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sons of anarchy recapping: ablation

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Toad’s Wild Ride

Alliances are tested and new deals are formed as the real danger known as Clay is revealed to SAMCRO.

Jax, Chibs, and Tig are cleaning up the mess from their showdown. Jax decides to cut off the hands of the dead body; one is to go to Unser to be identified, and the other is to go to Pope to be identified, but also as a means of bringing accusation to Pope’s organization. Before Jax can finish his task, Tara rushes in with the news of their sons, and they hastily leave.

After Gemma’s accident, she and the boys are rescued and taken to the hospital. Gemma and Thomas received minor injuries while Abel underwent surgery. Luckily, Abel survived (yet again). Jax and Tara immediately hold all blame to Gemma, thinking that the accident was caused by either drugs or alcohol. Before Jax is able to confront his mother, Clay steps in and gives the excuse that the same van that went after Jax and Chibs ran Gemma off the road. Jax, appalled by this new information, sets up a meeting with Pope so he can be confronted. During the meeting with Pope, Jax confronts him with the information that the attackers were black, which is why he is assuming Pope was behind the attack. Pope, who received the dismembered hand, calmly assures Jax that he had nothing to do with the attack and gives him the name of the attacker (Charles Turner, with no known affiliations outside of prison) and information  on Turner’s brother-in-law, who was most  likely the driver of the van. Jax and his fellow Sons quickly drive over to the house of Turner’s brother-in-law, where a shootout begins. Once cornered by the Sons, Ray, confesses that he was hired by Frankie Diamonds to attack Jax, but not his family, as Clay had explained earlier. Jax, who is beginning to realize what Clay has done, shoots Ray and leaves the scene.

After the shootout, Jax receives a phone call from Nero. Upon arrival to Nero’s place of business, the Sons meet Frankie Diamonds, who is holding Nero and Opie’s widow, Lilla, hostage. Frankie demands the two hunder grand that Clay promised him in exchange for removing Jax from the table, which Nero quickly hands over to Frankie. Frankie then orders Chibs to drive him away from the scene–but not before shooting Lilla in the leg. Nero is appalled by the amount of violence that has ensued because of the internal beef going on with SAMCRO that he asks Jax to end his partnership. Jax is clearly upset, and to cause further damage (although I’m sure he only meant it for good) Nero confesses that Clay lied about Gemma’s accident and that she really was high when the accident occured.  Later on, after driving some time, Frankie has Chibs pull over to the side of the road, where Frankie is met with a getaway car. For a few moments, it seems that Chibs is a dead man, but Frankie is in a hurry and just beats him over the head with his gun before driving off.

Jax confronts Gemma at the hospital. Gemma, who was already feeling guilty about the lie Clay told, confesses everything. Tara, immediately punches Gemma in the face upon receiving this information, and informs Gemma that she has been disowned from her small family.

After the confrontation with Gemma and the revelation that Clay is a larger danger to the club that initially expected, Jax and Tara contemplate their situation. After some deliberation (it is assumed) Jax and Tara come up with a solution. Jax visits his mother and gives her the opportunity to redeem herself. Gemma is to reforge her bond with Clay, get him to reveal his secrets the way he used to when they were married. If Gemma succeeds, she will be forgiven, and it is clear that Jax’s end game for the club this season is to (FINALLY) kill Clay.

  • I like Juice, but his confessional scene with Clay will probably lead to the killing off of his character. Juice confessed everything that happened to him last season to Clay: the fact that he is African American, that he killed a fellow Son when he discovered Juice stealing some cocaine to give to the Feds and that Eli Roosevelt and the Feds has been trying to use Juice’s blood line to form a case against the cartel. Clay was receptive to Juice’s confession, and even revealed everything about the home invasions. If I were Juice, I’d be very afraid for my life. Clay has already demonstrated multiple times that he is capable of betrayal. Will Clay use this information that Juice has revealed in order to save himself from Jax’s end game? My guess is: very likely.
  • Eli Roosevelt is willing to give up the rat at the SAMCRO table in exchange for information on his wife’s murder. This could potentially hurt the club even more, because it will show just how many insiders have worked against the club.
  • Gemma is asked to get back with Clay. In a way, it is somewhat brilliant of Jax because Clay obviously misses his wife and Gemma wants to redeem herself in the eyes of her family. But, Clay is a very cunning and sly character, I feel that Clay already has an idea that Jax will use Gemma’s lapse of judgments to his advantage.
  • Nero once again has demonstrated the potential as a father figure to Jax as he reminds him that Jax isn’t focusing on the end game he should be focusing on: his sons and Tara.


