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the vampire diaries recapping: the reckoning

A new twist emerges in the hybrid curse mythology, Klaus the hunter becomes the hunted, and Matt spends a lot of time dripping wet –not that it’s a bad thing– on a slam-bam episode of The Vampire Diaries called “The Reckoning.”  On the eve of Senior Prank Night, Matt is working up a sweat at the Mystic Falls High gym and is surprised by Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie, who are setting up some mischievous surprises to celebrate their senior year. The pranking turns to panic, however, when Klaus leads an assault on the school after learning that Elena’s still alive. Rebecca shows that she’s cut from the same nasty cloth as her brother by stabbing Stefan in a jealous fit over Elena and capturing Caroline and Tyler after interrupting their heated makeout session. As the lone werewolf present, Tyler is chosen as Klaus’s newest candidate for hybrid conversion while Bonnie is challenged to fix the glitch in Klaus’s process in time to save Tyler’s life. Tick tock! The clock is ticking for Elena, too, when Klaus regains control over a rebellious Stefan and forces him to slay two of the episode’s disposable extras while Elena watches in horror. Matt and Bonnie race to find a way to save Tyler. Sensing that the ghost of Vicki has been trying to contact him, Matt decides to pull a Jeremy by drowning himself in the school pool to be revived by Bonnie with the power to contact the dead. Bonnie dives in like a champ and rescues him without using witchcraft. I just love that gal! She kicks ass. A soaked Matt may have done a stupid thing but his ploy worked. Vicki shows up and tells him about Elena’s role in the failure of the hybrid ceremony. Vicki looks beautiful and happy to see her brother again, but is there something sinister lurking behind her toothy smile as Anna had suggested to Jeremy?

Tyler is half werewolf and half vampire now, so he’s twice as hot!

In another pulse-pounding scenario, Klaus compels Stefan to drain Elena when the gym clock counts down to zero. In a heartbreaking scene for members of Team Stefan, Elena pleads with him to fight his bloodlust to no avail. Elena later comes to in the hospital hooked up to an IV harvesting her blood.  Acting on a hunch, Klaus stops Stefan from killing her and feeds a vial of her blood to Tyler, who successfully converts into a were-vampire. The process gives Tyler a buoyant sense of power. Klaus deduced that the Original Witch lied about the doppelganger needing to be killed for the hybrid curse to be broken so that Klaus would never to be able to create a race of hybrids and would spend eternity alone. Rebecca teases Klaus about his fear of ending up alone. Maybe he should try being a nicer guy? I’m just sayin’! Just as it looks like things are looking up for Klaus, Damon returns from a road trip with Katherine with news that the mysterious dude who trailed Klaus in Chicago, Michael, is back on the prowl. Klaus hightails it out of Mystic Falls but leaves Stefan behind to watch over Elena – or more specifically, her valuable hybrid-makin’ blood. Katherine borrowed Jeremy, stuffing him in the trunk of the car she and Damon were driving, to tap into his ability to speak with Anna, whose mom knew the secret of the mysterious Michael. Inexplicably, Michael is a vampire who is also a vamp hunter and is jonesing to kill Klaus (then again, who isn’t?).  Damon rescues Elena from the hospital and eases her pain over Stefan’s betrayal, vowing to never leave her alone. Swoon! Meanwhile, Kat and Jeremy find Michael’s tomb and wake him. Will Michael the vampire hunter be a danger to our favorite sexy vampires?

TVTeaser is the author of Night Bites, a fan blog about the mysterious happenings in the sleepy town of Mystic Falls. Follow him on Twitter @TVTeaser.

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90210 recapping: party politics

[Editor’s note: This week’s recap was written by Jeni’s friend Karyn for Show and Tell. Aside from this substitution (an example of superior friendship skills btw!) it’s still the same great recappery you’ve come to know and love. –Nicole]

As you may have noticed, I am not Jeni.  I am, however, a huge fan of 90210 (did I really just admit that?) so I will try my best to fill Jeni’s shoes while she is out of town on business travel.  So let’s get down to business and dive into some “Party Politics!”

