revenge recapping: lineage and revelations

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Apparently Thanksgiving of 2006 was a rather eventful one for the whole Revenge gang. Victoria received a visit from her mother, Marion Harper, who was invited by an unsuspecting and naive Daniel. Turns out Victoria has a dark past and she most likely learned her scheming from her mother who had a young Victoria shoot a man she had just shot so she could avoid prosecution. Though her mother came for dinner, she ended up staying for her just desserts. The man Victoria’s mother had fallen in love with was apparently hired by Victoria to break her.

Emily and Aiden

you are so adorable when you’ve got your mission face on….

Emily, in midst of planning her revenge, was also carrying out a mission for Takeda. It’s on that mission that she meets two important people. Ashley, who she saves from prostitution and Aiden, who is taken in by Takeda and offered training.

NolCorp is going public, it’s exciting news, champagne for all. The celebration doesn’t last long unfortunately. Nolan’s CFO and lover, Marco Romero, discovers that the $500 million offshore account he opened at Nolan’s request has been emptied. Leading Marco to believe that Nolan just stole $500 million from the company. When Nolan tries to explain, Marco won’t hear a word of it. The two part ways.

Jack’s father, alive at this point, is acting suspicious. Jack, almost as naive as Daniel, seems to not read into it. But we can tell something is up. Joe Ryan is apparently terrorizing the businesses in the neighborhood. Jack tries to smooth things over by offering to pay, but, at the hand of Matt Duncan, Ryan takes a bullet and swims with the fishes. Jack’s father assists in the cover up.


Nolan: There would be no company without David and I wasn’t about to screw over his daughter after everything that she’d been through. If you don’t get that then I don’t think we have a future together.

Aiden [to Emily]: You fought for me when no one else would.

Marian: Vindictive bitch.
Victoria: I learned from the best



Daniel’s quest to take over Grayson Global is ruthless and to be honest, I can’t fully remember his initial motive. I’m sure he has one and it’s probably justified. Aiden and Emily are assisting in anyway they can, without Daniel’s knowledge of course. They watch as Conrad and Victoria do their best to thwart Daniel.

Amanda and Jack are having Carl christened and throwing a party with a cast of interesting characters as the guests. The Ryan brothers seem awfully interested in who will be going. And, as polite as Jack is, he is sure to extend an invite their way. That way they can weed through the crowd themselves. At the church, as Emily looks on lovingly and wonders if it could’ve been different, wonders is she could’ve been in Amanda’s place in a different world, in a different life, Matt Duncan, an old friend of Jack’s father and the man responsible for the Ryan brother’s father’s death, warns Jack against the Ryans. He takes the warning seriously, especially after Matt turns up beaten bloody right outside the restaurant.

Daniel, Conrad, Victoria

I know what you did to my poetry! It’s payback time

In an effort to get Daniel to lose his trust in Ashley, Emily shares a video of Emily and Conrad with Victoria, who uses it for her own purposes. She tries to get Ashley to seduce Salvador Grobet and persuade him to vote for Conrad to stay on as head of Grayson Global. The two are interrupted as Emily and Aiden work together quickly to ensure Daniel finds out and is given the rights to run Grayson Global, which now, thanks to Daniel, has 51% interest in NolCorp (bummer for Nolan, but he’ll make it right). Even as Conrad and Victoria worry over Daniel’s future, they know there is nothing to be done. They did their best to protect Daniel, now we’ll see if Aiden and Emily will do better.

Daniel will quickly start to sink and bring Aiden on to assist
Nolan’s new CFO and old CFO are gonna go head to head in a battle for the position and Nolan’s love
The Ryan brothers are only just getting started

Emily: I’m not destroying lives, Amanda. I’m righting wrongs.

Conrad: Where did you get this?
Victoria: From whoever seems to be circling this family with an endless catalog of our sins.

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  2. […] previously on revenge: revelations […]

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