the walking dead recapping: i aint a judas

Previously on the Walking Dead: Home

After the Governor’s assault on the prison, things have continued to spiral out of control as each group prepares for a new showdown.


  • Andrea finds out that the Governor was not honest with her (no surprise there) and confronts the Governor about all his lies. The Governor tells Andrea that Rick’s group attacked them first. Andrea decides that since she knows both groups, that she can be the negotiator and bring peace to both groups. The Governor tells her that if she goes to the prison, she should stay there.
  • After the attack on Woodbury, all escape routes/ gates have been boarded up and heavily protected by guards. Andrea seeks out Milton so he can help her escape for a little while. Milton betrays her by informing the Governor.
  • The Governor has decided that the people of Woodbury must be armed and dangerous. He plans to train them to become his army. However, the Governor is also picking out the weakest links of Woodbury through Milton’s help.
  • The Governor gets an eye patch.
  • Milton runs into Tyresse’s group, and invites them back to Woodbury. After meeting the Governor and seeing Woodbury as a safe haven, Tyresse and Allen volunteer their strength and resources in exchange for safety. Things only get even more intense when the Governor realizes that Tyreese is running from the same prison that he is after, and is able to get Tyreese to agree to mapping out the prison (once again, the Governor has his orgasmic evil face on)

The Prison

  • An argument erupts in the prison, Hershel believes that it is no longer safe in the prison, and that they must leave. Merle decides to chime in and states that it is too late and that the Governor is far more sinister and will have blocked off all escape routes by now. Rick and Glen believe that they need to stay at the prison. Hershel challenges Rick and points out that he is slipping and that he needs to come back to reality and take control. Carl, who has grown up a lot since being the kid that was never in the house in season two, suggests that his father steps down as leader.
  • Andrea makes her way to the prison, where she is not greeted with the warm welcome that she hoped for. Rick brings Andrea into the prison, and questions her loyalties, as he knows from Michonne that she was with the Governor. Andrea explains that she is here to negotiate peace with the two groups. Rick says that the only way to end it, would be if Andrea lets them into Woodbury so they can kill the Governor, which she refuses.
  • Carol and Andrea catch up about what has happened to the group since leaving Hershel’s farm. Carol secretly tells Andrea that she must sleep with the Governor and cut his throat in order to end things peacefully. Afterwards, Michonne and Andrea have a confrontation, which Michonne bluntly tells Andrea that she ditched friendship for a bed, which disgusts her. Michonne reveals that the Governor sent Merle to kill her, which signifies that the Governor will not allow anyone to live who isn’t under his control.
  • Andrea then leaves the prison and heads back to Woodbury.
  • Rick decides that he and Michonne are going to go to Woodbury, and puts Daryl and Hershel in charge. Rick warns Daryl that if Merle acts up, it will be on Daryl’s head.

The frustrating ending..

  • Andrea makes it back to Woodbury, where she meets with the Governor. After a night of lust, Andrea is alone with the Governor, who is asleep and vulnerable. She reaches for a knife and holds it to the Governor’s throat, but instead of doing the deed, she just crawls back into bed.


“You’re slipping, Rick. We’ve all seen it, and we understand, but this isn’t the time.”-Hershel

“The next time you see Philip, you tell him I’m going to take his other eye.”-Daryl

“I did not realize the messiah complex was contagious”-Michonne.

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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