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thoughts on bent: mom and tile date

Previously on Bent: HD and A-Game

NBC was smart to put Bent on the air, but in a fashion completely typical of the network, one good idea is closely followed by several idiotic ones (i.e., rushing through six new episodes in three weeks and barely advertising the show). Last night we saw the last of two new episodes, as well as what will likely be the end of the series. It was a brief (but good) run and given the opportunity, Bent probably would have continued to grow into an amazing show. Alas, we’ll never really know….unless somehow, some way this is just a brief interlude and additional episodes are ordered. Doubtful, but I have to at least address the possibility.

Mom and Tile Date weren’t all that comedic, but both demonstrated that the show is/was willing to play around with different dynamics and give the characters the chance to develop. In Mom, we saw Pete dealing with the return of his mommy and Alex finally demonstrating (yet not quite admitting) that she cared for Pete. In Tile, Walt is putting on an original play and Alex has a sexy dream about Pete. If this show were to stay on the air, these two episodes would have been the turning point for the star-crossed lovers. While neither episode was hilarious, they still demonstrated that this show deserves much better treatment from NBC. Here are the best and funniest moments:


  • Marcia Gay Harden as Pete’s mom Vanessa. Her off-and-on British accent was cute, but to me she’ll always be creepy Mrs. Carmody from The Mist.
  • “…and I need to be in a good head-space for our ‘woo'”. -Pete
    “What ‘woo’?” -Alex
    “Ben is out of town, this is our ‘woo’. Window of opportunity.” -Pete
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thoughts on bent: hd and a-game

NBC is offering up two episodes of Bent each week. Couple that with the low ratings from the premiere episodes, and it’s pretty unlikely this show will make it to a second season (#oneseasonandacancellation). Aside from the few outliers, new shows generally need time to build a fan base. However, with so many comedies on now that are already vying for viewers (Community, Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation and Cougar Town to name just a few), a new show has to be pretty freakin’ hilarious to get some attention.

With all that stacked against it, I’m going to continue watching Bent until the very end. After four episodes, I can genuinely say the show is pretty funny. I’m still not quite sure why the full credits weren’t played until the fourth episode, but there’s probably a reasoning behind that which escapes me.

Here are the best/funniest moments, as well as quotes, to the show you probably aren’t watching, but REALLY should be:


  • “Whoa! Way to kill the music. You’re like Buddy Holly’s plane.” – Pete, creator of the ‘Rebuttal to a Grey Life’ mix-tape, who seems to be pretty quick with the pop culture references.
  • Alex and Pete’s almost kiss wasn’t blown off and instead, the writers are jumping right into this “will they/won’t they/eventually they will” dance. “You lean in a couple more times, it’s gonna be a great year,” said by Alex just before sliding on the aviators most recently made famous by Mr. Jeff Winger.
  • Walt (Jeffrey Tambor’s character) and his Artist’s Day, which is like the taquitos and replenishment-themed equivalent of Treat Yo Self Day.
  • Apparently when determining if a guy is cheating or not, the placement of the hand on either the lower-back (not cheating) or high ass (definitely cheating) makes all the difference.
  • “Look at yourself. You’re a snowflake. No one else has your face.” – Clem offering a little bit of encouragement to the adorable, yet awkward, Gary.
  • “Don’t make me be the responsible one. We’ll end up in Vegas.” – Tawny Dean Screwsie
  • Clem being electrocuted and calling it “marvelous”, as well as mentioning that he saw his dead grandmother.
  • Alex’s boyfriend Ben and Pete going to her room to fight (MMA vs. college wrestling) and finding that the room was anti-sexual. We’re talking books on the bed, heating pad on the dresser types of not hotness.
  • Michaela Watkins (Bitch Pleeze Blogger, SNL) as Carol, one of Alex’s work buddies. I couldn’t quite place her face, but when she clutched the red Solo cup (similar to how she clutched her iced coffee) it all came back to me.
  • Alex going into mamma bear mode (“I’m a lawyer, my words hit like punches”) and heading off to the homes of the kids that were torturing her daughter at school. Writing JL BRD (jail bird) on someone’s lawn is lazy, and although it wasn’t the best anti-bullying message to send, they all deserved to have their houses egged.
  • Hearing Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Something Good Can Work‘ towards the end of the episode.
  • “Street music: the purest union of art and commerce.” – Walt


