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spoiler alert!!! here’s jesse!!!

Oh Jesse St. James, where are you when we need swoon overload battles between you and Blaine Anderson? What’s that? You’re coming back to coach? For Vocal Adrenaline?!?! But I thought you gave up on them to love on William H. McKinley’s New Directions? Well I guess I can settle…

If you don’t understand yet, that means Jonathan Groff is returning to Glee later this season. He will be featured in episodes coaching his former glee club Vocal Adrenaline. I’m not sure if he will ever have a face-off with, fan-favorite, Blaine (Darren Criss) yet but a man can dream right? Click here for all the details on Jesse’s return.

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thoughts on dexter’s ‘a horse of a different color’

“Some people think that religion began as a way for primitive cultures to explain natural phenomenon. The fire, the wind, the rain, they created a god for each one. You’d think science would have made religion obsolete, but it hasn’t.” – Dexter

Science and religion collide in A Horse of a Different Color and not just for Dexter. This episode focused heavily on faith, whether that meant believing your boss is selflessly offering friendly advice or that the new intern likes you and not what you can give her. Travis and Gellar may have been setting up ‘tableaus’ but in the grander scheme of the show, many of those messages were for us as well.

  • Why is Dexter drawn to Brother Sam? Kudos to Mos Def and the writers for giving us such a developed character in such a short amount of time. These two have casual chemistry and whether Dexter is trying to find proof or he’s just intrigued by what he doesn’t understand, this is one of the most natural reactions we’ve seen Dexter have…ever. Given his criminal and religious backgrounds, I wonder if he’ll be killed by Travis or inaccurately accused of the murder. All of my theories on how long the Brother Sam/Dexter bromance lasts center around genuinely believing that Sam is one of the good guys and represents hope for Dexter. Not that I want him to change his current level of morality and stop killing or anything (Zzzzzz!).
  • Would it be possible to use the Book of Revelation to decipher this whole season? I wouldn’t want to figure out all of the twists and turns before they happen, but I wonder if it would even be possible.
  • Are the new characters just to breathe fresh life into the Homicide division or should we be watching them more carefully? Mike Anderson is obviously big on protocol and observant, but aside from annoying Quinn and giving Deb fashion advice, I’m not sure there was much more to him this week. Then there’s Ryan who stole the hand and got caught by Masuka, and being a little mischievous thief could be as dark as her character gets. Separately I think I would be able to just enjoy the newbies, but Christine Hill gave me trust issues when it comes to new, non-serial killer characters.

  • Travis is working alone…right? Henry pointed out that two people seemingly did the slashing and staging. But Gellar always seems not quite there, sorta like he might not really be there. Erin, the waitress, doesn’t seem aware of Gellar at the restaurant and nothing concrete on whether she looked at him when she was tied up on the floor either. When Gellar speaks to Travis, it’s almost like he’s his conscious…the conscious that drives him to murder the girl he “defiled” and turn her into a winged messenger….but still.
  • Batista and Quinn got high. Completely throwaway scene, it wasn’t stoner funny, nor did it seem relevant to the plot. I’m only mentioning the whole thing because its irrelevance annoyed me.
  • JarIt! isn’t real, but it’s no worse than the other zillion crappy infomercials.
  • What will Dexter’s IOU be? Harrison’s appendix ruptured and in a very human, un-Dexter moment, he appeals to God (or whoever he thinks the higher power is) and promises something in return if Harrison makes it out ok. I think the IOU will come into play for Dexter, but it will be of his own doing. Meaning something will happen and he’ll see it as a sign that this is how he can repay his “debt”.
  • How will Erin’s death affect Deb? Career-wise, it won’t have the best of implications. I can already see LaGuerta super smug, especially since Deb was involved when something similar happened to her last season. Emotionally, I think this will diminish all of that bravado Deb had going on after she was complimented for her “no BS” style during the press conference.
  • “What is this?Dexter asked early on in the episode, but in respect to the season, are the killings really “doomsday” themed or part of a bigger picture. The connection between religion and Gellar was drawn pretty early on and Dexter is never that “easy”…so what are we missing? Is Gellar really guiding Travis or is he a Henry-like figure?

Next on Dexter…

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the walking dead: favorite characters

As Sunday draws closer so does the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Even though the first season was – much to the chagrin of yours truly – only six episodes long, I took the entire season as the prologue…to the show…that had already started? It makes sense somehow. I know that the characters aren’t always going to be the same throughout the entirety of show’s run but I managed to get favorites from the glimpse that was season one. And besides, it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I don’t think we have that much time anyway…

My Top 3 (in a particular order)


Of course it’s Glenn! The former pizza delivery boy just trying to make ends meet before the outbreak began. Maybe I’m a tad biased but when I envision the future zombie apocalypse – you know it’s inevitable – I see myself as the “scout”. Glenn is young, quick, and resourceful. Although he isn’t a leader per se he is usually on the front lines when the group needs him. His sarcastic insight is a must and his ability to lighten the extremely grave mood is, obviously, appreciated. Glenn is going to have to try REALLY hard for me not to idolize him during the season.

