sons of anarchy recapping: to thine own self

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Crucifixed

The best way I can explain this episode is through one of my favorite Lord of the Rings’ quotes: “The board is set. The pieces are moving.”


  • In the aftermath of Otto’s decision to murder a nurse, we meet a new character (played by Donal Logue) who initially dresses as an inmate and beats the crap out of Otto. Then, the same man makes his appearance again to Otto, reminding him that Otto knows the anonymous character’s voice and that he will see to it that Otto suffers miserably. The anonymous character also shows up at the hospital that Tara works at, following her as she leaves the vicinity. Since Tara was also an accessory in Nurse Toric’s brutal murder, I am wondering if this new character plans on making Tara’s life just as miserable. Or, in one of my more wilder theories, is this new character John Teller?

new character

  • Jax comes completely clean out to the Club about his secret doings to get the club out of the line of fire of the Cartel. The club unanimously votes approval for Jax’s plan to hand over the drugs to the Mayans, and have the Chinese gangs handle the supplies for the guns for the cartel, all while keeping the IRA in good terms with the club. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs for Jax’s reign.
  • Clay has become completely aware of Jax’s knowledge of his involvement in the home invasion, and in Jax’s plans for the club.
  • Juice is running out of time for digging up paper work from the safe that was returned to Clay after the home invasion. Juice finds it in the air vent, and informs Jax about it. Jax plans on having Chibs, Juice, Bobby, and Tig confront Clay with the papers, and probably kill him. However, Juice accidentally leaves Clay alone in the house, and Clay removes the incriminating evidence before Jax is able to confront him.
  • Nero’s new escort business finally opens! However, there is some rain on his parade when his former gang members show up at his new business demanding weapons. It is clear that Nero wants to distance himself from the gangster life he once lived, and turns them down, only to have the Sons offer the gangsters weapons instead.
  • While on a run, Jax is kidnapped by Romeo and his group of thugs because they think Jax is trying to undermine their weapons/cartel deal. Word reaches to the club as they desperately try to find him. Nero believes that his former gangster kidnapped Jax, and races to confront them, which they deny, and we see Nero get brutal.
  • Under interrogation by Romeo, Jax reveals his plan to keep the cartel in business with other gangs. This obviously pleases Romeo, who releases Jax.
  • Jax reveals to Bobby and Chibs everything about Clay: his involvement in John Teller and Piney’s death, the kidnapping attempt on Tara, and why Jax did not kill him in the first place. Chibs understands Jax’s hatred towards his step father, while Bobby wants to keep Jax from becoming the brutal man that Clay is.
  • Gemma tells Nero she loves him.
  • And of course, what is a Sons of Anarchy episode without a car chase/gun fight?

car crash

Season finale is in two episodes! Will Clay finally die, or will he weasel himself out to live for another season?


“I’m an outlaw, cabrón , not a suicide bomber.” – Jax

“Rhyme again, and I’ll kill you.”-Gemma

“I’m tired of being crushed by greedy men who believe in nothing. I’m going to change that.”-Jax

“Happy, you’re shot, how are you feeling?”-Jax

“This Kenny G shit is giving my cancer cancer.”-Unser

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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2 thoughts on “sons of anarchy recapping: to thine own self

  1. Enaira says:

    The interesting thing here is that the mysterious man played by Donal Logue is the real-life twin brother of the nurse that was killed. Somehow Sutter has managed to integrate that into the show and that just makes him a fantastic writer. The character, Lee Toric, is a retired US Marshall and is the dead nurse’s brother. You just never know with Sons of Anarchy so I’ve always got my DISH Hopper recording the new episodes each week. With four times more hard drive space to record than other DVRs I know that I don’t have to rush to delete something I haven’t watched yet. Tara’s storyline with bringing the cross to Otto was a bad idea from the beginning but perhaps this was necessary in a way that may or may not be revealed this season. My DISH co-worker mentioned that Nero’s actions against his old crew may become a problem for SAMCRO as well and that is a valid point. He overreacted by thinking that they had snagged Jax but that also shows a little bit of attachment on his part. It’s good that Jax revealed all to the club so they can make the final decision on what happens to Clay for his trespasses.

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