how I met your mother recapping: p.s. i love you/bad crazy

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: ring up

The gang explores the DoblerDahmer Theory that any grand gesture of love can be interpreted as romantic or stalkerish depending on the other person’s feelings. Ted has a new love interest, Jeanette (played by Abby Elliot) who caught his eye on the subway and he is now trying to track down. Turns out Ted isn’t the Dahmer in the scenario as the girl in question has been following since he was on the cover of New York Magazine. Ted, being the person that he is, interprets her affections as a Dobler. Hence he ends up with a bat-shit crazy girlfriend.

Robin Daggers

I’m gonna make a snow angel then eat your soul…

Barney, questioning the whole theory, doesn’t understand how anyone can become so obsessed with anything/one. Robin defends obsession and confesses that she too was once obsessed with someone and there was a restraining order. Barney begins to investigate, quickly becoming obsessed as he interviews ex-boyfriends and discovers the Underneath the Tunes documentary on Robin Sparkles. YESSSSSSS!!!! The documentary is filled with some awesome Canadian celebrities and discusses Robin Sparkles transformation to Robin Daggers. As Robin discovers them with the tape of Underneath the Tunes, Barney confesses anyone can become obsessed. Then Robin reveals P.S. I Love You was about Paul Schaeffer.





Best/Funniest Moments



Lily: I am so happy right now.
Marshall: I want to see her throw her life away so badly.
Ted: We’re all terrible people. Turn it up.

Ted: There’s a fine line between love and insanity.


Bad Crazy

Ted is still with his Dobler, but she is turning into a Dahmer a little more everyday. The gang is encouraging him to break up with her, but he defends their relationship, until finally conceding that she’s crazy. He tries to break up with her in a public place but apparently she doesn’t get the message because she shows up at his place. Even though Marshall and Barney have been instructed not to let her in under any circumstances, they let her in and she trashes Ted’s room. Ted goes to confront her and hooks up with her instead because the sight of her in his red cowboy boots is too much to handle. Lily finally tells Ted he needs to be with Jeanette right now because maybe he’s a little crazy and that’s what’s making her crazy. Basically Lily is telling him to sex the crazy out of him….good advice. That can’t end well.

Ted and Jeanette

Oh shit, she is totally cray cray!

Also Robin has apparently never held baby Marvin. Her fear is so great that rather than hold him herself she hands him over to Mike Tyson, the guy who ate someone’s ear. Then took baby Marvin to a topless bar. We get the whole story in chunks as it takes her 17 years to tell Lily the whole thing. Funny thing is later in the episode when Lily nonchalantly hands Marvin to Robin she becomes addicted and won’t put Marvin down, that is until he soils his diaper.

Best/Funniest Moment

  • Robin reveal the sweet old black lady was actually Mike Tyson
  • Ted in Barney’s Boba Fett costume
  • Robin realizing Mike Tyson was Mike Tyson


Barney: Cray Cray gotta go bye bye, before you get stabbed stabbed.

Lily: You took my infant child to a strip club?
Robin: It was just topless!

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