’s enjoying them on a couch or trekking to the theater for a midnight release, we’re avid fans of the overall movie experience. Suffice it to say that when given the opportunity by Everywhere to see a movie at an IMAX theater, we jumped at the chance. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering if an IMAX ticket is really worth the cost. But rather than demand you spend your hard-earned dollars the way we tell you, we’ll instead fill you in on the general awesomeness of our own experience.

Before we begin, it’s important that you understand the good people at Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 & IMAX in Dublin, CA, and Cinemark @ Seven Bridges & IMAX in Woodridge, IL, run very solid operations. We’re talking clean theaters and movies without delay. The perfect start to any movie-going experience. We ventured to Cloud Atlas at two different times, in two very different cities, but still found ourselves walking away from the movie with a similar sentiment: Definitely worth seeing it in IMAX!

“I have seen IMAX movies before, but only documentaries. As such, I was excited for the entire experience: the action, the plot, the HD, the much-louder sound effects, and so on.

While IMAX movies are more expensive than seeing regular movies, if you have the chance to see a movie in IMAX, it’s going to be an experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I’d definitely go for a movie with a little action or special effects in it—there’s nothing better than seeing an HD movie with great sound effects at the movie theater. Now just imagine that times two or three. It’s as if you’re actually in the moment; the screen almost entirely surrounds you. The quality of the movie is definitely much better than seeing a regular movie, and while the screen is much larger, using your peripherals was not necessary. You can take in the entire movie without it being too overpowering.

I would definitely see another IMAX movie, especially if that movie’s got lots a great soundtrack and lots of action.” – Emily (emilymorita)


“I’m one of those people who will become easily annoyed if there are ANY distractions on the screen. I don’t mean with the plot, but things like those annoying little rips in the screen or when the picture is at a little tilt because the projectionist can’t be bothered to set it straight. Fortunately, those occurrences are rare. Even better? Seeing Cloud Atlas in all its IMAX glory was nothing like that.

This movie was visually stunning and I doubt a smaller screen would have even done it justice. The score, which I highly recommend checking out, sounded mesmerizing. Yes, the sound was worthy of such adjectives as ‘mesmerizing’. It was necessary to move along the brilliance of the plot and had the sound not been so great, I doubt I would have recalled it so vividly hours after I left the theater.

If you’re going to truly invest yourself in a solid movie experience, why not go with the best? It’s essentially the difference between watching a championship game in HD versus the normal (and slightly more boring) way; sure, you can see everything the same, but the difference in quality is undeniable!” – Nicole (nicolewritenow)


Disclaimer: Although compensated for this post, all opinions expressed here are TVDMs and TVDMs alone.

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One thought on “the tvdm team’s imax experience

  1. Jamey Brown says:

    Thanks for posting! Completely agree on not having to use peripherals and having movies start on time!

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