how i met your mother recapping: the autumn of break-ups

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Marshall is now channeling his “inner goddess” under the watchful eye of Master Lily he has been getting better and better. Ted gets his first bit of advice, which basically tells Ted that his relationship with Victoria didn’t start from the beginning. This whole time it has just been on pause and now that they’re playing again, they’ll be moving much faster. Though this advice is solid, Marshall eventually goes rogue and dishes out a bunch of really bad advice.

Ted confronts Victoria about what Marshall said and though at first she denies dropping hints of a bigger commitment, when she pulls out her wedding dress Ted knows she was just being sarcastic. They argue and try to figure out what’s holding them back from moving forward. With no answer, Ted considers his next move, which is a proposal. Victoria’s answer is of course “yes”, but under the condition he can no longer be friends with Robin. With that one request I think we all know what’s going to happen. If you have conditions when getting married then you shouldn’t be getting married. Ted and Victoria break up.

Brover and Barney

it’s bro time, suit up.

Barney has chosen a dog to be his new wingman and though it concerns Robin greatly, I think its freaking awesome. A dog is a perfect wingman. Still Robin takes him under her wing, inviting him over for dinner. At dinner he learns that Brover is not a stray dog and his owner would like him returned. He nearly jumps out the window, but Robin stops him and goes with Barney to return Brover. And, as the best wingman ever, Brover brings Barney to his hot owner. Robin, also deserving of epic wingman status, plays it cool for Barney.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Victoria claiming that she isn’t dropping hints and then pulling out her wedding dress
  • Barney and Brover talking about the bitch Brover got pregnant
  • Marshall going rogue

Lily: “Oprah wasn’t built in a day.”

Nick (aka the Bad Boy Chef): “Who’s poppin’ a chub for some grub?”

Barney: “Sorry we’re late. We just came from the tailor. Brover couldn’t settle on a tie so I just bought them all. You say no to that face!”

Ted: “Victoria is happy we’re taking things slow.”
Marshall: “Oh oh honey sweetie baby. No thirty-two year old woman is happy taking things slow. Trust me, Victoria has got friends from high school posting pictures of second babies on Facebook and you think girlfriend’s all like, oh lets just bone a bunch so I’m another year older and still single? Bitch please!”

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