“If she was drunk or high, Jax, I swear…”-Tara
“I know…”-Jax

“I’ll bet you Clay is real curious about the private conversation we are having. About the bond we share.”-Roosevelt

“Listen to me, everyone at that table has done something outside of the Reaper.”- Clay

“You were right, attacks are coming from the inside. But, how do I know the order are not coming from you?”-Jax

“Betrayal is an awful thing.”-Pope

“What are you going to do, Prez? Beat the shit outta your mom? Hasn’t that been done enough by her family?”-Nero

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: toad’s wild ride

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Small World

After the revelation that Clay was behind the home invasions–and reaffirming he’s a maniac–we are immediately thrown into the consequences of the home invasions being an inside job.
clay the gorilla face

Clay is obviously furious that the invasions did not go as planned. He realizes that the three nomads (SAMCRO members who are not posted to a specific charter) are within the criminal justice system, and that the DNA found will implicate them. Clay suggests that they leaving Charming until the heat of the murder subsides. Clay’s plan ultimately breaks the deal he had with the three nomads–to get Clay back at the head of the table.

Jax seeks out Unser as he believes the former police chief has some valuable information about the home invasions. Unser, who has always been a friend of Jax’s (and of Clay’s as well) informs Jax that he believes that the home invasions were intended to be a message to SAMCRO. After some deliberation and theory tossing, they decide that the Nomads might be behind it, and Unser is asked to find them and feel their character’s out. Jax further suspects that Clay is the brains behind the whole operation, and once again is confronted with the consequence of allowing Clay to live for the club’s benefit. Unser, obeying Jax’s request, seeks out the three nomads. Of course, they are extremely hostile towards any questioning, and become uneasy when Unser points out the nasty cut on Go Go’s neck (played by Chris Browning). Back at the club, Jax spots the nomad Frankie (played by Chuck Zito) and informs him (in a semi-accusatory fashion) that he is close to figuring who is behind the home invasions. Frankie obviously becomes a bit unnerved.

Gemma wakes up from her one-night-stand with Warren. After sulking in the bathroom over her rash and childish decisions, she becomes aware that Warren has driven off with her wallet and her SUV. Stranded, she calls Nero for help. Nero, who has demonstrated he has more loyalty to Jax than to his former lover, calls Jax and informs him of the situation. Jax is clearly less than thrilled to clean up after his mother’s moment’s of indiscretion, and it shows on both his and Gemma’s character. With some strategic phone calling, Jax and the crew find Warren at a chop shop, chase him down in a car chase, then beat the crap out of him.

The unnerved nomads run to their leader. They tell Clay that Unser and Jax are onto them. Clay reaches the conclusion that Unser must go. Clay arranges for the two nomads, Go Go and Greg the Peg (played by Kurt Yaeger) to show up at Unser’s trailer and kill him in the home invasion style. Clay makes his way over to Unser’s with the help of Juice, who is beginning to become suspicious of Clay. Clay and Unser have a brief and somewhat unnerving conversation when Go Go and Greg the Peg break in. In a surprise twist of events, Clay and Unser both shoot and kill the invaders, and Clay once again removes all blame from himself by explaining that he figured out who the invaders were after his talk in the hospital. Unser still remains unconvinced, as he believes someone bigger and more powerful is behind the operation.  Jax finds out about the attempted murder at Unser’s residence. Although Jax is running late to meet up with Tara for a weekend getaway, he races over to confront Clay, who places every form of blame onto Damon Pope. Jax also remains skeptical, and concludes that Frankie must be found, questioned, and put forth on the table. Clay agrees.

While Jax and Chibs are riding to Tara, they are attacked by shooters in a van. They are both injured in the pursuit, and discover that the shooters are Niners (or at least associated with them). Gemma, who is taking care of her grandchildren for the weekend, suddenly becomes a dangerous driver as she swerves all over the road and ends up in an accident. We are left with quite the cliff hanger, is Jax’s son Abel dead, or is he just severely injured?

