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ghost adventures recapping: return to virginia city

This week, the guys are returning to Virginia City once again in search of the paranormal. They first hit the town during their 2004 documentary (before Zak discovered the all-black ensemble) and again in 2009. Keeping with the theme, their third visit will have three lockdown locations: St. Mary’s Art Center, the Silver Queen Hotel, and the Miner’s Cabin at the Yellow Jacket Mine.


The interviews begin at the St. Mary’s Art Center, which was originally a hospital in the 1870s. Both Zak and Aaron are wearing cowboy hats (black, of course) and Nick has a 100-degree fever, but Zak is excited about his friend’s suffering as it might trigger the hospital’s spirits. An EVP of cowboy singing was recorded at the location in 2009, and caretaker Angela Zelasko claims she heard men’s voices and a doorknob rattle when she was in the building alone. Her husband Ron tells of the two main spirits at the location, an injured miner and a nurse who perished in a fire. Off to the side, Zak and Aaron discuss the local priest that was found dead in the basement of the gunshot wound – a death no one wants to talk about.

Ghost Adventures Cute Ghost Hunting Kid

The guys stop briefly by the Washoe Club, where an adorable 6-year-old boy named Alex excitedly tells them of his paranormal experiences there. The next stop is the Silver Queen Hotel, where in 2004 they caught an apparition of an arm. The guys meet with Reverend James, the “Pistol Packin’ Preacher,” who is as awesome as he sounds. He tells them of the prostitute named Rosie who committed suicide in room 11, and that if they attempt to communicate her spirit might stop by.

Ghost Adventures Pistol Packin Preacher

Finally, the guys visit the Miner’s Cabin with historian Debbie Bender. The nearby Yellow Jacket Mine was the site of a horrific fire in 1869, and many of the men who were pulled out of the mine were brought to the cabin to die.


To begin the investigation, the guys split up – Zak will be by himself in the Silver Queen with tech guy Billy watching static cameras, while Nick and Aaron will be at the Miner’s Cabin. Almost immediately Zak notices a spike on his EMF detector, and Billy confirms they caught an orb on video. Zak continues to get EMF spikes, centered around a bouquet of flowers, and feel energy around his hand. He is able to use the detector to trace the energy around the room.

Meanwhile at the cabin, Nick is having trouble breathing. One of their devices begins to alarm in the next room at the same time they capture an EVP of footsteps. They decide to walk down to the mine with thermal camera. Nothing much happens.

Zak tries to sweet talk the spirit into giving him a kiss to thank him for the flowers, and gets EVP of a woman’s moan. He then uses the spirit box to further communicate, and starts getting intelligent responses, including a shout of “WATER!” when he asks about committing suicide in the bathtub.

The guys and Billy then head to St. Mary’s Art Center, where they each split up to cover a floor with a digital recorder. After 2 hours nothing happens, and they let Billy out of the building. The guys start to walk around. Aaron hears footsteps on the stairs, and Zak gets excited when he sees a white mist on the stairs and gets an EMF spike.

Ghost Adventures chair ghost

They head up to third floor of the hospital, which housed the mentally ill patients and had iron bars on the windows. Nick goes into the room where the miner died. His EMF detector alarms, and they capture a strange light anomaly around a chair in the room. Zak tries to argue it’s not a light reflection, but I’m not so sure – paranormal or not it’s just too hard to see. Nick asks about the bars on the windows, and gets an intelligent EVP stating, “they’re iron strips” in response.

Zak ends the episode saying Virginia City is just as active as ever. Compared to the episode at Letchworth Village from two weeks ago, or even their previous visits to the city, the activity was pretty subdued. Let’s stop revisiting former glories and look for some new, large, creepy locations. Please?


Zak – You can see some of the memorabilia that Nick, Aaron, and myself wore when we filmed our documentary back in 2004 that started our Ghost Adventures, including the shirt that I wore. Check it out! I even used to wear white.

Zak – If the Pistol Packin’ Preacher says this place is haunted, well, I’m not going to argue with the man who carries a real .44 and is called the Pistol Packin’ Preacher!
Reverend James – Well, I haven’t shot anybody today but it’s still early.

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glee recapping: pot of gold

The Story

Rory Flanagan (Damian McGinty), an Irish foreign exchange student, has moved in with Brittany S. Pierce and family. She thinks he is a magical leprechaun and she promises to let him get her “pot of gold” if he gives her three wishes. Starting with an all marshmallow box of Lucky Charms. Straight comedy.

Puck and Quinn have started their plan to get their child, Beth, back from Ms. Corcoran. They talk her into letting them babysit.

