sons of anarchy recapping: darthy

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: To Thine Own Self

Only one more episode in this season! As much as I love the cliffhangers and drama that takes place in the ending of this season, I’m extremely sad to see it end until next year. With that said, another phenomenal episode!

  • Jax and the Club finally decide to deal with Clay’s fate. Clay gives a slightly biased recapping of his crimes against the club, claiming that the only reason that he arranged the home invasions and put heat on Jax was because he did not believe Jax was ready to take on the role as President. With that said, the club unanimously votes to de-patch Clay and throw him out of the club. Just in case no one knows, de-patching is when the Club removes all affiliations of the club from the former member, like blacking out tattoos and taking away the leathers. However, Bobby struck a deal with Clay in the last episode, and votes against Clay meeting Mr. Mayhem (which is a little bit of a cheesy adjective to describe club initiated murder). Clay is therefore spared from meeting his maker, and Jax is pissed.
  • We now pretty much figure out why Clay isn’t fighting too hard to keep himself in the club (and why he’s trying so hard to keep Juice and Tig on his side) Clay has arranged his own little “gun-running club” out of Belfast, Ireland. His plan is to pick up all the slack that SAMCRO has left behind, and keep it strictly business to make some serious cash.
  • Tara meets with investigators about the night that left Nurse Toric dead. Tara and the SAMCRO lawyer Ally Lowen (played by Robin Weigert) explain to the investigators that Tara only worked at the Stockton Prison because she witnessed the poor health care that prisoners were receiving while Jax was in prison, and wanted to help out. They also further claim that Tara had no idea that Otto was going to do such a thing (that part is true).
  • After meeting with investigators, the anonymous visitor (played by Donal Logue) makes his appearance, and reveals that he is not only Nurse Toric’s brother, but also a U.S. Marshall. He really puts the heat on Tara when he tells her he has a pretty good (and accurate) idea about what happened that night, which leaves Tara in shock.
  • Tara has also decided that she wants to take the surgeon job away from Charming. Because of all the events that have taken place this season, Tara has decided that she is ready to let Wendy back in Abel’s life.
  • A deal goes sour with the IRA and the cartel that Jax sets up. The IRA decides to retaliate against SAMCRO, and kidnap Wendy as a way to put heat on Jax. Wendy is (of course) saved and completely flips out of Jax and Tara. Wendy threatens to call the cops on the couple about everything that has happened to Abel (getting kidnapped, car accident, etc.) and gain custody of Abel. This obviously does not sit well with Jax, who decides to show up at Wendy’s place, and shoot her up with drugs as a way to make her seem incapable of raising a child and back on drugs.
  • Pope tells Jax during a meeting that his time is up and that Jax must deliver Tig to Pope. Jax agrees, claiming that Tig is only ever going to be Clay’s right hand man to him, and has no problem giving Tig up.
  • Dave Navarro makes his appearance as  the cousin of Nero and co-founder of the Byz Lats. This probably means that Nero is getting back into his former life as a hard core gangster.

Predictions for the Season Finale

  • Wendy is going to once again spiral out of control because of the drugs reintroduced to her system, and she’s going to become even more determined to get Abel back.
  • Tara’s decision to take the boys with her for her move to her new job is going to cause a lot of friction with Jax and his family. Will Tara ultimately leave Jax for a new life?
  • Gemma is going to decide to stay with Nero instead of leaving to Belfast with Clay
  • The U.S. Marshall is going to be set up as the new nemesis for next season
  • Tig is going to be handed over to Pope, but maybe Jax will realize that he has more loyalty to his Club than to Pope, which will ultimately lead to new troubles for next season.
  • Clay’s new gun running business is going to cause some serious business problems for SAMCRO


“There will be days when you are forced to make decisions that affect the lives of everyone you love.”-Jax

“Today, I will become the man my father tried to be.”-Jax

“I stopped you from becoming the man you tried to kill.”-Bobby

“Opie was right, the gavel corrupts. You can’t sit in this chair without being a savage.”-Jax

“Revenge isn’t about the greater good, it’s a visceral need that has to be met, or the strong lose focus.”-Pope

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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