  • Clay is just one of those characters you love to hate. It seems he has learned a bit of a lesson since his murder spree last season. Clay wants the gavel back, its been obvious since the beginning of the season, but the way he is going about it is much more intricate than I previously would have expected. Not only does he cunningly arrange for his hench men to be murdered, but he creates a bigger threat to club than himself, Damon Pope. The genius behind Clay’s plan is it’s a double edged sword: will SAMCRO ever trust Jax’s judgment again if Clay’s plan succeeds and Jax targets Pope? OR, if Clay’s plan back fires and Jax reveals his reasons for not initially killing Clay, will the club become angry at Jax for his decision, and thus remove him as president?
  • It seems Abel just is not supposed to live. In season one he almost died at birth because his mom was a junkie, in season two he was kidnapped by the IRA, and now he is in a perilous car accident.
  • Was Gemma drugged? Or was she just exhausted from her one night stand and the emotional trauma of the collapse of the life she once knew?
  • If Abel were to die, what does this mean for the relationship between Jax-Gemma-Tara? If Abel dies, then Jax and Tara will hate Gemma just as much as they hate Clay. And, if that relationship were to shatter so drastically, what will that mean for Gemma’s character? Solely based on the accident without the tragedy of the child’s death, there will be a strain on the family’s relationship with Gemma and vice versa. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out, either way, there is definitely going to be some Gemma-Tara fighting.


“These break ins were supposed to put pressure on Jax, not cause a homicide investigation!”-Clay

“Charming has become a very messy place since you guys showed up.”-Jax

“She’s caught between a husband she hates and a kid she thinks hates her.”-Nero

“You’re not on borrowed time, to me, you’re already dead.”- Tara

“Let SAMCRO decide who lives and who dies.”-Jax

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: small world

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Orca Shrugged

After the somewhat lightheartedness of last week’s episode with the wonderful Venus Van Dam, the season is back on it’s dark track.  New alliances are forged, death, and we have the answer to one of the biggest questions since the beginning of the season: Who is behind the home invasions?

Jax is currently in Oakland with the Sons of Anarchy handling club business. He meets up with Damon Pope to discuss the home invasions, which have recently escalated to the shooting of Roosevelt’s wife. Pope assures Jax that the home invasions are not from Oakland. Jax hesitantly begins to leave with a look of relief and troubling thoughts when Pope offers SAMCRO another deal. If the Sons double the cocaine they run for the cartel, Pope will distribute them quicker, and as a result, Pope will pay the Sons much more than what the cartel gives them on top of their current profits. Jax reaffirms that the club wants out of drugs, but Pope tries to sweeten the deal by offering Jax an extra two percent of profits for his own personal benefit. Jax agrees to bring the proposal to the table.

After the frightening home invasion, Eli Roosevelt learns that his pregnant wife did not survive the bullet. This drives Eli to believe that the attack was somewhat local–and personal–to target the sergeant’s wife. The former Chief of Police, Wayne Unser, reaffirms all of this because he also believes the attacks to be personal. The look on Unser’s face clearly demonstrates that he has an idea who is behind the attacks. It is later revealed that during the invasion, Rita clawed at her attacker, and DNA was recovered to be examined.

As Gemma is preparing for her day, Nero’s bottom bitch, Carla, approaches her with a gun, and forces her into the bedroom. Carla calls Nero, and when Nero enters the house, holds a gun to him as well and forces him in with Gemma. Carla, who is clearly unhinged at this point, tries to force Nero and Gemma to do sexual acts in front of her, when Nero stands up to her. Carla then does the most obvious thing–say she only wanted to see him do his thing one last time, then commits suicide. Later on, Gemma is recovering from the ordeal at a bar. She is approached by a dashing man named Warren– played by none other than Joel McHale (you may know him from The Soup and Community).
joel mchale

Jax brings the deal to the table. Clay recounts Jax’s arguments by stating that the club being in business with Pope will get them even deeper than they are now in the drug trade and will basically become Pope’s bitch. After setting it to a club vote, it passes 6-5.  The new deal with Pope ultimately makes the Sons good with the Niners again.