Daryl Dixon 

What a drastic change, right? I like a good antihero every now and again. Daryl is brash, brave and a slew of other “B” words – borderline bigot included. Every crew needs a wild card and Daryl plays the role well. He doesn’t mind challenging the authority of Rick or Shane when he feels there is another option and since he doesn’t know what has become of his brother he has that “nothing to lose” mojo going for him. I know that Daryl is going to make me hate him as a person several times this season but solidify his standing as one of my favorite characters. Cheers to hypocrisy?!


Rick Grimes

The adopted/accepted leader of the group. I mean the man is a Sheriff…who was presumed dead…left in a hospital with the dead…in an abandoned/infected town…then still managed to find his family and “friend”/partner Shane. I would follow that man. He made the practical decisions for the group in season one. He doesn’t have the “lone ranger” mentality that Daryl has which I feel is going to cause conflict going forward. I appreciate him as a main character, but for now I appreciate the conflict that he initiates just by being the leader. I hope to be able to like his character as an individual more this season.

For some pictures and insight on character development, plot lines, and ZOMBIES from the producers of The Walking Dead click here.

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tvdm box office picks: opening sept. 16th

Will’s Pick: Drive

Since Ryan Gosling is seemingly in a new movie every month it was only a matter of time before I picked a movie in which he was starring, in this case the movie is Drive. Carey Mulligan (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) also have starring roles in the fast-paced action flick.

Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a professional stuntman by day and a “professional” getaway driver by night – I assume that explains the moniker. He doesn’t care what his employers are using his services to getaway from he only focuses on his expertise. I assume everything doesn’t run according to his plans because this movie would be more tutorial than potential blockbuster.

With the box office being held captive by the anti-human Contagion at the moment I don’t see an action film that isn’t starring “Autobots” or superheroes from the ranks of “Marvel” or “DC” taking over the reins immediately but it still looks like a solid action movie to start the Fall.

Nicole’s Pick: Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs is a remake of the 1971 film of the same name, which can mean either a colossal win or loss. The film stars James Marsden (X-Men, Sex Drive, Gossip, etc.), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, Rules of Attraction, The Horse Whisperer, etc.) and Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman from True Blood). This movie isn’t intended to be sexy, but what they have on their hands is a cast that provides eye candy for everyone. Thank you, sincerely.

Moving on to the plot, David (Marsden) and Amy Summer (Bosworth) are a married couple who move back to Amy’s hometown. Once there, Amy’s high school sweetheart, Charlie (Northman Skarsgård), tries to win her back and this is where the “thriller” portion of the movie kicks in. As David attempts to keep Charlie far, far away from his wife, the tension builds between the couple and the locals of their Mississippi home. Early reviews note that the violence of the original is still intact. And any Truebie knows that Skarsgård does violence very, very well. Straw Dogs isn’t going against any huge new openings this week and if you’re in the mood for guaranteed violence, this could be your best bet.

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tvdm box office picks: opening sept. 9th

Nicole’s Pick: Contagion

Contagion has a little bit of everything. A deadly airborne virus that threatens the health and sanity of everyone in the world.  Solid casting (Jude Law, Sanaa Lathan, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne and Demetri Martin to name just a few). The type of tragic love story that plays out best in an ‘end of the world’ scenario. Widespread panic. And at the helm director Steven Soderbergh, the man who lent his talents to such film as sex, lies, and videotape, Traffic and Ocean’s Eleven.

Whether using plagues, viruses, zombie outbreaks or alien invasions, I like seeing somebody else’s vision of how the rest of the world would react if all hell broke loose. I don’t need this film to make me think (ala Inception), I’m just looking for 105 stirring minutes of watching a society unravel under the crippling weight of a global pandemic. Simple request.

Based on first few moments of the trailer, germaphobes might panic a little once the credits have finished rolling. So if you carry around hand sanitizer and walk around with the perpetual fear that you’re going to catch a cold from the guy across from you on the train….you’ve been warned.

Will’s Pick: Warrior

When siblings rivalries + “daddy issues” become overwhelming I see no better way to clear the air than with a good ol’ brawl. Warrior focuses on the lives of brothers Tommy (Tom Hardy) and Brendan (Joel Edgerton) leading up to a MMA tournament. Tommy is an ex-Marine with a huge chip – and larger muscles – on his shoulders because he felt he had been abandoned by his older brother. Under the tutelage of their father, Paddy (Nick Nolte), Tommy decides to enter the tournament.  Brendan, a former MMA fighter, quit the sport to become a school teacher but when he couldn’t support his family financially he decides to join the event.

I personally thought this movie was a Fighter remake initially but my ignorance was soon erased. The story may be similar and the feature is about a combat sport but that doesn’t mean the content is mirrored. Not to mention it’s almost a scientific fact that Tom Hardy can do no wrong on-screen. I’m also excited that some moviegoers are going to have their
eyes opened to a rapidly booming sport in MMA.

The only thing I gripe about is the fact that from the very first trailer we all knew that the brothers will be fighting each other in the final. I know most people would make that assumption anyhow but leave just a little mystery for suspense sake.

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