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sons of anarchy recapping: j’ai obtenu cette

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Darthy

Kurt Sutter can really write a season finale! While I’m depressed that I have to wait months for season six to start up, this was the best way for season five to end.

  • It is the day that Otto gives his testimony to law enforcement about the events that left Nurse Toric dead. Otto decides that he’s rather bite his own tongue off than talk to law officials again (probably because talking once against SAMCRO basically left his life in shambles). Lowen delivers the news to Tara about Otto’s defiance and is relieved that she can move on with her career move to Oregon now that her arm is pretty much healed.
  • Gemma finds out about Tara’s plans to leave Charming with her grandsons. Gemma is finally fed up with Tara, and tells her that if she leaves Charming, she will testify against Tara, claiming Tara premeditated the murder of the nurse to overturn the RICO charge.
  • SAMCRO and Nero’s thugs have a new enemy: a quickly growing gang lead by a man named Dante. The boys head to a warehouse where Dante holds canine fight clubs. They ambush the men and attack Dante. Tig also shows his softer side as he is outraged and disturbed by the dog fights, and takes one of the injured ones home to be saved.
  • It is also the day that Jax must deliver Tig to Pope as part of their deal. Jax and Pope made a new deal about Charming Heights, where SAMCRO will receive lucrative advances on the development, which Pope has paperwork made up and faxed over to the Mayor. Jax convinces Tig to follow him to a warehouse that is believed to be holding dogs that are used for fighting. Once there, Jax pulls a gun on Tig as Pope and his cronies show up. Pope hands over the paperwork, and it would seem that the deal is sealed as Tig is tied up and screams in anger as he is dragged away. BUT, Jax, being the brilliant character that he is, pulls a gun on Pope’s men and charges into the building before Tig is killed. Jax manages to detain Pope, having Tig kill him, as a way of karma against Pope’s eye for an eye policy.
  • Jax alerts Roosevelt of the murder that has taken place at the warehouse. Jax also leads Roosevelt to the location of the murder weapon–which is revealed to be Clay’s gun. Apparently, Jax had this whole plan set up to get Clay back for good.
  • Meanwhile, Clay is at his home with Gemma and Juice, who are helping him pack for his big move to Belfast. Gemma has told Clay that she plans on joining him in Belfast and he is delighted. However, the packing is cut short when Roosevelt and his team show up at Clay’s with an arrest warrant for the murder of Damon Pope. Clay looks to Gemma for a release, but Gemma betrays him, saying he left for a few hours with the gun. Clay is booked and sent off to prison.
  • Bobby is upset about Jax’s actions against Clay. Bobby then removes himself as Vice President of SAMCRO.
  • Wendy meets Tara at her office. Wendy tells Tara that Jax showed up the previous night and injected her with drugs in order to keep her threats null and void. Tara is appalled by Jax’s behavior, and she and Wendy conspire to keep Thomas and Abel safe from the evil that lurks in Charming. That evening, Tara confronts Jax about Wendy and reveals that she has taken the job in Oregon and is taking the boys with her. Tara gives Jax an ultimatum: if he loves her and the boys, he will escape Charming as well. Before Jax can tells Tara what a bitch she is, Roosevelt shows up at their door, with an arrest warrant for Tara on the conspiracy to murder Nurse Toric. Tara is mortified while Jax looks on in apathy. Since the show is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this vaguely reminded me of Hamlet’s speech to Ophelia “get thee to a nunnery!”

Predictions for Next Season:

  • Jax is going to need to find a new Vice President.
  • Tara is going to do some jail time. I think Jax knew all along what Tara was planning on doing, and he and Gemma conspired against her so Jax would not lose his boys (he seems to do almost anything to keep his family together)
  • Pope is dead, but his right hand man, Marks, to be a bit suspicious of the circumstances of Pope’s death, so this may redeem Clay, or he might be killed in season 6.
  • Nero is back in the gang business, but he has plans to get out. Will he actually by the farm for his son, or will the gang life suck him back in?
  • What is going to happen to Clay’s Belfast deal? The IRA clearly will have some issues with his arrest.
  • I look forward to seeing Jimmy Smits (aka Nero) and Donal Logue (aka Lee Toric) next season.