  • 2 Guys and a Girl…and Ade: Jim is alive!  To echo what Jeni has already said, I’m still not sure why we are supposed to concern ourselves with these characters (has anyone else noticed that their names are Jane and Jim?) but I guess it is a big deal when someone who is supposedly dead comes back to say hello.  After Jim promises to leave town, and after Ade promises not to tell Liam about Jim’s return, Jim shows up at the bar and Liam could not have shown any less emotion when declaring, “you’re alive.”  Thanks Liam.  They proceed to take a long walk on the beach and Jim leads them to believe that he is in the dark about their little romance and Liam and Jane agree that it’s best not to let him in on the “secret.”  But after Ade exposes Jim (shocker) in his lie to Liam, Liam gets all fired up and engages Jim in an amazingly choreographed fight…and it isn’t until Jane gets pushed into a wall and Liam blurts out that she’s pregnant that the boys seem to come to their senses.  They decide to put their boyish ways behind them and Jim basically offers his wife to Liam, because yes, after a month long fling it seems really plausible that Jane loves Liam more than her dead husband.  Liam, being the good guy that he is, is happy to have his friend back and agrees to let Jane go.  Isn’t he supposed to be recovering from his rejected proposal (both of them) from Annie? 
  • Love Triangle: Naomi has the hots for Austin, but won’t admit it.  Austin has the hots for Naomi, and finally does admit it.  And then there’s poor Max who is totally clueless.  He’s just happy to be helping his girlfriend with the ‘get out the vote’ campaign.  So at the Strip to Vote party, which included none other than Cobra Starship as the musical guest and Brandy (yes, Brandy, aka Moesha) as a politician, Max catches Naomi and Austin half naked about to kiss in the back of an overheated van.  I will gloss over the absurdity of this entire party because it’s just so ridiculous and will skip to the part where Naomi comes clean about having slept with Austin before Max’s return.  I know that Max was out of the picture when Naomi and Austin got together that one time, but it seems to me that Max was incredibly understanding when he found his girlfriend about to get it on with the hot cowboy.  I’m not sure how this love triangle will progress in the future, but I’m excited to find out!
  • Teddy is Back!: I must say that I’m sad that Trevor Donovan is no longer a series regular because he’s probably my favorite character these days.  After being mysteriously gone for 3 episodes, er excuse me, playing tennis in Barcelona, he returns to our favorite zip code without having ever received a return phone call from his father.  However, his politician uncle seems to be welcoming him with open arms.  It’s later revealed that said uncle is a well known homophobe and, according to Teddy’s summer fling who randomly shows up in Cali to support Brandy in her campaign efforts, he’s just using Teddy.  I’m not sure how many more episodes Teddy is scheduled to appear in, but this is an interesting story line to start knowing that he’s not a regular.  In true 90210 fashion, it will probably be wrapped up in 2 weeks.
  • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s an Escort: Acting as the mature college freshmen that they are, Navid and Silver take it upon themselves to essentially confine Leila to house arrest.  Oh, by the way, Leila has returned from where ever she was the last episode.  Anyhow, the two ‘parents’ really want some alone time together and decide that it’s ok for the grounded Leila to go out with the babysitter, Annie, to dinner with some friends.  Leila is no fool and she soon discovers Annie’s little PG secret, promising not to tell as long as she can get a cut on the action.  Meanwhile, Silver discovers Navid’s dirty money, confronts him on it, and then tells him she can’t be with him if he doesn’t come clean.  I get why she’s upset and I get why he can’t confess.  What I don’t get is why the writers are messing with this relationship.  It seems like the one love story that is actually believable and I hope they don’t break them up for good.  As a side note, I suppose I should mention that Silver is now tasked with making campaign videos for Brandy.