To sweeten the deal with Pope, Pope sends one of his henchemen to Jax with an address to the guard who brought Opie in for the killing. Jax, Tig, Bobby, and Chibs break into the guard’s house, tie him and his wife up, and debate what to do with him. Tig, in an effort to prove his loyalty to Jax, shoots the guard’s wife as collateral damage. Jax decides that the best way to deal with the guard is to beat him to death with a laying pipe. When a laying pipe is not found, Jax uses a snow globe that plays “it’s a small world after all” while the guard is beaten to death.

After meeting with Pope and declaring that the deal is a go, the distraught Roosevelt attempts to pull over the Sons and confronts them about Rita’s slaying. Jax assures him that he is trying to figure out who is behind them, and that the police department and the Sons need to work together.

The episode ends with Juice giving Clay a ride home from his physical therapy session. Clay limps out of the van, but once out of sight, he rips off his rehabilitation gear and walks normally. He storms into the house, where three new members of the Sons are waiting, punches one of them in the face, and declares loudly “Idiots, you were not supposed to kill her!”

He’s Baaaaaaack

Oh Clay, you have once again proved what a psychopath you are. Clay has become equally just as evil as the villain Damon Pope this season. Clay has put on quite the charade by pretending his ailments were much worse than they really were, potentially evoking the sympathy from characters and diverting them from his evil schemes once again. But, the question is, why is Clay behind the home invasions? Is he trying to send a message to Jax, that athough he is not the President any more that he still has power? Or is he trying to prove that Jax is an inadequate leader by having these home invasions happen on his own turf? Furthermore, Clay was against the deal with Damon Pope that Jax brought to the table. The deal would obviously makes the Sons more powerful, even though it puts them right back into the arms of the cartel. My guess  is that Clay wants to continue to keep the Sons in their weakened state so that he can rise above Jax and reclaim his throne. Well played sir, well played.

Tara has become a weapon for the Sons

The new queen bee has proved her worth to the club several times over by arriving at all hours of the day to fix up injuries that the Sons have been inflicted with. This season, Tara has moved simply from doctor to negotiator. Tara is trying her hardest to get Otto to recant his testimony about the Sons of Anarchy and ultimately makes the Rico case against them disappear. Although she failed the first time around, it is obvious she is bound and determined to get her way. Sound like someone else from the show? Maybe Gemma, perhaps?

The Evolution of Jax

Jax has evolved several times in this season. He has jumped back and forth from wanting to end the running of drugs with the cartel, to striking a deal with Pope that would bring them in deeper in the drug world. Although Jax is doing this for the benefit of the club, he is also evolving from the person we saw in season one–the man obsessed with the peace that the club could hold, dictated by his father, John Teller. The death of Opie could be explained at the catalyst for this, as he has become hardened by the death of his best friend, and more determined to bring about retributions for the wrong done upon the club.


“You’re an impressive man”-Pope
“I get that a lot”-Jax

“She called you ‘sweet brother’….”-Gemma
“She was my half sister”-Nero

“Remember me? I keep my promises.”-Jax to the guard

“Mind if I come by to check up on you? I can do a sweep for crazy bitches.”-Clay

“Fear protects me. Greed insures it.”-Pope

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: orca shrugged

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Stolen Huffy
Laughs, transvestites, blackmail, a good ol’ fashioned fist fight, looks like the Sons are at it again! The motorcycle club has emerged from the grief of the loss of their dearest friend and have compiled new ways to get the Sons back in business–and ultimately–out of the grasp of the drug cartel and on a new track.