Sue is on another campaign to take money away from the arts and leave the Glee Club with no money to perform West Side Story.

Mercedes tries to convince Santana to join the new “all girl” Glee club. Finn overhears the conversation. Santana is hesitant because she doesn’t want to leave Brittany behind but Mercedes says Brittany is welcome – she is a girl so I thought that was obvious. There is dissension in the ranks of the New Directions. Tina is sad that Mercedes is gone and Puck doesn’t think they stand a chance without her. Finn still hasn’t accepted Blaine as a member and Rachel’s campaign for Class President has her at odds with Kurt.

When Shelby leaves Puck and Quinn alone with Beth, Quinn begins to sabotage her house to make it seem as though she is an unfit mother. Puck doesn’t want to go along with Quinn’s plan, but he does want Beth back so he doesn’t stop her.

After Kurt tells his father about Sue’s plan, Burt takes it in his own hands to find supporters to fund the play. This, of course, makes Sue livid. She promises to destroy Burt in true Sue form. Burt doesn’t budge on his stance.

When Rory gives Brittany her “magical” Lucky Charms he asks to go on a date but she tells him she has plans with a friend. She has a “date” with Santana at Olive Garden Breadsticks. Santana wants to know their relationship status and if Brittany will join the new glee club with her. Brittany says she needs a day to consider.

Quinn tells Puck he needs to quit his pool cleaning job and find a real one because raising a child isn’t cheap. She is worried that everyone else is making big plans and Beth is her “perfect thing”. Shelby tells Puck about a possible year-round pool cleaning job and he seems interested.

Shuester lets the glee club know that they have raised the money to perform West Side Story. Blaine leads the New Directions in a performance of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night. And again we got to see Kurt’s signature shoulder shimmy – I guess “Booty Camp” training didn’t stick? Afterwards, Santana says that because Mercedes is gone the new focus will be on Blaine and Rachel – maybe because they have the best voices? Maybe? – and she is tired of being in the background. She then confronts Rory in the hallway about he and Brit’s relationship. She demands that he grant her a wish.

Rory tells Brit that Santana wishes that she join the new Glee Club. Brittany is convinced that she has to do as the “leprechaun” says.

Shuester goes to Burt to convince him to run against Sue in congress. Burt has already decided to run before Shuester’s arrival. Burt says Kurt is his campaign manager but tells Shuester he can supervise.

Puck visits Shelby at home to thank her for helping him get the job. He also “unsabotages” her house and helps soothe a crying Beth with his acoustic chords. Shelby opens up about her problems being a single parent and Puck tells her that he will always be there when she needs him  in a scene that was, probably, inappropriate for a student and teacher – but who cares about that, right?

Finn finds out that Brittany has left the group and he tries to tell her that leprechaun aren’t real and she needs to stay with the New Directions so they can win nationals. In the process he calls her the “I” word (idiot) and Brittany is done with the conversation.

Burt announces his candidacy on the same local news station as Sue’s Corner.

The new all-girl Glee Club (Sugar Motta, Brittany, Santana, Mercedes) needs a name. Shelby comes up with The Troubletones after Santana’s suggested Hot Bitches and Brittany’s Free Beer don’t hit the mark.

Finn apologizes to Brittany and comes to terms with the girls leaving. Rory tells Brittany he’s ready for his “pot of gold”. But she tells him she knows that leprechauns don’t exist.

Kurt is nervous about his father’s campaign because of all the stress Sue is sure to cause him.

After saving Rory from hockey team bullies Finn brings Rory to the New Directions. NEW MEMBER!!!

The episode ends with Puck and Shelby sharing a kiss…that they both seemed to enjoy. DRAMA!!!

The Music

  • How cute was Brittany on the cover of Seventeen American Cheerleader?
  • Go back to Mexico!”….because everything about Rory Flanagan just screamed Mexican?
  • Speaking of Rory, I could have stared into those Sinatra-esque baby blues all night. Trouty Mouth who?
  • Ohio is for lovers…and mullets, apparently.
  • Puck’s abs > Puck’s slightly revised hairstyle.