Dixon and Ivy get honorable mentions for appearing in this episode, but not offering much.  Although I do appreciate Ivy and Naomi’s dynamic.  But it seems like these two characters will get their screen time next week, where it looks like we are headed down a dark path.

What did you think of tonight’s Party Politics?  Do you think Naomi will choose Max or Austin?  Will Annie’s secret be exposed?  And will Jim and Jane just go away already?

Jeni is a valley girl at heart has always been an avid TV watcher and shown a passion for arts and entertainment. She enjoys offering her unique critique (and wit!) on pretty much everything in life, including her beloved shows, over at Show and Tell.

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top ten tv opening themes

You can probably finish the lyric “In west Philadelphia born and raised” and if you can’t (for shame!), you know at least 20 people that can. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is one of the most memorable themes…ever.

The shows that get it right have themes that span generations and achieve pop culture relevance even to those who have never seen the show. For me, that would be The Love Boat…I can sing the whole song but I’ve never once seen a full episode.

Recently George, author of The Movie Blog8, shared with us his top ten favorite TV theme songs. If you know the words, sing-a-long!

My name is George, I’m a 15-year-old blog artist (is that what they’re calling them now?), and here are my: Top 10 TV Opening Themes

10. 30 Rock – Jazzy, upbeat, really fun to hum along with

9. The Jeffersons – I especially enjoy the way George Jefferson walks. “Well we’re movin’ on up.”

8. Keeping Up Appearances – When most people find a caterpillar in a bouquet (see what I did there?) of flowers, they either squeal or ruthlessly squash it. Hyacinth makes sure no one saw it.

7. The Simpsons – It’s different each time, but it’s always the same.

6. Cheers – I used to know how to play this on the piano. It really is a lovely tune.

5. SportsCenterYes, that’s right, SportsCenter. It’s iconic.

4. All in the Family – I can’t imagine having to fake that voice for so long. “Songs that made the hit parade!”

3. Beverly Hillbillies – It’s efficient! It tells their entire story in only a few seconds! “Oil, that is.”

2. M*A*S*H – The song’s title is “Suicide is Painless.”

1. Golden Girls – For this one, I think I’ll just share the lyrics:

“Thank you for being a friend,

Traveled down the road and back again,
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.

And if you threw a party,
And invited everyone you ever knew,
You would see the biggest gift would be from me,
And the card attached would say ‘thank you for being a friend.”


George can be found discussing Pulp Fiction, Citizen Kane and tons of other movies over at The MovieBlog8.


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90210 recapping: let the games begin

It was a slow start to the games this week, as I was a tad bored for the first part of this episode. But the action and absurdity picked up the pace in the later half. Grab an orange and some super-slippery sunscreen and let’s dive in to “Let the Games Begin!”

