revenge recapping power

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Victoria has asked Emily to help her get Daniel back on the right path. Emily, ever the opportunist, agrees to this and attends a dinner party Victoria will be hosting. Emily’s next target Judge Barnes (played by Geoff Pierson) will be attending. Emily graciously accepts the offer. At the dinner, which she uses to reopen the door for Daniel, she confronts the Judge and his wife, Patricia Barnes (played by Clare Carey) about their participation in the David Clarke trial. Though the Judge seems resolved in his opinion the wife is shakier than a leaf. And when you let your weakness show, Emily will be sure to pounce. Later at a benefit, Emily confronts the Judge’s wife and gives her the strength she needs to tell the truth about her husband and the David Clarke trial. Oh how the mighty continue to fall.

Declan, Charlotte, JAck and the Ryan Brothers

brooding….are we doing it right?

Declan and Jack are now incredibly suspicious of the Ryan brothers. Declan seizes an opportunity to check out the new merchandise they are storing in the fridge and finds drugs. Declan and Jack plan to get them caught and arrested and out of their hair forever. Unfortunately for them, they’re amateurs when it comes to scheming. Their plan does not go according to plan, the police find the drugs on the boat and Jack gets arrested. Silly boys, you’re not ready to play with the men.


  • Now that Emily is becoming involved with Daniel again, even if it’s just for show, things will get tense with Aiden
  • The Ryan Brothers are only going to continue wreaking havoc on the stowaway boys
  • Victoria’s plan to get Daniel out from under the initiative’s thumb will fail

Nolan: Well bros before hos only works if he’s not still in love with the ho, bro.

Patricia Barnes: The greater the power, the greater the potential for abuse.

Nolan: You two, a fake-up? Color me impressed.

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