revenge recapping: penance

Previously on Revenge: illusion

The Board, Victoria, Daniel

Don’t get confused, the devil’s in white.

Aiden and Daniel are still in full swing trying to get Grayson Global into Daniel’s hand. Aiden decides to step outside the box on this one and ask Nolan directly for the proof. With a little prompting and a reminder that this is his best shot at protecting Emily, Nolan hands over the proof. Daniel and Aiden work fast, as Ashley keeps Conrad distracted by the event Daniel pitches his leadership to the board and one member of the initiative who probably shouldn’t even be there. We don’t know the exact outcome, but we can assume that with the punch he was packing, the board will likely pass to Daniel…and The Initiative will have stake in NolCorp.

Conrad and Victoria are becoming more and more unified as of late. They are both terrified of what The Initiative is going to do and though they may not be able to stop them, have decided to try and take their former allies and now adversaries down with them. When Mason confesses all to Cara, she goes after Victor and Conrad and in what they think are their last moments they grab each other’s hands. Luckily for them Aiden grabs Cara out of the room and he and Emily send her away.

Mason Treadwell

Emily may have screwed me over, but I’ll come out on top…..

As Treadwell continues to sift through the wreckage and  figure out Amanda and Emily’s connection he continues to dig his own grave. He confronts Emily with his version of the truth, that Emily and Amanda were lovers at Allenwood and Amanda has pulled Emily into this journey. Emily doesn’t scare too easily with Mason’s story, but Amanda sure does. After panicking to Emily, who tells her to stand down. Amanda starts a plan of her own and goes to Mason Treadwell’s house to tell him the truth. But she’s ready to kill him. Emily catches wind of what Amanda’s about to do just in time and then confesses everything to Mason, enlisting his help to get her mother out of town. Mason, naturally, screws it all up in favor of clearing his own guilt, but he gets his in the end. Emily frames him for Gordon Murphy’s murder and tells him to take the fault in exchange for full exoneration and the chance to write her story when it’s all over.

When Emily returns from her visit with Mason, Aiden is waiting for her. His concern prompts Emily to throw herself in his arms, finally.


  • Aiden and Emily will start working together against the Initiative, while Emily puts her revenge on the backburner…kind of.
  • Daniel will take over Grayson Global and the Initiative will salivate over the power NolCorp now give them

Nolan: “You might have mentioned that Hey Nolan, this one time at Revenge Camp, I met this fellow avenger, and guess where he’s going to be summering?””

Emily: “As much as we both enjoy the sound of your voice, Mason, why don’t you just get to the point?”

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