the walking dead recapping: when the dead come knocking

Previously on The Walking Dead: Hounded

Last week, the two story lines between Woodbury and the Prison finally collided, and they have some very serious and probably quite bloody consequences for both groups.


  • Glen and Maggie are held hostage and under interrogation by Merle. Merle savagely beats Glen (who has shown excellent resistance and strength that we didn’t know he had) to get information on the whereabouts of Daryl and the other survivors. Frustrated, Merle sets a hungry zombie off on Glen, who uses every ounce of strength he has to kill the zombie while tied to a chair. Maggie, on the other hand, is interrogated by the Governor, who tries to use his suave and charming personality to convince Maggie that no one will be harmed if she tells him where the others are residing. When that does not work, the Governor turns to his creepy sadistic side, nearly raping Maggie for information. It is not until a gun is pointed at Glen that Maggie breaks down and confesses that the others are at the prison.
  • The Governor and Andrea continue their affair.
  • Andrea agrees to help Milton with an experiment. Milton believes that once a person has died and changed into a zombie, certain triggers can be used so that they can recall their former selves. Andrea does not believe this theory as she watched her sister Amy transform before her eyes and lose all humanity. The test subject, Mr. Coleman who is dying of pancreatic cancer, surely dies and transforms into a zombie. Milton tries to use the triggers to bring back his former memories, but Andrea only sees the monster, which prompts her to kill the zombie.
  • Now that the Governor knows where Rick’s group is hiding, he orders Merle and a few others to scout the prison, claiming that Rick’s group was able to do what he was told was not possible.

The Prison

  • Michonne has made it to the prison. Rick is hesitant to open the gates because he has become wary of outsiders. Unfortunately, the zombie blood and guts has worn off of Michonne’s clothing, and she is attacked. Already in a weakened state from the bullet wound, Michonne passes out, but Rick and Carl rescue her before she is ripped to pieces.
  • Michonne is cared for in the Prison, but refuses to offer any information initially. It is not until she witnesses the reunion between Carol and the group that she decides to tell the others about how she stumbled upon Glen and Maggie being abducted by Merle, Woodbury and how to get there. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyrese decide to find Woodbury and rescue their friends.
  • Carl and Rick decide to name the baby Judith, because Daryl’s name for her (ass kicker) isn’t as cute.
  • Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyrese are attacked by walkers. They run to a nearby shed, where a middle aged redneck is living. They have a brief stand off, which ends in a knife between the man’s shoulder blades by Michonne. As a way to escape, the group throws the dead man’s body out to the walkers.
  • The group makes it outside of Woodbury’s borders, and are plotting a way to get inside.

The mid season finale is next week. So here are my predictions:

  • Merle and Daryl will meet, and Daryl will have to make a decision between his loyalty to Rick or his loyalty to his brother.
  • Merle is going to go ape shit when he sees Rick
  • The Governor is going to reveal more about the experimentation (maybe Michonne was right, the residents of Woodbury do end up being guinea pigs for Milton and the Governor’s theories)
  • Since the strongest members of the group at the prison has left, and the Governor sent a group of “soldiers” to scout the prison, something is going to go down at the prison.


“You don’t scare easy do you? I like that.”-Merle

“We’re not going to hurt you. Unless, you do something stupid first.”-Rick

“There’s a town…Woodbury. About 75 survivors. Run  by this guy who calls himself the Governor. Charming, pretty, Jim Jones type of guy.”-Michonne

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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