“It’s not about being smart enough to hurt him. It’s about being smart enough to not hurt him.”-Bobby

“Maybe I’m not so different afterall.”-Jax

“You know that who ever kills me will have some serious repercussions!”-Pope

“I’m counting on it,”-Jax

“We both know if we stay here, we’ll end up like the two people we hate the most”-Tara

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: darthy

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: To Thine Own Self

Only one more episode in this season! As much as I love the cliffhangers and drama that takes place in the ending of this season, I’m extremely sad to see it end until next year. With that said, another phenomenal episode!

  • Jax and the Club finally decide to deal with Clay’s fate. Clay gives a slightly biased recapping of his crimes against the club, claiming that the only reason that he arranged the home invasions and put heat on Jax was because he did not believe Jax was ready to take on the role as President. With that said, the club unanimously votes to de-patch Clay and throw him out of the club. Just in case no one knows, de-patching is when the Club removes all affiliations of the club from the former member, like blacking out tattoos and taking away the leathers. However, Bobby struck a deal with Clay in the last episode, and votes against Clay meeting Mr. Mayhem (which is a little bit of a cheesy adjective to describe club initiated murder). Clay is therefore spared from meeting his maker, and Jax is pissed.
  • We now pretty much figure out why Clay isn’t fighting too hard to keep himself in the club (and why he’s trying so hard to keep Juice and Tig on his side) Clay has arranged his own little “gun-running club” out of Belfast, Ireland. His plan is to pick up all the slack that SAMCRO has left behind, and keep it strictly business to make some serious cash.
  • Tara meets with investigators about the night that left Nurse Toric dead. Tara and the SAMCRO lawyer Ally Lowen (played by Robin Weigert) explain to the investigators that Tara only worked at the Stockton Prison because she witnessed the poor health care that prisoners were receiving while Jax was in prison, and wanted to help out. They also further claim that Tara had no idea that Otto was going to do such a thing (that part is true).
  • After meeting with investigators, the anonymous visitor (played by Donal Logue) makes his appearance, and reveals that he is not only Nurse Toric’s brother, but also a U.S. Marshall. He really puts the heat on Tara when he tells her he has a pretty good (and accurate) idea about what happened that night, which leaves Tara in shock.
  • Tara has also decided that she wants to take the surgeon job away from Charming. Because of all the events that have taken place this season, Tara has decided that she is ready to let Wendy back in Abel’s life.
  • A deal goes sour with the IRA and the cartel that Jax sets up. The IRA decides to retaliate against SAMCRO, and kidnap Wendy as a way to put heat on Jax. Wendy is (of course) saved and completely flips out of Jax and Tara. Wendy threatens to call the cops on the couple about everything that has happened to Abel (getting kidnapped, car accident, etc.) and gain custody of Abel. This obviously does not sit well with Jax, who decides to show up at Wendy’s place, and shoot her up with drugs as a way to make her seem incapable of raising a child and back on drugs.
  • Pope tells Jax during a meeting that his time is up and that Jax must deliver Tig to Pope. Jax agrees, claiming that Tig is only ever going to be Clay’s right hand man to him, and has no problem giving Tig up.
  • Dave Navarro makes his appearance as  the cousin of Nero and co-founder of the Byz Lats. This probably means that Nero is getting back into his former life as a hard core gangster.

Predictions for the Season Finale

  • Wendy is going to once again spiral out of control because of the drugs reintroduced to her system, and she’s going to become even more determined to get Abel back.
  • Tara’s decision to take the boys with her for her move to her new job is going to cause a lot of friction with Jax and his family. Will Tara ultimately leave Jax for a new life?
  • Gemma is going to decide to stay with Nero instead of leaving to Belfast with Clay
  • The U.S. Marshall is going to be set up as the new nemesis for next season
  • Tig is going to be handed over to Pope, but maybe Jax will realize that he has more loyalty to his Club than to Pope, which will ultimately lead to new troubles for next season.
  • Clay’s new gun running business is going to cause some serious business problems for SAMCRO


“There will be days when you are forced to make decisions that affect the lives of everyone you love.”-Jax

“Today, I will become the man my father tried to be.”-Jax

“I stopped you from becoming the man you tried to kill.”-Bobby

“Opie was right, the gavel corrupts. You can’t sit in this chair without being a savage.”-Jax

“Revenge isn’t about the greater good, it’s a visceral need that has to be met, or the strong lose focus.”-Pope

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: to thine own self

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Crucifixed

The best way I can explain this episode is through one of my favorite Lord of the Rings’ quotes: “The board is set. The pieces are moving.”