  • Naomi is ReuNERDed! …and it feels so confusing! Naomi was still hell-bent on enacting revenge upon Holly and her pink velour-wearing Kappa army. Her own rag-tag sorority—who continue to be the best girls on this show—unfortunately don’t stand much of a chance of winning the Greek games against a bunch of bratty girls who jog in matching outfits. Oh, unless the games consist of things that are entirely non-athletic, like pie-eating, balloon popping, or a relay race that only involves passing an orange and giving a piggy-back ride for two feet. Seriously, why was ANYONE training for this? Well, to be fair, Naomi didn’t train as much as she strategized. She thought that Austin held the secret to beating the Kappas, since one time his frat beat them…granted, he admitted his frat just stopped smoking weed for that week. But Austin convinced Naomi he could find Holly’s weakness, and he did in fact know a weakness. But little did Naomi know that Austin seducing her and them getting it on in the kitchen was only fuel to make Holly jealous, since apparently they used to date. This was news to Naomi, who now also felt betrayed because she was starting to have real feelings for the cowboy. Follow all that? Because it is about to get more confusing! At the games, Holly unleashed her final weapon upon Naomi by surprising her with an appearance by everyone’s favorite nerd: Max! Naomi was shocked, but the two quickly reconciled and all was right with the world…for two seconds until Naomi was again turned on by Austin. Max sees the good in Naomi; Austin sees the bad in her…which side of Naomi will ultimately prevail? My money is on the bad!
  • 2 Broke Siblings: So, so, so many things are ridiculous about the pathways Annie and Dixon are heading down. Honestly, not much new stuff to report on for the siblings—Annie still needs money for school and Dixon still needs money [and talent] to make it in the music biz. And the two are still making poor choices on how to do that—Annie is now gung-ho ready to be a paid escort and Dixon is hooked on ADHD pills for the “intense focus” it gives him to make crappy music. But let’s talk for a moment about their heart-to-heart convo held at Dixon’s insanely expensive beach pad about just how broke they are and how they can’t very well call their parents who are having their own money problems—I guess money problems so severe that Debbie just has to live in Paris with her ex-teacher boyfriend who also has a child to support. Do the writers actually read what they write? Does it make sense to them in the writers’ room? Or do they purposely craft their scripts to help me write my blog posts every week? OK, rant over for now. All that really happened was that Annie got booted from her sorority, which was no biggie because she still has her new friend and that girl’s escort service. And Dixon first hit up the stoner frat (ha! wrong choice buddy!) and then appropriately the math team to score more of his “homework helpers” (or in Dixon’s case let’s call them the “music machine” pills). By the end of the episode I thought he was about to start singing “I’m so excited…I’m so, so scared!”
  • Surfs Up! Shirts Off! I can’t stand what they have done to Navid and Silver this season. They took the two most ambitious characters (at least in terms of academic drive) and neither actually ended up in college (I still don’t know why—did the show ever explain that?). Instead they just hang around all day “running” Shirazi Studios and living in nonexistent Kelly’s guest house with Navid’s now nonexistent sister, whom he worked so hard to protect. This show suffers from an invasion of the body snatchers. Anyway, because Navid now has dirty auto theft money on his hands and Silver has literally nothing to do, he funds a project for her and Liam. Yes, Silver attempts to direct Liam in a commercial for his bar. Clearly she is an idiot because she should have known to just take his shirt off at the get-go rather than have him try to act. Liam’s abs are a success and apparently that is all it took to get peeps to his bar—that or the fact that here is a bar on the beach where underage kids are serving alcohol to other underage kids.
  • See Jane Run. I am going to make this one quick since all I really want to say is, “we should care because…?” Ade is hit on by a creepy yet cute dude on the beach during an incredibly awkward meeting. She later sees him spying on her at the bar. Liam gets all super protective of her because lately he is not feeling like much of a macho man in providing for Jane. Turns out creepy-cute stalker guy is Jim—Jane’s supposedly dead husband. And I still don’t care about this storyline at all. Why should we be invested in this love triangle when we never even saw it established?
  • Ivy was there, again. Poor Ivy—not only is her husband Raj stricken with cancer, but she has barely had a line of dialog this entire season. Tonight she finally had an inkling of what could become an actual story arc! She and Raj argued about his health and wondered if there was hope for him to get better. But, she also met a photographer on the beach who seems interested in her. I am going to refer to him as Navid-Lite because they kind of look like each other, but we’ll see how this plays out.

What do you think of this season of 90210 so far? Should Naomi pick the nerd or the cowboy? And can Navid give some of his extra money to me for writing this blog?

Jeni is a valley girl at heart has always been an avid TV watcher and shown a passion for arts and entertainment. She enjoys offering her unique critique (and wit!) on pretty much everything in life, including her beloved shows, over at Show and Tell.

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the vampire diaries recapping: the end of the affair

Stefan was devilishly handsome - and just plain demonic - back in the Roaring Twenties.

