modern family recapping: arrested

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Mitchell, Phil, Claire

I am appalled!

In a series of some pretty hilarious late night phone calls, the whole family learns that Haley has been arrested. Phil, Claire and Mitchell will go get Haley while Cam watches Alex and Luke. Phil remains calm through the whole ordeal, while Claire stresses and freaks, and Mitchell tries to prove he’s a real lawyer. Haley’s charges? Assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Though she’s an honest girl in her hearing, later that day, she still gets the boot and moves homes.

Cameron thinks Claire doesn’t think he is a good parent, so he’s out to prove he is. He’s also out to prove that his vegan bacon is just as good as regular bacon. As Luke and Alex agree it’s pretty good, they also discover the “vacon” is made with soy, which Luke is allergic to. Cameron rushes Luke to the hospital. While he’s recovering Alex wanders off to make the rounds with the doctors and passes out while witnessing a c-section. Cameron may not have proven he’s a good parents, but he at least kept them alive, and found two people who like his “vacon”.

Jay and Deedee

Well this is awkward.

Jay is expecting a visit from Dede, who notoriously does not like Gloria, and he’s worried what the pregnancy will do to her animosity. Lucky for Gloria, Deedee’s animosity was no longer focused on Gloria, but rather on Jay for not being around while she took care of their kids. Which of course makes Gloria mad because she’s nervous she’ll have to take care of the baby all by herself. Jay, however, reassures her that the only reason he wasn’t around before was because he always worked. This time he’ll be around.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Phil’s focus on waffles and how many waffle houses they passed.
  • Mitchell admitting they probably should’ve called a real lawyer
  • Cameron hanging up on Claire
  • Manny writing Dede letters

Haley: In Legally Blonde Elle won her case because she was true to herself and dressed cute.
Phil: Haley this is real life, not an excellent movie.

Gloria: Claire listen to me. Take a lot of cash and when you flash it at the police, do not speak about it. Their eyes do all the talking, okay?

Haley: What is this a solar system?
Alex: They’re molecules.
Haley: No they’re nerdy balls.

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