  • In the aftermath of Otto’s decision to murder a nurse, we meet a new character (played by Donal Logue) who initially dresses as an inmate and beats the crap out of Otto. Then, the same man makes his appearance again to Otto, reminding him that Otto knows the anonymous character’s voice and that he will see to it that Otto suffers miserably. The anonymous character also shows up at the hospital that Tara works at, following her as she leaves the vicinity. Since Tara was also an accessory in Nurse Toric’s brutal murder, I am wondering if this new character plans on making Tara’s life just as miserable. Or, in one of my more wilder theories, is this new character John Teller?

new character

  • Jax comes completely clean out to the Club about his secret doings to get the club out of the line of fire of the Cartel. The club unanimously votes approval for Jax’s plan to hand over the drugs to the Mayans, and have the Chinese gangs handle the supplies for the guns for the cartel, all while keeping the IRA in good terms with the club. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs for Jax’s reign.
  • Clay has become completely aware of Jax’s knowledge of his involvement in the home invasion, and in Jax’s plans for the club.
  • Juice is running out of time for digging up paper work from the safe that was returned to Clay after the home invasion. Juice finds it in the air vent, and informs Jax about it. Jax plans on having Chibs, Juice, Bobby, and Tig confront Clay with the papers, and probably kill him. However, Juice accidentally leaves Clay alone in the house, and Clay removes the incriminating evidence before Jax is able to confront him.
  • Nero’s new escort business finally opens! However, there is some rain on his parade when his former gang members show up at his new business demanding weapons. It is clear that Nero wants to distance himself from the gangster life he once lived, and turns them down, only to have the Sons offer the gangsters weapons instead.
  • While on a run, Jax is kidnapped by Romeo and his group of thugs because they think Jax is trying to undermine their weapons/cartel deal. Word reaches to the club as they desperately try to find him. Nero believes that his former gangster kidnapped Jax, and races to confront them, which they deny, and we see Nero get brutal.
  • Under interrogation by Romeo, Jax reveals his plan to keep the cartel in business with other gangs. This obviously pleases Romeo, who releases Jax.
  • Jax reveals to Bobby and Chibs everything about Clay: his involvement in John Teller and Piney’s death, the kidnapping attempt on Tara, and why Jax did not kill him in the first place. Chibs understands Jax’s hatred towards his step father, while Bobby wants to keep Jax from becoming the brutal man that Clay is.
  • Gemma tells Nero she loves him.
  • And of course, what is a Sons of Anarchy episode without a car chase/gun fight?

car crash

Season finale is in two episodes! Will Clay finally die, or will he weasel himself out to live for another season?


“I’m an outlaw, cabrón , not a suicide bomber.” – Jax

“Rhyme again, and I’ll kill you.”-Gemma

“I’m tired of being crushed by greedy men who believe in nothing. I’m going to change that.”-Jax

“Happy, you’re shot, how are you feeling?”-Jax

“This Kenny G shit is giving my cancer cancer.”-Unser

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: crucifixed

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Andare Pescare

There was so much development in this 90 minute episode that I sat on the edge of my seat!

Jax and the Sons

Jax has a lot on his plate. Not only is he trying to figure out a way to bring Clay down, but he’s also dealing with Juice’s fate since the revelation that he was the rat at the table, and avenging Opie’s death! Although we will never find out what Jax’s intended plans for Juice were when he followed him home–since Roosevelt was so worried he sent squad cars to his house–it’s clear Jax now has plans for the kid. Juice, who broke down and confessed his crime of killing a fellow Sons member, has the opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his President. Jax gives Juice the ultimatum: betray Clay’s trust and gather information on Clay’s involvement in schemes against Jax and the club, or face the table and his crime. Juice accepts Jax’s ultimatum, and begins his search into Clay’s potential hiding places. Jax informs Chibs and Bobby of Juice’s situation, and even makes the request that some laws of the club (such as it’s form of racism against joining members) be revoked.

