happy endings’ best quotes: more like stanksgiving

Previous Happy Endings Quotes: Boys II Menorah

“Classic Penny over-think, come help me set the table you brainy bitch.” – Alex


“Oh, I see you’ve moved from an outside my car to a more inside my car situation.” – Dave


“You, who focus on 15/16ths of a man.” – Dave


“If that season had aired, I would’ve been the first openly gay person on television.”– Max
“Except for Ellen, Rosie, all the career high guys.” – Jane
“Oh and Norman Korpi from the Real World season one.” – Penny
“Deep cut.” – Max


You were gonna hook-up with booty chin Jared? He had a booty on his chin!”- Brad


“It was 2002; It was such a crazy time! We were all still reeling from the events of Vanilla Sky. I mean, what is reality?” -Penny
“I am so tired of people using Vanilla Sky to defend everything.” – Alex


“Dude, you just sneezed right in my mouth. I need some hand sani’ for my face!” – Brad


“Bussa Bust? Why don’t you throw your hands where my eyes can see, which would be in my sink doing my dishes.” – Max


“You don’t want to make me angry, dude, cause when I get angry, I get naked, and when I get naked, I fight.” – Brad


Other notables (and there are quite a few!):

  • I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought the Rock Bottom Remainders was fictional. Turns out, it’s very real.
  • Of course Jane would use a real turkey to sculpt her ice turkey. Ever the perfectionist.
  • Dave is still very much into being 1/16th Navajo. I love continuity.
  • And speaking of…Nava-Ho Hos, the timing of this joke was perfect as well as bittersweet (R.I.P. Hostess).
  • Penny’s ‘Rachel’. I’m sorry but if this Real World: Sacramento was filmed in 2002, there’s no way you’re convincing me she was still that dedicated to a look from 1994. Puh-lease.
  • Alex’s ‘eye-open napping’ was creepy. Hilarious, but creepy.
  • Jane’s failed attempt to find and hook-up with Jared reminded me more of Snooki on Jersey Shore than any seasons I can recall from Real World.
  • Dave’s Navajo name is “Has Ordeals with Clams”. Not good, but better than Lindsey, I suppose.
  • And in case you’re ever in the mood to watch just the jokes from this episode: Thank you ABC!
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