the walking dead recapping: say the word

Previously on The Walking Dead: Killer Within

This week, we finally get into just how creepy Woodbury and it’s Governor really is, The prison group deal with the events from last weeks episode, and Rick goes into a grief induced killing spree to deal with the death of his wife.
governor and daughter

Andrea, Michonne, and Woodbury

The town of Woodbury has decided to have a celebration to commemorate their great success. Michonne has become increasingly suspicious of the Woodbury commune. Her suspicions are even more enforced when she walks by the Governor’s residence and notices the governor brushing a little zombie girl’s hair (who turns out to be his daughter Penny). Naturally, Michonne investigates the Governor and discovers a book with several individual’s names (including his daughter Penny’s). She has reached the conclusion that Woodbury is not what it seems, and believes that it is a research facility for zombies. Upon further investigation, Michonne stumbles upon a cage filled with walkers. As a way to deal with her frustration, Michonne epically kills the zombies. Take that, Govenah!

When he realizes that Michonne has killed all of the town’s zombies, the Governor attempts to strike a deal with her; the Governor will cover up Michonne’s killing spree, but in return, she must participate in the research team. Of course, she gives her answer by holding a knife to his throat and promptly leaves. Michonne tries to convince Andrea to leave by telling her the theory she has about Woodbury. But, because Andrea is so desperately looking for a life that faintly resembles that which was before the Outbreak, she decides to stay. Michonne then leaves Woodbury on her own.

Andrea joins the festivities of Woodbury, but is quickly put off by the gladiator fighting pit involving zombies.

The Prison Group

The birth of Lori’s baby brings new challenges. Daryl takes it upon himself to make sure that the baby survives (what a guy!). He and Maggie go on a search for baby formula and supplies, while the rest of the group is left with a screaming baby, and a leader who has gone temporarily insane. Daryl and Maggie find an abandoned day care center where they find supplies for the little baby, and head back. Daryl takes care of the baby by feeding her and comforting her, while the group looks on with smiles on their faces. Carl, who has seen more than enough as a young child, gives a chilling account of the names he’s picked out for the baby–all deceased members of the group. Meanwhile, at the prison, Axel and Oscar are digging three graves for their fallen–T-Dawg, Lori, and the missing and presumed dead Carol.


Rick has decided to deal with the grief of losing his wife by running into the prison and killing every zombie he sees. Glen tries to persuade Rick to come back and regain his composure, but because Rick is such an emotional train wreck, he just slaps Glen around a bit and continues on with his spree. As he makes his way into the room where Lori has died, it is revealed that Lori’s body is gone. Following the bloody trail, Rick discovers a particularly fat (or pregnant) zombie. Rick stabs the zombie repeatedly in the belly and sinks even further into his grief. In a surprising moment, a near by phone starts to ring, and Rick answers it.

  • This was truly Daryl’s episode to shine. I may be a bit biased because he’s my favorite, but seeing him care for that child in such a way was one of those moments in the show where you realize there is still humanity despite the apocalypse. Norman Reedus‘ portrayal of Daryl as a redneck badass with a teddy bear side is amazing. However, Daryl stepping up as leader of the group after Rick goes temporarily insane was equally as amazing.
  • Woodbury just got real. And creepy. Michonne’s theory that the borders of Woodbury are protected so heavily not to keep zombies in, but to provide a safe area to experiment and research on zombies is chilling. That list that Michonne discovered with names, could that possibly people that have been tested have died, or become zombies? I’m ready for more on this theory.
  • Rick stabbing the zombie in the stomach could possibly be him lashing out on his subconscious frustrations over the fact that Lori got pregnant in the first place, or that the baby possibly was Shane’s.
  • Speaking of Lori, where is she? Zombie do not necessarily drag off their meat, and they most certainly do not eat bones. Did Carl really shoot Lori, or did he fake the shot and Lori walked off as a zombie?
  • The phone ringing, I personally feel that was the Governor, just because he’s such a treacherous sneaky dude.
  • Just like Sophia, Carol has the ability to disappear in a zombie attack without a trace (hopefully the same outcome does not meet Carol)


“We aint losing anybody else, I’m going for a run.”-Daryl

“People that have nothing to hide don’t normally feel the need to say so.”-Michonne

“1/3 of our group gone in one day because of one asshole.”-Glen

“This place is not what it says it is!”-Michonne

“You like that, baby ass kicker? Huh, you like that sweetheart?”-Daryl

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2 thoughts on “the walking dead recapping: say the word

  1. nicolewritenow says:

    I truly hope Carl “killed” Lori. The last thing Rick needs is to stumble upon his zombified wife in his current state.

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