how i met your mother recapping: band or dj?/ring up

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Band or DJ?

Robin, Barney, Cool Dad

I’m telling you, Hawaiian shirts are cool again.

Now that everyone knows about Robin and Barney’s engagement its times to start the planning. Lily offers her services, but, unfortunately for her Ted has already beat her to the punch. Though his binder may be bigger than Lily’s his intentions may not be as pure. Robin wants a band, but he is set on her having a DJ, so he sabotages it by pretend booking the band she wants.

Barney meanwhile is trying to get permission to marry Robin. He overlooked that minor detail assuming it wouldn’t be an issue. Silly Barney, Robin’s father is terrifying. Though much “cooler” now that he wears Hawaiian shirts and eats at a pizza place on the reg, he still does not want Barney marrying Robin until he does something like wrestle a bear. As Barney does what he can (dyeing his hair etc.) Robin becomes fed up with her father and tells him she doesn’t care whether she has his approval or his permission, she just wants a normal father. And this apparently begins with a father daughter dance at her wedding.

Lily is suspicious of Ted’s motives for planning Robin and Barney’s weddings. So she calls him out. Tells him to admit what he really believes. Ted is too good of a guy to actually admit it, so Lily gives him an out but admitting that sometimes she doesn’t want to be a mom. With her tearful yet truthful admission Ted finally admits that he thinks Robin is marrying the wrong man.

Best/Funniest Moment

  • Barney dyeing his hair
  • Robin’s father wrestling a bear
  • The flash-forward which gave us another piece of the puzzle

Mr. Scherbatsky: This is Barney? This man is blonde. Grown men are not blonde.

Ted: Lily! I’m eating chili. I’m eating chili Lily!

Barney: Oh no! Fluffernutter peed all over my pants!


Ring Up

Robin's Montage

But Robin your feet are too precious to touch the ground, hooray!

Robin’s ring needed to be resized and now that it is she wears it proudly. Until she starts to notice how people treat her differently. No more free coffee, men don’t just part and let her skip to the front of the line, and she can no longer get a drink at the bar. In moments of weakness she takes the ring off and things resume as they were before the ring. She consults Marshall and Lily about how they deal with the difference. And they explain it’s because when that one person is around, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. So none of it matters.

Barney, though faithfully and happily engaged to Robin, is experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal from a life of scamming bimbos into sleeping with him. When he discovers that Ted is currently dating a much younger bimbo (Carly, played by Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars) he demands Ted sleep with her so he can live vicariously through him. Ted cannot sleep with anyone he doesn’t feel some kind of connection with and though he searches it’s not easy. Until, he hears her magical ring tone and realizes that they both like Star Wars. They sleep together and then Barney discovers that Ted’s bimbo is his much younger half sister. Barney searches for a way to make this better, including having the two get married, but ultimately Barney is cured and no longer has eyes for anyone but Robin.

Lily and Marshall heat up their sex life with a leather cuff Ted bought from his bimbo. Marshall begins to have an allergic reaction to the cuff, but doesn’t want to take it off because he fears losing the sex momentum they’ve built. That is until his hand swells to beyond recognition and he passes out.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Montage of what Robin’s life was like without the ring
  • Ted and his date with the much younger bimbo
  • Marshall acting like a flaky rock star

Lily: Barney you don’t start with the “I got caught cheating” diamond. You give yourself room to grow.

Barney: I need you to proxy bang this girl for me. Be my stand in and put your gland in.

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