Yes, Will already covered the story portion of our GLEE-rific (ha-ha) evening, but this post-hiatus episode had too many things worth commenting on. I complained after the second episode that I wanted to see a better balance between the music and the story. Just like Brittany and Santana, I got my wish. Sure, we barely heard a peep from Rachel, Finn or Kurt, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Bein’ Green – Rory Flanagan

I was well on my way to falling in love with Rory during his first 60 seconds on the screen, but hearing him perform one of the original emo anthems made famous by Mr. Kermit the Frog solidified that. Rory’s melancholy stroll through the school was something previously mastered by the likes of Artie, Finn and Mike. I think the song selection was perfect for showing Rory is an outsider who just wants to belong…a perfect fit for the New Directions. Again I ask, Trouty Mouth who? Solid A rating

Last Friday Night – Blaine and the New Directions

For a brief moment I was livid that Glee was doing a repeat, but I blame that on Rebecca Black’s cameo in the video for this Katy Perry, super corny, incredibly catchy summer hit. I’m forever attached to Blaine’s last Perry cover, but this was still fun to watch. Although I appreciate the life imitating art (or something like that) connection with Kevin McHale, I was supremely disappointed that they made the effort to show a saxophone in the background, yet didn’t make time for a quick Kenny G-style solo that really would have added to this otherwise so-so number. Solid C rating

Waiting for a Girl Like You – Puck

The title of this song works for Puck’s blossoming relationship with Beth, but the lyrics (“It feels so right, so warm and true, I need to know if you feel it too”) subtly foreshadowed the kiss that was coming between him and Shelby. The briefness of this performance takes nothing away from how great it sounded, but it did showcase how underutilized Puck is sometimes. We’re also going to pretend like all of this is romantic and not potentially creepy. Solid B rating

Candyman – The Troubletones (Is that name set in stone? Do we have to stick with that?)

This newborn glee club clearly operates off the same magical budget as the New Directions. The costumes were standard for anytime anyone ever performs this song, but this trio (I REFUSE to consider Sugar Motta part of their vocal stylings) felt new. Not Brittany’s dancing, nor Mercedes singing overshadowed the others. I’d like to see the New Directions end their year with a win, but unless this group dismantles at some point, I think they’re only going to get better. Sure, Rachel is untouchable, but this performance showed who else holds a large portion of the talent. Solid A rating

Take Care of Yourself – Rory Flanagan

Between that smile and that voice, there are going to be a lot of broken hearts for the glee club this year. When Rory hit one of a few high notes during this performance, Kurt’s face completely fell. Blaine and Rachel seemed to fall in love, while Finn just looked smug at having saved the day. Although I want to hear Rory sing everything, every week, the spotlight of this performance fell on Puck and Shelby’s kiss. Solid B rating


(Brittany) is kinda like Rain Man with boobs.” -Finn

You think that Great Kazoo kid is a leprechaun?” – Santana
Rory is from Ireland. So that means…he’s like made of magic.” -Brittany

Leprechauns like fixing shoe buckles because they’re gay.” -Santana (to Rory)

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community recapping: horror fiction in seven spooky steps

Britta found out, from a psychological test, that one member of the group might be insane! She tells Jeff they need to figure out who it is. She decides to keep everyone in the study room and have them tell “scary” stories to figure out who is the most sadistic – I love when they give individual perspectives but I hated that Troy and Abed didn’t do their signature handshake when given the chance.

Britta’s Story

Britta and Jeff are in a car in the woods making out – cue the horrible acting from your favorite  straight to DVD movie – when a report comes in over the radio. A killer with a hook for a hand is on the loose in the area. Jeff gets out of the car to survey the area when he gets attacked by the killer all the while commentating on his own demise.

Abed’s Story

Abed doesn’t like Britta’s depiction because he feels the characters make decisions that a normal person wouldn’t make. He begins his story with himself and Britta in a cabin. They kiss – because he just brushed his teeth so that’s obvious – briefly talk about fertility then listen to some SWEET ass elevator music on the radio. After hearing about the killer on the radio, Abed decides to call the police “on (his) fully charged cell phone” and stand back-to-back in the center of the room holding knives. I thought it was a good plan honestly…

Annie’s Story

Annie cut Abed’s story off. She wanted some more action. She began her story with Jeff carrying her into a cabin. She is a damsel in distress and Jeff has come to her rescue. We find out that Jeff is a vampire and he has Britta in the closet to “feed” on. When Annie gets ready to run away Jeff pleads that she stay and…teach him how to read? He learns how to pick up advanced vocabulary relatively quick. As Annie gets ready to leave Jeff tells her he is still going to still feed on her. She then reveals that she is a werewolf that feeds on vampires and gives a ridiculously descriptive account of what she did to Jeff…and his innards.

