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the best of the best of the real world

The Real World was the world’s first look into reality television (and the discussion of how reality can be “constructed”) before it became so desperately over-produced. Jersey Shore may have raised the bar in awesome depravity, but it will first have to  credit its entire existence to the Real World.

There’s an archetype for each cast and it almost makes you feel like you know these people before the first episode ever airs. There’s the girl who comes with a boyfriend and leaves single, with a few new notches on her bedpost. And of course we’ll see the guy who always gets just a little too drunk and is guaranteed to ruin his housemates’ fun at least every other episode.

Each cast is hand-selected solely based on their entertainment value. We get to see people from different backgrounds, with varied sets of “core values”, clash and converse week after week.

Throughout the years there have been seasons that are forgettable (Hollywood) and those that EVERYONE remembers (Hawaii). As we prepare for another season of drunken fights, tears, hook-ups and drama, we decided to make a list of our favorite seasons and cast members of Real World History:

Top Eight Favorite Seasons

Top Eight Favorite Cast Members (in no particular order)


(I always wanted to be one of the select few that got a chance to make a complete idiot of myself for the whole world to see but I’ve taken solace in the fact that- who am I kidding?! MTV, CALL ME!!! –Will)

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mtv’s cuff’d: like cops for kids

Cuff’d is what happens when “Campus PD” meets “Taxicab Confessions” meets “Cops”. According to the show’s summary, this half-hour block of reality programming “takes an inside look at what happens between the time young offenders are arrested and arrive at the police precinct for booking.” I watched the premiere episode and although the description is completely accurate, I prefer my reality TV with less “cautionary tale” and more mindless fun. Just a personal preference.

You may not have heard of MTV’s newest attempt to avoid showing music videos (they’ve been doing it for years, addressing it won’t change anything, but it’s fun to do it anyway) because it airs at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT….not exactly prime time programming. But if you’re already watching “Ridiculousness” or “Death Valley”, and you’re into documentaries about arrested youth, then hanging out in MTV territory for an extra hour (or less) won’t kill you.

This ‘Public Drunk’ clip from the show will probably help you make a definitive ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ vote for this show. Either way…enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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why the VMAs made us not want to tune in next year

MTV prides itself on being shocking and setting trends in the music industry. Every year commercials for the VMAs and MTV Movie Awards brag that viewers are in for quite a show. And there was a time when they fulfilled that promise. We can ignore the fact that outside of the fan votes you can generally figure out who is going to win each category, but to so blatantly raise our TV-viewing expectations only to completely thrash our hopes and dreams with sub-par entertainment is unforgivable.

  • Britney Spears may be only 29 and perhaps that’s too soon for a career reflection via MTV tribute, but that was what we were promised. And what did we get? A dance troupe speed racing through Ms. Spears’ hits. They were cute and super talented, but I’m sure enthusiasts of the pop princess were expecting something on par with the Madonna tribute from ’99. Yet another cocktease from good ol’ MTV. Adding a Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) sighting during Spears’ 30 second tribute could have rectified this…tremendously.
  • When Beyonce revealing her pregnancy, which is not at all music related, is the most explosive and memorable moment on the VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS….there’s a problem. Where is the controversy? Where is the water-cooler moment? Why is asking for a little something extra too much to ask from this show?!

  • Best Hip-Hop video went to Nicki Minaj for “Superbass“?!?! Really people?! I mean that’s great for the women’s movement and ya-ya sisterhoods and all of that but that video…really?!
  • Let’s preface this with saying he did a GREAT job…but…Bruno Mars as the only performer for the Amy Winehouse tribute? Who green-lit that idea? It can’t be blamed on a lack of time to prepare, because MTV has done a lot more in a lot less time. And surely it wasn’t due to an inability to find artists that wanted to belt out ‘Back to Black’ or ‘Rehab’. No clue what happened, but yet another example of the VMAs failing to live up to its own hype.
  • Completely selfish, but was it too much to ask for Adele to perform “Rolling in the Deep” with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)? During our little VMA viewing party – no judgement – we were hoping that it was him playing the piano the entire time just waiting for his well overdue moment in the limelight. Perhaps hosting the Woodie Awards is all MTV is willing to give him. Aside from the CG love, it would have made for a memorable VMA moment, which we’ve already noted was SEVERELY lacking.

  • We were supposed to get a pre-show hosted by Kreayshawn and we barely even saw her. Love her (Us) or hate her (#teamrickyrozay) one has to admit she is the newest polarizing figure in the industry. Yet another wasted opportunity.

For all the crap we  talked about the VMAs last night….and today….and right now, the reality is, this indignation probably won’t last and the VMAs did have a few decent moments (Lady Gaga did a great job opening the show and made for one of those ‘decent moments’, but that’s more a testament to her artistry than the quality of the overall show). It is unfortunate, but the VMAs….for better or worse…is just one of those things you have to watch for no other reason than ‘just because’…we’ll see if that’s enough to make us do this all over again next year.

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