  • Gary’s nickname going from “goggles” to “back fat” all for merely requesting goggles during the safety meeting.
  • “This is some racist crap.” -Clem
    “All right, a lot of us are white, so that’s kind of confusing.” -Gary
    “Dammit back fat, get indignant!” -Clem
  • “I snuck in like an Indian.” – Alex’s boss, Bob (Larry Miller, who generally plays the same role. A funny role, but the same nonetheless).
  • “Don’t try to get in my head.” -Alex
    “Oh, I’m already there. Just making a couple of Pop-tarts in your mind kitchen.” -Pete
  • Bob Clendenin (Scrubs and more recently Cougar Town) as Terry, Walt’s boss. However, with Clendenin and Tambor in the same scene, I really wanted it to be a little funnier.
  • Pete noting that Gary was about to cry “orange tears.” Does anyone else feel like jokes against redheads have become more frequent in the past few years, similar to how blond jokes were all the rage in the 90s?
  • Walt asserting that bow-ties are like a “scarlet ‘U’ for unemployed actors.
  • Pete, Vlad and Clem wearing jackets on steak night (something JD and Turk would have appreciated). Poor Gary didn’t get the memo.
  • “I need booty heat. My back runs cold.” – Clem

Another Bent 2-for-1 happens Wednesday, April 4th @ 9/8c. Watch it.

Nicole is a TV junkie and TVDM helps her feed a lifelong addiction. She can be found here, providing biased commentary (sprinkled with a few Pop Up Video-esque insights) on her favorite shows, every week.

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a few reasons to watch nbc’s ‘bent’

Judging from the ratings, you probably didn’t watch Bent last night. There’s a good chance you haven’t even heard of NBC’s newest comedy. Similar to shows that aren’t The Voice or 30 Rock, there wasn’t a great deal of marketing and if you don’t already watch NBC, you probably didn’t see any previews.

Fortunately for all of you that missed out, I watch Are You There Chelsea? (not a particularly amazing show by any means, but I’m inexplicably drawn to anything with Lenny Clarke, Laura Prepon and Jake McDorman) and I was too lazy to change the channel. This turned out to be a good and bad thing. I’m not sure if I like Bent, but someone at NBC must have realized the pilot isn’t enough to sell viewers on the show, so they offered up two new episodes (Pilot and Smitten). If you trust my opinion as the gold, which I’m assuming you do, then here are a few reasons (mainly the cast) you should tune in for the next episode (Wednesday 9/8c):

  • Amanda Peet (Alex) is one of the leads. She’s hot and has a history of being pretty humorous. David Walton (Pete) is also hot and was recently on Happy Endings, which demonstrated that he’s funny too. These two have good comedic (and potentially romantic) energy. He offers the easy-going bad boy to her tightly wound, straight-laced good girl. You know that they will inevitably date or she’ll get drunk one episode and kiss him, but they have enough chemistry where the will they/won’t they wouldn’t get too boring too quickly.
  • The resident black BFF (a staple for many comedies, especially on NBC) is played by J.B. Smoove. If you don’t know him from Pootie Tang, you’ll recognize him from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He immediately won me over when he noted that smitten is a ‘white person word’, something that isn’t entirely untrue.
  • Margo Harshman (Tawny Dean, Even Stevens) and Joey King (Ramona Quimby, Ramona and Beezus) help balance out some of Alex’s neurosis as her sister and daughter, respectively. It’s awesome to see little Tawny as an adult who day drinks tequila and can’t always remember the guys she’s slept with.
  • Pete’s dad is played by Jeffrey Tambor (Daddy Bluth, Arrested Development). That should be enough to garner a view or two from any AD fan, but his character (Walt) is funny as well. He’s the kind of dad that carries around Malibu rum in his pocket, plays Fleetwood Mac on a department store piano and sleeps with women 1/2 his age. Also, his interactions with Gary (Jesse Plemons, Friday Night Lights) could potentially be one of the best parts of the show.
  • There isn’t an overwhelming premise (i.e., thirtysomethings adjusting to their new roles as parents), which means that the show isn’t tied to any of its plots. All we know is that Alex is recently divorced and Pete is her contractor and a recovering gambler/stoner. The lack of having a point could be a good thing and give this show room to grow. Or it could be the reason no one grows attached and the show ultimately gets cancelled. Both realistic options.

Nicole is a TV junkie and TVDM helps her feed a lifelong addiction. She can be found here, providing biased commentary (sprinkled with a few Pop Up Video-esque insights) on her favorite shows, every week.

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