clay and irish

Jax calls a meeting with his fellow anarchist, and reveals his decision to start a business with Nero as a means to escape the bondage and bloodlust that makes up the drug cartel. Jax plans on a starting a  “companion service” (oh boy, what a euphemism) and the fellow Sons quickly vote this plan into motion. The only thing standing in Jax’s way is the location–and he knows exactly who to blackmail in order to achieve his goal: the mayor of Charming, Jacob Hale Jr., who in season two was a semi-villain as he threatened the small town with corporate business ventures.
The Sons of Anarchy understand that the Mayor wants a new housing development, Charming Heights, to come into play, but can only achieve this with a vote from city council, which is currently skeptical of the development. Jax uses his keen sense of cunning and the greediness of human nature to convince Hale into leasing a warehouse to the Sons so they can run their “companion service”, which Hale refuses. But, that’s not the end of the discussion, of course.
Meanwhile, the Sons are continuing their business with the cartel until the start up escort business is underway. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is present at the deal with the cartel. There are still obviously some seeping wounds from season three between the Sons and the Irish, as they mug each other through out the business deal. Of course, Jax and the head Irish dealer, Galen, have to get into a good ol fist fight, because what would Sons of Anarchy be without shirtless guys beating the crap out of each other? After the fight, the trade is made, and the boys head home to take care of the new business at hand–blackmailing so they can get their vacant warehouse.
Chucky, the creepy yet endearing slave to the Sons, drags a morbidly obese insurance lawyer named Alan, as the sons creep in through the back door with cameras and a peculiarly large backpack. Turns out, the blackmail is some extreme S&M gear and a transvestite name Venus Van Dam (hilariously played by Walton Goggins of Justified) that has a cut throat attitude and some pretty realistic looking bazoongas. After videotaping the passed out lawyer with Venus, Alan’s son walks in. In an attempt to further the embarrassment of Alan and to get rid of the kid, the Sons hook the kid up with Venus–pictures included–and send him on his way. Alan ultimately wakes up, discovers he is in some fancy getup of leather, chains, and assless chaps, and in all nonsensical matter, bites Tig in the butt.


Jax gives the photos to the Mayor. The mayor is obviously repulsed, but gives in to Jax’s demands. Jax ultimately assures Hale that he will give the photos to all the right people, and his dream of Charming Heights, will finally be accomplished. The episode ends with Eli Roosevelt, the lead sergeant of Charming who has demonstrated numerous times his disgust with the motorcycle gang, meeting turmoil as his pregnant wife Rita is shot during the season’s notorious home invasions.
This episode showed the occasional lightheartedness that I have come to love about the show. It’s something that has been missing so far in the season, and it was a pleasant surprise. It proves to the audience that not only does Kurt Sutter have a hard-edged attitude, but he can also bring about some wit to the show. The transvestite scene not only served as comic relief, but also demonstrated the extent of Jax’s determination to bring the Sons out of the cartel. Furthermore, this episode demonstrates what the Sons could be without the violence of retaliation that was well known during Clay’s reign of power. It is here that there is a direct juxtaposition between Clay and Jax. Clay would result to violence and fear-induced results, while Jax resorted to a less violent approach and that could possibly deliver better results in the upcoming episodes.
I have seen Gemma go back and forth in her moodiness and character. This episode, however, demonstrated her vulnerable side. Nero takes to heart Jax deal about keeping business and pleasure separate, and distances himself. Gemma, noticing this, becomes overwhelmingly distraught and fearful that she is being pushed out of Jax and Tara’s lives, and ultimately, the Club. We also get to see Gemma’s softer side as she becomes the mother she claims to be to her grandson. Could this realization that she can no longer run the Club mean Gemma will back down and be a loving grandmother instead? Probably not, but she’s full of surprises, so anything is possible.


Jax: “It’s hard not to hate. People, things, institutions. Hate is the only feeling that makes sense. But, I know what hate does to a man, breaks him, turns him into something he promised himself that he would never become.”
Jax: “I buried my best friend three days ago. As cliched as it sounds, I buried part of myself in that box.”
Tig: “Why does this sh*t always happen to me?!”
Gemma: “There’s not a lot of grey zone in this life, sweetheart, extremes become average.”
When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.
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sons of anarchy recapping: stolen huffy

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Laying Pipe

This week of SOA was on the tamer side compared to the previous episodes (four episodes in and we’ve already lost one of our most beloved characters, RIP Opie) However, don’t let this fool you, there was still much drama to behold, as the Sons must face their most deadliest adversary to date.

As promised by Pope, the remaining Sons are released from county prison. In the midst of planning Opie’s wake, Jax and the Sons of Anarchy have an emergency meeting to discuss the happenings in county prison–and how they must move on. Jax explains to the boys that Pope is their deadliest enemy, and their only way of survival is to make amends with Pope, which will ultimately end the retaliation killings with rival gangs, such as the Niners. Jax further explains that Pope revealed that the home invasions were not issued by the African-American gangs, and that Pope offered them assistance on discovering the culprit for a mere fifty grand. The Sons of Anarchy agree to this deal.

