the walking dead recapping: made to suffer

Previously on The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

It’s here, the mid-season finale! And with it came the introduction of new characters (from the graphic novels I might add) desperate situations, and the evolution of evil. The show will pick up again in February!

  • We are finally introduced to Tyreese (played by Chad Coleman, from The Wire) and his group of survivors, as they are running away desperately from a hoard of zombies. When Donna is bitten, many of the group members want to leave her in order to make an escape, but Tyreese decides against it, and they make their way into the prison where Rick’s group resides. Once in the prison, the group is still not safe from the walkers. Nearby, Carl hears noises coming from the prison and decides to investigate, which leads him to find Tyreese. Carl ultimately saves them, but to their dismay, Carl locks them in a cell, since he’s learned to be wary of strangers. Tyreese understands Carl and respects his decision to lock them away, arguing to his group that their cell is the best home they’ve had in weeks. In this process, Donna has died and Tyreese uses a hammer to keep her from turning.


  • At Woodbury, Rick and his group have infiltrated the camp to save Maggie and Glen. The community is quickly alerted of the “terrorists” and are on the move. Andrea, who once again feels she has to prove herself, wants to defend Woodbury, but the Governor insists she take on the “womanly duty” of checking up on the community. Of course, Andrea doesn’t listen.
  • Merle pleads with the Governor to make sure his brother Daryl goes free. The Governor has a plan to do exactly what they did with the Army Reserve camp in the season premiere: kill them all.
  • While infiltrating Woodbury, Michonne has left Rick, who are using smoke bombs and gun shots to rescue their friends. Michonne goes directly into the Governor’s office and discovers his daughter, Penny, in a hidden cell. At first, Michonne believes it to be a captive child, but quickly realizes she is a zombie. The Governor walks in, and pleads with Michonne (rather pathetically, I might add) but Michonne kills the child anyway. This quickly leads to a fight, where the aquarium of heads is knocked over and the Governor is stabbed in the eye by a shard of glass (now he can finally look like the creepy fellow from the graphic novels). Andrea walks in during this, and her and Michonne size each other up, but ultimately do nothing to each other.
  • Maggie and Glen are still being held captive. Glen does not want to go down without a fight, so he breaks off the arm of the zombie and uses the bone as a weapon against the Woodbury soldiers. Maggie and Glen manage to kill one soldier, but are quickly apprehended. The Governor plans on executing them, but Rick and his group show up in time and save their friends.
  • Once Maggie and Glen are saved, they try to make their escape out of Woodbury. Glen is deeply injured, which holds them back a bit. Daryl volunteers to stay behind for a bit and defend them while they climb over the fence. While escaping, Oscar is shot and killed. Once over the wall, they realize Daryl has not followed them, and Michonne meets up with them. Rick is angry at her disappearance, but she makes him understand that they need her.
  • After all the fighting and “terrorist” acts are over, the Governor calls the community to the fighting pits. He is sporting his bandaged eye (buh bye Jim Jones look) and gives a big speech about how he has failed at keeping them safe. Then, he decides to throw Merle under the bus, and accuse him of leading Rick and his group to Woodbury. Merle is forced into the fighting pit with his captive brother Daryl as his opponent. Andrea has now finally realized that the “terrorists” were her former comrades.


  • Andrea finds a photograph of the Governor and his wife and quickly realizes that she has a strong resemblance to the woman.
  • Did the Governor become disheartened when he realized that the triggers were not working on Penny and she was not regaining humanity, but seemed more preoccupied with food than her own father?
  • Axel thought Carol was a lesbian because of her buzz cut.
  • While having a shoot out at Woodbury, Rick thinks he sees Shane coming at him. It turns out to be just a resident of Woodbury, but it does make you question if Rick has a full grasp of sanity yet.

Predictions for Part Two of Season Three

  • Daryl and Merle will escape and become part of Rick’s group again
  • The Governor is going to continue his plan with invading the prison
  • Andrea will continue to be a bimbo and stay with the Governor even though she was creeped out by his zombie daughter and his aquarium of heads
  • Tyreese will become a big character in the show, just like in the comics. But, will (mild SPOILER ALERT) he hook up with Carol in the show as well or will Daryl step in?
  • Since there has been an introduction of new characters that will hopefully join Rick group, that means a few others are going to die.
  • Also with Tyreese, he has been introduced as the man that Rick used to be: just and level headed. I wonder what this will do to the working dynamic that Rick and Daryl have?


“All this time running from walkers, you forget what people do, and always did.”-Maggie

“You’re not a lesbian? That’s interesting..”-Axel
“No, it’s not.”-Carol

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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