Jax also kicked a few of his new plans into gear when he met with both Pope and mayor Hale to discuss their new partnerships. Busy lad! Pope gave Jax new intel on the person who murdered Opie, which drives Jax to seek more revenge for his fallen friend.

Jax seeks out a fellow gang/ motorcycle club on information regarding the prisoner who dealt Opie’s fatal blow. The Grim Bastards have access to the individual, but will only give him up if Jax promises to only fight him, not kill him. The Sons agree to this deal since the clubs have shared a brotherhood bond for 20 years. Upon finding the guy, the Sons chase him down, with the Grim Bastards in tow. However, Jax does not honor his promise, and has him killed. Bobby is appalled by Jax’s decision to have the man killed, while Chibs is supportive of his President. It is clear that the Sons are becoming divided again, and Jax begins to question Bobby’s role and morals as Vice President (this feels familiar, doesn’t it?)
guy died
Clay and Gemma:

Clay and Gemma are becoming closer–per Jax’s request of his mother. Gemma continues to visit Clay and ultimately suggests that they return to the home that they shared. In this moment, Clay confesses that he does not want Gemma to continue making contact with him unless it is genuine because he does not want to lose her again, which prompts Gemma to kiss him. I’m still not sure if Clay is truly falling in love with Gemma, or if he is playing her in order to get information to use against Jax.

However, don’t get too caught up with Clay and Gemma’s little romance, Clay is still a sneaky ape-faced dude. Clay meets with the two FBI agents who double as cartel members with information regarding the deal they have running drugs with the Sons. Romeo (played by Danny Trejo) becomes agitated with Jax’s presidency, and request that Jax be removed from the table and Clay reinstated as a way to keep their deal. Clay does not seem like a fan of the idea, but I do not entirely believe him. This could ultimately mean bad news for Jax in the upcoming episodes!

Tara and Otto

Tara believes she has succeeded in getting Otto to revoke his Rico statement. She visits him once again, and Otto has a request from her–to bring the gold crucifix that he gave to his deceased wife, Luanne, claiming he wants to pray. Tara agrees and finds the crucifix in order to seal the deal. Otto asks for a few minutes alone to pray, and to untie one of his arms so he can pray properly, which Tara agrees to do. However, Otto presses a button to summon the nurse once Tara is gone and attacks her. The nurse is stabbed to death in the neck, and Otto is apprehended. He screams at Tara “The Sons live, but Redwood bleeds!” Otto has set up Tara as an accessory to murder, and the investigators will now have Tara’s background information with the Sons, which will ultimately cause more legal issues for the club and for Jax.

  • Will Juice be able to double cross Clay, who has been like a father to him, in exchange for redemption in the eyes of Jax?
  • Jax has evolved into a different person. Part of me feels like he is evolving into Clay because he has become so ruthless with his killing–which arguably is because he’s seeking revenge for his best friend. Bobby is beginning to question Jax’s leadership, but does the audience?
  • Otto’s plan was genius, he wants Jax to feel the same pain and loss and he did with Luanne. I wonder what will happen to Tara, and if Gemma will come to her aid?


“Do you believe in God?”-Otto
“I…think so?”-Tara
“That’s not believing, Doc, that’s covering your ass in case there is a Rapture.”-Otto

“Jax, you just shit on two decade of brotherhood, what you did was wrong.”-Bobby
“Maybe it was wrong, but you didn’t see the look of pleasure on that animal’s face when he beat my friend down!”-Jax

“Out with the new, in with the old.”-Romeo

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: andare pescare

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Ablation

Jax is extremely close to figuring out who is the rat at his table, and how to overthrow the ape-faced Clay. He only needs one person..

