the walking dead recapping: suicide king

Previously on The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

After an adrenaline filled mid-season finale, and what felt like months of waiting, the Walking Dead finally hit the airwaves once more! Questions are answered BUT like any good show, even more questions are raised.


  • After being captured and thrown into the zombie-gladiator pit, the Governor riles up the Woodbury towns people up into a blood thirsty frenzy. Merle, who has been thrown under the bus by the Governor, attempts to demonstrate his loyalty to Woodbury, and proceeds to beat on Daryl. Just when you think Merle is the biggest piece of poo you’ve ever seen, he reveals he intends on surviving–with Daryl in tow. The duo are then saved by Rick and his crew, who have come to rescue with guns and smoke bombs.
  • The antics from the previous night leaves Woodbury civilians in an uproar. Although many of them are furious with the Governor for not adequate protecting their haven, but zombies have found a way into Woodbury (in a surprising scene that showed that yes, zombies can pull back a fence, a slightly terrifying notion). The zombies do bite some people, and the Governor loses even more popularity when he nonchalantly walks up to a bite victim and shoots him without any remorse.
  • Andrea tries to talk the Governor into calming down the townspeople. However, the Governor has retreated from his “wonderful leader” persona into “this is war and shit happens” attitude while blaming Rick’s group fully  for the casualties. Andrea later finds out that the Governor kept her prisoner friends a secret to her, and that since she’s just a visitor, he had no reason to tell her. Ouch. Andrea, realizes that she must step up in the Governor’s stead to calm the townspeople down, while the Governor looks on.

Rick and the Prison

  • After the brave rescue of Daryl and Merle, it is quickly realized that Merle’s presence is not only unwelcome, but also a source of tension. Daryl explains to Rick, Michonne, Maggie, and Glen that if Merle is cast out, then Daryl goes with him. Rick tries to convince him otherwise, but Daryl refuses to abandon his brother again, and the Dixon brothers walk off into the wilderness to fend for themselves.
  • Tyreese and his comrades are still at the prison. They are welcomed by Hershel, who unfortunately informs them that their stay at the prison will be short lived, as their group has become wary of strangers. Allen (played by Daniel Thomas May) is displeased by this, and tries to convince Sasha and Tyreese that they can overpower Herhsel and the few others remaining, while Sasha and Tyreese argue against that, and want to remain peaceful.
  • Rick, Michonne, Glen, and Maggie return to the prison. Rick informs Carol that Daryl is no longer with them, and she is obviously devastated. The rest of the group is furthermore devastated by Daryl’s departure, and realize how vital he was to their survival. Hershel notices a distance between Glen and Maggie, and begins to wonder what happened to the two of them while they were captive. After Michonne’s disappearance to take care of business with the Governor, Rick is extremely wary of her, and expects to kick her out of their group soon.
  • Rick meets Tyreese’s group. Tyreese offers a peaceful alliance with Rick, in exchange for shelter and protection. Hershel tries to convince Rick that he must take chances in trusting others (a slight echo of season two when Hershel allowed Rick and his crew to live at his farm). Before Rick can accept of decline Tyreese’s pleas, Rick is haunted by the ghostly image of Lori, and in an angry (and delusional) outburst , orders Tyreese and the others to leave.

Just a little more

  • In the past couple of episodes, Rick has hallucinated both Lori and Shane, and has received phone calls from deceased members of the group. Part of me is wondering if Rick is seriously unhinged, or if this is just his conscience manifesting.
  • Daryl needs to come back. End of story.
  • What is going to happen with Tyreese and his group?


“Brother against brother. Winner goes free; fight to the death!”-The Governor

“I must be the first brother in prison to break into prison.”-Tyreese

“You’re wrong on this, you’ve got to start giving people a chance.”-Hershel

“Take care of yourself, take care of Lil’ Ass-Kicker and Carl.  He’s one tough kid.”-Daryl
When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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