In an episode full of glamorous flashbacks, The Vampire Diaries explored dysfunctional family dynamics as Caroline literally got some tough love from her father and we met Klaus’s twisted sister Rebecca. In the wake of his failed attempt to create a community of hybrids in Tennessee, Klaus takes Stefan to their old haunts from the Roaring Twenties – Chicago – to get answers about why the curse wasn’t broken from a powerful witch named Gloria. Little does Stefan know that he’s going to find out a lot more about his past – and his relationship with Klaus – then he bargained for. Chicago was the site of some seriously bad vampire action for Stefan during his Ripper days. He was a dapper demon who enjoyed making his victims suffer and memorialized his victims by keeping a list of their names in a wine closet he kept in his apartment. Worse still, he and Klaus were friends back then! Also delving into Stefan’s colorful past are Damon and Elena, who are tipped off about Stefan’s location by Katherine. Klaus’s witch friend tells him she needs to speak with his sister Rebecca in order to make contact with the Original witch who could reveal why the hybrid transformations aren’t working. Are you still with me? This hybrid curse mythology is getting more and more convoluted. The problem is that Rebecca is dead. Klaus, who went by the name Nick in the Twenties, staked her after she had fallen for Stefan and chose him over remaining with her brother. Klaus finds Rebecca’s coffin and removes the stake, leaving a compelled guard to serve as her first meal upon her resurrection. Arriving in The Windy City, Damon and Elena check out Stefan’s old pad and Elena is spooked by the alarmingly long list of Stefan’s victims. Like Damon said, Stefan’s not in town to visit Oprah! While Damon drops in on Gloria at her bar, Klaus takes Stefan on a trip down memory lane by stopping by his apartment and nearly catches Elena hiding in the wine closet. Luckily, Stefan is the one to peek in and covers up for her. The Stefan she knows and loves is still there… for now, anyway. Outside Gloria’s bar, Stefan reads Damon the riot act about bringing Elena to Chicago and demands he get her out of town. Elena, however, tries to convince him to return to Mystic Falls with her. Not only does Stefan refuse, but he catches her trying to drug him with a tranquilizer. He’s over her, he lies. Elena is finally starting to believe him.

Will Gloria uncover the fact that Elena is still alive?

Inside, Damon distracts Klaus to give Elena time to rescue Stefan, but the ornery hybrid tires of their witty banter and tries to stake him but Gloria intervenes. She won’t have blood spilled in her establishment, she commands. I like that gal! Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is having a very bad day. Her dad is hell-bent on curing her vampirism by giving her aversion therapy. He triggers her hunger by showing her blood bags then, after removing her protection ring, repeatedly exposes her to searing sunlight as she screams in agony. Luckily, Tyler enlists Sheriff Forbes’ help in finding Caroline and they rescue her from her deluded dad. Safe at home, Caroline breaks down while Tyler comforts her in his arms. When Rebecca finally wakes from the dead, she’s understandably peeved at her bro for staking her but she’s even more freaked out that a special necklace she needs to contact the Original witch is missing! Is there no single piece of jewelry on this show that doesn’t have a mystical purpose? Maybe Tiffany needs to get in on this vampire legend stuff. Elena, who has a growing collection of magical bling, is now in possession of the necklace, which of course gives Klaus and his growing band of merry monsters even more reason to be hot on her trail. Sure to complicate matters further is our favorite evil twin, Katherine, who is also in Chicago (big shock) and happened to be at the Cotton Club-style establishment that Klaus and Stefan frequented the night it was raided by the cops  in the Twenties. The cops were shooting wooden bullets, revealing that somebody was hunting vamp siblings Klaus and Rebecca.  Kat looked super cute in a flapper wig like the one Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in the musical Chicago. It’s a great look for Nina Dobrev. What’s Kat up to this time? Is she still chasing after Stefan? With Rebecca back in action, she’ll have to get in line.

TVTeaser is the author of Night Bites, a fan blog about the mysterious happenings in the sleepy town of Mystic Falls. Follow him on Twitter @TVTeaser.

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