Since the kidnapping of Chibs and the revelation that the nomads were the muscle behind the home invasions, SAMCRO is keen on bringing them to (their type) of justice. Bringing Frankie Diamond’s fate to the table, the Sons of Anarchy unanimously decide that upon finding Frankie, they will strip him of his patch, and then kill him. However, after the meeting, Jax takes his Vice President, Bobby, aside and clues him in on his own intricate plan. Jax has decided that once Frankie is found, he and Bobby will volunteer to kill him, but will take him somewhere remote where they can make an even trade with sheriff Eli Roosevelt. Jax will be killing two birds with one stone: ensuring Frankie will get the morbid justice he deserves, while also getting the rat at his table. Jax and the crew get a lead on Frankie (who is hiding out in south Lake Tahoe) but has also obtained mob protection from SAMCRO. The Sons then go on a ride to find Frankie.
Jax and Eli

During the ride, Clay’s osteoarthritis acts up, and he cannot ride his motorcycle. Oh, but don’t think Clay unintentionally forget his meds. Clay, who has received outside information of Frankie Diamond’s hideout, convinces Juice to drive him to the hideout without Jax, probably to get to Frankie before Jax does. At this point, Jax and the rest of the Sons arrive at the Poker House where they believe the man who is hiding Frankie resides. After a quick (and necessary) fist fight between the Sons and the Mob, Jax convinces the leader, Leo,that Frankie has much more money than he claimed, and that this will result in a retaliation from the Cartel and from outside gangs. Leo remains skeptical of Jax’s claims, but takes him to Frankie anyway. While this is all happening, Frankie receives news that the Sons are after him, and in a panic, shoots his lookout and attempts to escape BUT NOT BEFORE CLAY ARRIVES. However, Clay cannot extract his homicidal maniac actions before Jax shows up with Leo, and Leo shoots rashly shoots Frankie upon his discovery.
Frankie Diamonds

After this rash action by Leo, Jax takes the dead Frankie to Eli Roosevelt anyway. Although it is not the exchange Eli wanted, he still tells Jax that Juice was the rat at the table (although Jax had already basically figured it out anyway). However, Eli defends Juice’s choice. Jax then stalks Juice, and it is undetermined what will happen next (until next week!)

Tara continues her task with Otto. It appears she has convinced him to recount his statement for the Rico case by bringing his deceased wife’s perfume in and getting Otto to remember what he loves most. The only obstacle that can possibly happen with her meetings with Otto is that her boss, Margaret (played by McNally Sagal) changed Tara’s insurance to married. This could potentially hamper her meeting to the prison because her insurance could reveal ties to the Sons of Anarchy.

As all this is going on, Gemma and Nero are becoming closer, even though Gemma knows she must rekindle her relationship with Clay in order to win Jax’s family back. Nero and Gemma enjoy a lovely day together, meeting Nero’s son and taking Carla’s ashes to a crypt. It’s sad to watch Gemma become a lighthearted person and yet we know it will not last. Gemma reluctantly meets up with Clay and begins to perform her duties as spy and lover. Gemma seeks out Jax and Tara, to make sure that what she is doing with Clay is real and will ensure that she will get her family back. Gemma informs Jax that she is the most happiest with Nero, but that she will sacrifice that happiness in order to get that family back. It’s almost sad to watch her silently suffer, but she screwed up big time with that accident, so this is a consequence (albeit, a little bit harsh).
gemma and clay

  • After the meeting with Otto, Tara seems to have broken down as well. What will this mean for Jax and the Club?
  • Now that Frankie Diamonds is dead without giving the hard evidence against Clay and the home invasions, how will Jax ultimately defeat Clay?
  • Will Jax believe Juice’s justifications for being a rat on the club? Or, will he pull a Clay and jump to conclusions and murder him anyway without hearing the whole story (Clay in season one perhaps?) Also, I do wonder how long Jax has known that Juice was the rat at the table?
  • Will Gemma choose her family or her true happiness with Nero?

Next week, we get a 90 minute episode! Whoo Hoo!
Tara and Otto


“You haven’t said much since your boy was here.”-Nero

“Yeah, he leaves me speechless sometimes, making rules for ol’ grandma.”-Gemma

“All in favor of Frankie Diamonds meeting mister mayhem, yay or nay?”-Jax

“You a shrink now?’-Otto

“I’m an old lady, protecting my man.”-Tara

“I really hope you’re as smart as you think you are.”-Bobby

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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