how i met your mother recapping: the ashtray

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: Bad Crazy

One trip to an art gallery prompts three different stories: Robin’s, Ted’s, and Lily’s or the truth.

Lily, Robin, Ted, The Captain

Why is he wearing red pants?

When The Captain calls, the storytelling begins. Apparently a while back Ted, Robin and Lily ran into The Captain at an art show. According to Ted, he was rude and threatened him, and was actually in love with the girl that Ted was dating at the time. Leading Ted to believe that he stole another girl from The Captain and that the phone call was about the girl.

Turns out, he wanted Robin’s number, which leads to Robin’s story. Robin reveals that Ted had actually been “eating a sandwich” right before the art show so he was not really the most trustworthy source for the happenings of the night. Robin claims that The Captain was hitting on her all night and that he probably wants to get with her. Robin calls him back to let him down easy but it turns out he was actually looking for Lily.

Lily then tells her version of the story, which is more than likely the truth. She claims that Ted was high and Robin was drunk and they went back to The Captain’s place so he could show Lily a piece of artwork. Lily had expressed interest in the pieces at the gallery while the Captain and his art consultant thought they were amateurish. After insulting her taste in art and belittling her as just a kindergarten teacher, Lily stole an ashtray from The Captain’s house. She assumes he’s calling about the ashtray but he actually wants her to be his new art consultant. Lily finds out that her dreams might still come true.

Best/Funniest Moments
Robin and Ted under the influence at the art opening
The return of Boats! Boats! Boats!
Barney trying to insert himself in all the stories


Robin: He’s looking for Lily. Should I give him her number?
Marshall: Yeah we’ve already discussed it. It’s four million dollars cash.

Ted: Oh boy that was a crazy story.
Barney: Oh boy, yeah I remember.
Ted: You weren’t there.
Barney: Ted, bubala, if you have a crazy story, I was there. It’s just the law of the universe.

Ted: That’s weird, I have a message.
Marshall: That’s weird, you still have an answering machine.

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