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farewell amber, and oh yes, all the rest of the braverman brood

Parenthood was never a popular show. There were never any inside jokes that you would only get as a fan. The show never spawned a thousand ships (aside from all the love for Amber and Ryan) and it was never part of the must-see line-up that NBC was once famous for. But any fan of Parenthood will tell you it was amazing. Sure, the Bravermans weren’t particularly realistic and their trials and tribulations weren’t always relatable. Yet, you still felt that their closeness was genuine and their flaws, which ranged from Amber’s early years of self-destruction to Zeke’s incessant pigheadedness, were perfect. The show’s particular brand of quaint, family drama won’t likely grace television again in the near future, but we’re just happy to know that Mae Whitman’s career will be long and varied. As we mourn the loss of Parenthood and a character that Whitman truly made her own, here are her most disastrous romantic moments, by season.


Season One: Amber and Steve (played by Asher Book)
Although Haddie was basically insufferable until she started dating Alex, Amber still displayed a blatant disregard for the Girl Code (and the often unmentioned Cousin Code) by sleeping with Steve.

Season Two: Amber and Gary (played by Scott Michael Foster)
The Amber/Gary love affair was brief. They drank, they drove, they crashed, and Gary fulfilled his duties as the show’s requisite “life lesson.”

Season Three: Amber and Bob Little (played by Jonathan Tucker)
Who can blame Amber for falling for young politico Bob Little? Yes, this was a silly career move…but it was only silly if anyone ever truly believed that Amber wanted to follow in Aunt Kristina’s annoying footsteps.

Seasons Four through Six: Amber and Ryan (played by Matt Lauria)
It was obvious from day one that Ryan was going to play a major role. Their love affair was always a bit tortured and things only got worse when Ryan reenlisted, but somehow, Amber never reverted back to her wild child ways. Their ending wasn’t particularly romantic, but the show gets points for providing fans with closure.







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