After the raid at the brothel, Gemma and the rest of the escorts are in prison waiting to be released. A rumor is circulating that Emma, the prostitute that Gemma beat up in the previous episode, was behind the raid.  Nero and his bottom b*tch are busy clearing up the mess from the raid–and discovering an eviction notice–Jax and Chibs arrive to help. Two dangerous looking thugs arrive as well and want to take care of the Emma problem. This ultimately becomes a race against time as Jax and Chibs must find Emma before the thugs do. Of course, Jax finds her first at a rundown motel doing what she does best, and of course the thugs show up at the same and demand the girl. And guess what happens next? CAR CHASE! The chase is quickly ended after Jax and Emma suffer a small crash, followed by a brief stand off in the front yard of the projects with the thugs, and a deal that the Sons of Anarchy will take care of Emma, who claims she is innocent. It is revealed at the clubhouse that Nero’s bottom b*tch informed the thugs where Emma would be hiding, and justifies her actions by saying she did it for the good of the business and to teach the other escorts to never rat.
Jax and Emma

Opie’s body is brought back from the morgue to the Club House. Opie looks peaceful in his Sons of Anarchy inspired coffin, but the damage the laying pipe did to him is clearly visible on his face. The grieving widow, Lilla, is left with Opie’s two children and her own son, and is obviously devastated by Opie’s death. During the wake, Opie is sent off to a better place with only the best–a bottle of tequila, some new chains for his wallet, and a childhood photo of him and Jax tucked into his breast pocket. The wake was probably one of the most beautiful and equally sad moments of the season. It’s moments like these that it is made clear that Jax has been forever changed and ultimately, the club needs to change in order to keep the death toll from rising.

The Gemma-Wendy-Tara Love/Hate Triangle

Gemma just keeps on switching BFFs here. One minute she hates Wendy, the next she asks her to bail her out of jail. One minute she thinks Tara is the best thing that ever happened to Jax, the next she wants Tara’s enemy, Wendy, to win visitation for Abel. Must be menopause. I thoroughly believe Gemma is threatened by the person Tara has become (Tara is now the queen of the Sons, she has really stepped out from her shy demeanor since season one, and Tara demonstrates that even with a cast, she can beat someone up). However, all of these women are connected by a common cause: the personal welfare of Abel. While Gemma keeps switching sides for the welfare of Abel, Tara and Wendy both hold solid ground for their arguments. Tara (and Jax) both believe that Abel is not ready to hear all the damages that Wendy has done to him, while Wendy believes Abel is going to want to know who his real mother is and why she has been in the shadows. Looks like we are in for some interesting baby mama drama this season. Gemma is obviously a loose cannon this season, and this could easily become the catalyst for an all out war between the matriarch and the up-and-coming matriarch.
Gemma and Tara
The Question of Opie’s Family

Opie’s family has been hit with devastation since season one. First with the death of Donna in season one, the death of Piney in season four, and now Opie’s untimely death. Will Lilla be able to handle the challenge of a single mother with three children, or are viewers in for another Opie family tragedy?

How Jax has changed, For Both Good and Bad

Jax was obviously and understandable changed after witnessing the death of his best friend. Jax was already on a rocky and perilous road once he became the president of the Sons, and this only adds to the challenges. It is clear Jax wants to keep the Sons out of the ominous and deadly grasp of gang warfare. It is commendable that he wants to save his club for a better future, but at what cost? It has already been hinted that Jax has plans for Tig, which could ultimately turn Jax into the man he claims to never want to be–Clay. Furthermore, Jax is dealing with Pope as a way to end retaliation killings. But, what does getting in bed with Pope mean for the Sons. Will Pope use this power and leverage over the Sons to create more death and despair after the death of his daughter? Probably. Jax is also willing to offer Nero a part in the porn business as a means to make money (to get the Sons out of the drug business perhaps?) and to help out a friend. What will Jax’s deal do for Gemma and for the Sons? We will have to wait til next week to find out, but I think some drama just might ensue!


Jax: “I think Opie has been looking for a way out since Donna died. He hasn’t been the same since. He went out a warrior.”

Clay: “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

Gemma: “Why don’t you bounce my face off the floor, then maybe you’ll recognize me.”

Gemma: “What the hell is happening to us.”

Jax: “Look mom, I have a few things on my plate today. I’m burying my best friend. So your need to be loved and worshiped is a little low on my list.”

Jax (to Tara): “You’re the only one who will call Abel ‘son'”.

Jax (to Opie): “I’ll see you later, brother.”

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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