Troy’s Story

Troy wasn’t pleased with Annie’s story and promises to deliver a “real legit scary story”. Troy carries Abed into Pierce’s cabin. He and Abed’s plane crashed in the woods. Pierce gives them something to drink that knocks them out instantly. When they wake up Pierce tells them he is a doctor that does “weird experiments on people”. The two have been sewed together. But “Trobed” (<–just made that awesome name up) figures out they have ESP and “mind powers” to destroy Pierce. They knock Pierce out and sew his butt to his chest and switch the position of his feet and hands so he can’t touch his new breasts. TORTURE!!!

Pierce’s Story

Pierce doesn’t like his role in Troy’s story. So Pierce begins his own story. “Magnum” (aka Pierce) is enjoying his “post-coital brandy” when (gangster) Troy and Abed break into his cabin demanding brandy and hubcaps of course. Pierce..uh…Magnum takes out the assailants; Troy may or may not have even been hit with a Magnum P in his eye (<–Awesome wordplay). Afterwards, Magnum is headed back to his bedroom for more coitus presumably.

Shirley’s Story

The group as a whole is confused because Pierce’s story wasn’t scary at all. Shirley asks what happened to stories about good versus evil then she begins with her story. The group (minus Shirley) is having a debauchery party (wish I was there!) when they hear over the radio that all the Christians have gone to Heaven and everyone else is Hell-bound. “Devil” Dean Pelton bursts into the party and tells the group how they are going to be tortured. Shirley appears as an angelic vision and tells the group she has come to tell her former persecutors that she forgives them but isn’t taking them to Heaven with her. When she disappears Devil Pelton returns screaming “Gay marriage” (aka a Republican’s worst nightmare) with a chainsaw in hand.

Troy feels that Shirley turned the stories into a sermon. The group begins to leave but Britta and Jeff cut them off. Britta tells the group about the test scores. She tells them what might happen if they leave the room with a homicidal killer amongst them. Afterwards they all turn on each other. Until Jeff tells his story…

Jeff’s Story

The whole group is enjoying warm drinks and horrible sweaters – except Annie’s 😉 -when the masked killer bursts through the door. Everyone begins to panic until Jeff steps in and asks the killer “Why do you kill people?”. Chang reveals himself and says he kills because he is scared. They all give him a group hug and scene!

The group then turns on Jeff and questions his motives. He tells them that he randomly filled out his test so the “insane” results could have been his the whole time. Annie notices that Britta ran the test through the grading machine upside down so she needs to do it again. The revised tests show that only one person is actually sane. They decided they don’t want to know who that one person is and they will just take solace in the fact that one of them is sane.

P.S. Abed had the only “sane” test result.


You fools! By sewing my butt to my chest you gave me breasts that I can touch all day!” -Crazy Old Racist Doctor (Pierce)

Wait! Teach me how to read.” -Vampire Jeff (to damsel Annie)

You probably just Britta’d the test results somehow.” -Jeff
No,I double checked them. Wait! Are people using my name to mean ‘to make a small mistake?’” -Britta
…yes.” -Jeff

My drugs are wearing off. Who’s got more?” -Sinner Jeff

I’m no sociopath. I always know what I’m doing is wrong. I’m just a guy who doesn’t like taking tests, doing work or getting yelled at. So when u think about it I’m probably the sanest guy here.” – Jeff

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always sunny recapping: storm of the century

Will’s P.O.V.

Lusting after good ole fashioned big breasticled news reporters is a swell platform – pun intended –  for the opening scene of Sunny. I didn’t think it would go much further than that honestly, but Dennis is a man on a mission. Philadelphia is getting ready for “The storm of the century” and everyone is getting supplies to prepare for the onslaught. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie head to the local supermarket to get food, girls, and batteries (respectively) while Dee and Frank stay back at Paddy’s to storm-proof.

Mac is pretty much a no-show during the entire middle of the episode, but Dennis and Charlie made me forget about that. From Dennis’ failed attempt to get some girls back to Paddy’s for his “Hurricane Party” to Charlie’s plan on accepted incestuous behavior to repopulate the planet Duke Nukem style the episode tickled me. Add in Dennis’ sighting of the aforementioned big breasted broadcaster, while Alone is ballading (<–present tense of ballad) the hell out of your eardrums, and I’m sold.

Meanwhile at Paddy’s, Frank and Dee are deciding what the difference between looting and surviving is. (My personal opinion, if you take anything from a store when there is no natural disaster then you are looting, I’m looking at you LA. But I digress.) I didn’t get much satisfaction from this pairing besides that and the fact that I love Dee so much more when she is especially spastic. They eventually find Cricket in their personal bunker and Frank shoots him. So they head to the supermarket (not the hospital) and Cricket drives the car through the entrance starting a riot.

