the walking dead recapping: hounded

Previously on The Walking Dead: Say the Word

This week, the two parallel story lines between the Prison and Woodbury finally collide. And you know what that means, things are about to get even more dramatic than they’ve already been.


  • Andrea finally admits to the Governor that she liked the gladiator pit fights and that alone scared her, which is why she reacted so negatively. The Governor assures her that he loves the fight. To show that they both have something in common, the Governor and Andrea engage in a love affair.
  • Andrea decides that she wants to be a part of Woodbury, and asks to be put on watch guard. She is paired up with Haley (played by Alexa Nikolas), an over-cocky girl with a bow and arrow, and when a walker shows up, Andrea hops over the fence and stabs the Zombie (much to her pleasure). However, this is frowned upon.


  • Merle, and his three companions (oddly enough, they mirror Rick’s group of companions) set off into the wilderness to find Michonne.
  • Michonne obviously does not like being hunted by Merle, so she jumps from behind a bus, decapitates one group member and stabs the other in the stomach. Merle is enraged by this and sends shots firing at Michonne. Although he hits her in the leg with a bullet, she is still able to outrun him. Merle is satisfied with his deed of shooting her, and reaches the conclusion that she will die soon.
  • Merle’s only remaining companion, Neil/Garguilo (played by Dave Davis), refuses to lie to the Governor about killing Michonne, which prompts Merle to shoot him in the head.
  • Injured Michonne is attacked by zombies, but because she is such a badass, she kills them all while spilling their blood and guts all over herself. She later learns that all the nasty blood and guts on her body allow her to walk among the zombies unnoticed (as we discovered in the ‘Guts’ episode in season one).
  • Maggie and Glen are on a run for bullets, supplies, and baby formula. They however do not know Michonne is observing them in the background. Merle walks up to them, recognizes Glen as his former companion, and holds them hostage as a means to interrogate them on the whereabouts of his brother, Daryl.
  • Merle brings Glen and Maggie to Woodbury, where he tells the Governor that his prisoners know who Andrea is, and wants to find out where their safe haven is.

creepy merle

When A Stranger Calls:

  • Last week, Rick received a surprise phone call. A woman talks to him, and he explains to them that his group is dying and that they need a safe refuge. The woman says that she will talk to her group and hangs up. An hour or so later, the phone rings again, and it is a man, who questions Rick about the loss of his wife. Rick refuses to answer, and is hung up on. Again, the phone rings, and it is another woman who is able to draw a confession out of Rick about the people he has killed, which Rick obviously justifies. A last phone call ends up being the revelation to all of these strange calls. The last caller is Lori, who explains that the first three callers were Amy, Jim, and Jacqui (who all died in the past seasons). Rick realizes that he must have a better grip on reality, decides to clean up all the blood and guts off of himself, and see his newborn daughter.

rick on the phone

Other Events:

  • Daryl, Carl, and Oscar are cleaning up the prison after the zombie hoard attack. Daryl and Carl swap stories about the demise of their mothers.
  • Daryl discovers a zombie with Carol’s knife lodged into it’s neck.
  • Michonne shows up at the prison with the supplies that Glen and Maggie were forced to leave behind.
  • An exhausted Daryl finds Carol, who is either injured or exhausted, behind a closed door.


“It’s a Biter Gram.”-Merle

“I’ll sit here with you, that’s something I’m pretty good at these days.”-Hershel

“What you need slippers for?”-Daryl
“End of day, you know, relax.”-Oscar

“You can trust me.”-Merle
“You can trust us. Stay here.”-Glen

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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