Meanwhile Mac is at the bunker eating Ben & Jerry’s – I’d like to think it was Schweddy Balls flavored for the obvious comical reasons.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Jackie Denardo’s (Jessica Collins, Tru Calling) boobs were reason enough to get a 3D television and care about the storm. I was nervous boobs would be the focus of the episode. I’m pro-boobage but I wanted a little bit more from the gang this week and they delivered…kind of. The episode wasn’t “fall out your seat and laugh ‘til you pee” funny, but it was far from a boring episode – mostly thanks to Charlie.

The gang is prepping for a Category 5 storm in the assbackwardsly way only they can. Dee is obsessing over a robopacalypse. Dennis is drawing up (semi-creepy) clauses and contracts to make sure they get “chicks and tits” back to the bunker. Charlie is on battery duty, but somehow he’s the only one to gather up a decent amount of supplies. Mac really only cares about getting the food. And Frank (accurately) thinks back on “that hurricane in New Orleans” and explains the difference between looting and surviving.

While Charlie and Dennis are imagining a big-breasted society they’ll repopulate after the storm, Cricket is back at the bar attempting to raid the bunker and is shot by Frank. When Dee and Frank drive Cricket to the hospital, they of course stop at the All American Home Center to make sure they don’t miss out on the supplies, leaving Cricket in the car…which he crashes….inciting a mini-riot….that triggers the looting/surviving. So we end the night with no storm and a jolly Mac with his 3D TV, food and an empty bunker all to himself.


The Breast make you care about the weather in a really good way.” –Charlie

We gotta stop pussy-dickin’ around here.” – Dee

Mayans. Mexicans. What’s the difference?” – Charlie

Storm coming. Hatchet coming.” – Charlie

How did you not know…that the reason I invited you back to my bar…was to bang you? GET OUTTA HERE!!!” -Dennis

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thoughts on dexter’s ‘smokey and the bandit’

When you’re Harrison’s age everything is important, everything has meaning. Even a piece of molded plastic.” – Dexter

Childhood heroes generally range from comic book characters to athletes, and sometimes the underappreciated parental unit. However, for Dexter, it was “The Tooth Fairy”, a serial killer…of course. Aside from watching Dexter stalk this week’s prey, we saw Deb attempt to find her footing with her new position. Travis and the Professor played the background for most of the episode, but as we saw in the final moments, they were simply setting the stage for their next “message”.

  • How long will it be before Deb grows bored with being Lieutenant? We know Deb likes to be right in the middle of everything and her new position requires her to hang back more often than not. She will need to find a way to make the “confines” of being in charge of the Homicide division work for her, while jumping through the inevitable hoops LaGuerta will put her through. Aside from Dexter, I think Batista and (surprisingly) Captain Matthews will prove very helpful with balancing out the crippling self-doubt that pops up in Deb.
  • Deb and Batista…as a couple? This could be completely off-base, but sometimes Batista gives off a vibe that says he sees Deb as more than a kid sister type. In theory, they would be perfect together. Batista likes his ladies with a little bitch in him and Deb finds solace in the father figures. Dexter might not love the two members of the force most likely to catch him teaming up romantically, but other than that, he likes Batista…as much as Dexter can really like anyone that isn’t related to him.


  • Can we all agree now that Masuka’s intern, Ryan, is a little off-kilter? She has an obsession with the Ice-Truck Killer AND she agreed to a date with Masuka. Alone or together, either of those things is enough to raise a few eyebrows. If she’s just a little weirdo, that’s fine and completely acceptable. But I think all of this is foreshadowing something darker…as if Dexter won’t have enough to deal with this season.
  • Wasn’t Walter Keeney just a shortened, poor man’s version of Arthur Mitchell? Older man…check. Also a serial killer…check. Has a family just like Dexter…check. Ok, so maybe he was just a “sort of” version of the Trinity Killer, but Dexter still learned a mini-lesson about his own views on his relationship with his son. This was also Dexter’s first slip-up of the season, courtesy of him underestimating Walter. Perhaps this was just a one-time occurrence for the new and improved Dexter of season six, but I think it’s the first of many cracks we’ll see in Dexter this season. Dropping his box also spoke to the potential chaos that’s going to ensue as Dexter gets deeper into the religious aspects of the season with Brother Sam and Travis.


Next on Dexter…


What causes the horrified look on Deb’s face? Is this when Travis and Dexter finally meet? And please, can we get a little bit of that spark back for Quinn? The disinterested sex scene wasn’t fun to watch.

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