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thoughts on the newsroom: 5/1

Previously on The Newsroom: Bullies

  • Charlie is contacted by an anonymous source that wishes to show his credibility by leaving an ominous message.
  • The Newsroom staff is celebrating their one year (and one month) anniversary at Will’s apartment.
  • Will explains to Neal and his girlfriend, Kaylee, why he needs medical marijuana and why his tolerance is above average. They tell him to be careful because the marijuana cookies are potent…Will doesn’t listen.
  • Charlie’s anonymous tip turns out to be a one of national security. He alerts the party and everyone heads to the newsroom to get to work.
  • Elliot, Sloan, and Don are stuck on airport runway with  a flight attendant that won’t let them off because of regulations.
  • Maggie finds out that Lisa told Jim that she loves him; Jim says he loved her too to be polite but he tells Maggie those aren’t his genuine feelings.
  • Will, under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs, leaves the car with Lonny to get to the newsroom by foot due to construction.
  • The consensus around the newsroom is that Osama bin Laden has been killed but they can’t run the story until they have two legitimate confirmation sources.
  • Maggie tells Jim he has to break up with Lisa but Lisa beats him to the punch because she thinks Maggie still has feelings for Jim.
  • Charlie tells Mac and Will that the President should be the one to deliver the news…until they tell Will to check his email. Joe Biden told Will about the news directly. Charlie changes his mind.


“Call me ‘Late for Dinner'” Doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Deep Throat” but it’ll have to suffice until now. Clearly this man wants to be more involved with the newsroom–or maybe just Charlie personally–because he says this is just the beginning for them. I’m hoping it has something to do with helping Charlie deal with the higher-ups at the network. He seemed to have validated himself as a credible source–at least for now–Charlie should still thread lightly though. He and his  doesn’t need anymore unwanted attention from Leona.

Contrary to Popular Demand: When the newsroom found out that the bin Laden was confirmed, there was jubilation, disbelief, and a collective (metaphorical) sigh of a burden being lifted. All except Kaylee. Her father was killed during the attacks on September 11th and she thought that she would get the same feeling as everyone else but to no avail. I think the majority of the nation and those affected by terrorism worldwide were just as elated as the members of the newsroom but killing bin Laden doesn’t bring back the losses that some of us lost. Kaylee’s reaction was a stark contrast to what I was use to seeing when hearing about his death but that made me appreciate it that much more.

Relationship Re-Do: After Jim is mercy dumped by Lisa he asks if they can try again. He admits that the first time around he was pressured by Maggie and that wasn’t the correct way he should went about it. I’m not sure if Jim really wants to try again with Lisa or if he just wants to continue being the “white knight” but I expect the end result to be explosive in any case. Poor Maggie/Lisa/Jim…if only this were Utah…


On the next episode of The Newsroom: The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease–without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on the newsroom: bullies

Previously on The Newsroom: Amen

  • Will starts going to his therapist again–or at least his former therapist’s son Jack (David Krumholtz)–after four years because he has been having trouble sleeping.
  • The network’s insurance company assigns Will a bodyguard, Lonny (Terry Crews), after he is threatened on an online message board.
  • Sloan accurately misreports (It makes sense) a nuclear disaster in Japan while filling in for Elliot during the 10pm newscast.
  • Will shows Mac the engagement ring he bought her during their relationship.
  • Don asks Sloan if he is losing Margaret to Jim. Sloan is…emotionally challenged(?) so she can’t answer honestly. But she tells him that he isn’t by default.
  • Charlie suspends Sloan for her actions on-air. He later figures out a loophole to get the network out of the negative light…and to get Sloan back to work.
  • Will’s therapist realizes that Will has been having problems because of his feelings for Mac and his recent on-air behavior.

Will’s Got Issues: Well we’ve known that since the onset of the show but now we know it’s certifiable. His feelings for Mac have been evident. His on-air blow-ups have been increasing steadily. And now he has formed some type of relationship with Sloan, so much so that he feels sorry for the advice he gave her about being relentless during interviews–which, subsequently, led to her suspension. Do I think Will is going to continue treatment? No. Do I think he is going to immediately pursue a relationship with Mac? No. Do I pray that he and Sloan engage in coitus? Yes! (Sorry, Mac). A forbidden fruit must be tasted before the season ends and I don’t see it happening with Maggie and Jim unfortunately so that Sloan and Will would be the next best thing.

Sloan Goes Rogue: Maybe Sloan wasn’t the best person for Will to give advice to. She isn’t the most pragmatic person on the staff–actually she’s probably the least–and she definitely overstepped her bounds during her short stint as an anchor. I doubt she gets that chance again though. I’m starting to enjoy Sloan’s character much more as she is beginning to matriculate through different storylines and interact with other staffers.

Cat and Mouse: I believe they are interchangeable at the moment but Mac and Will are doing this dance every week and I’m starting to get tired of it. Not literally. Or figuratively either. I just need someone to make a bold move…or for Sloan to share her bare breasts–and I say that because I adore alliteration…and I kinda mean it, too.

Top Flight Security: Former collegiate football star? Check. Former NFL draftee? Check. Former Army MP? Check. Awesome Old Spice Ads? You decide. I think Will is in good hands.


Who else’s body have you guarded?” -Will
We don’t talk about that.” -Lonny
Okay.” -Will
Kanye. It was awesome.” -Lonny

Sarah Bernhardt was a turn of the century stage and film actress from France! Sandra Bernhard is a…I don’t know what the hell!” -Charlie

The wife of a board member died and Will asked me to send flowers. I wrote on the card ‘I’m so sorry for your loss. LOL.” –Maggie
Lol?!” -Jim
I thought it meant lots of love.” -Maggie
How do you still work here?” – Jim

On the episode of The Newsroom: 5/1

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease–without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on the newsroom: amen

Previously on The Newsroom: I’ll Try to Fix You

  • Elliot is in Egypt covering Mubarak’s announcement that he won’t step down as acting President. He ends up getting  beaten during the riots because Don encourages him to head out to get a story.
  • Neal finds an underground informant in Egypt who goes by the name of “Amen” to help them gather information on the scene.
  • Maggie buys gifts for Jim to give to Lisa for Valentine’s Day so Lisa doesn’t ruin the mood for Maggie and Don.
  • Charlie informs Mac and Will that Wade is running for political office and his frequent appearances on the show may cause some ethical problems.
  • Sloan tutors Mac about the economy before she has to speak on a panel about the topic in a few days.
  • Will pays Nina $50,000 not to report the story about Wade and Mac in the tabloids. He also has a few choice words for her (refer to quote below image).

Come  after me all you want. Come after me everyday. Look through my garbage. Invent things out of thin air because that’s what you’re paid for. But you touch my staff and you are walking into a world of hurt. I have an hour of prime time every night that I will rededicate my life to ruining yours.” -Will (to Nina)

In this order: Leave. Lose the election. Go to Hell.” Well it seems that all my plans are starting to take shape. Yeah, Mac should have told Wade that she and Will use to be an item but Wade going behind her back and using her job to gain exposure for his career was too far. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but it was inevitable these two (Will and Mac) were going to gravitate back towards one another before too long…or maybe it’s just a St. Valentine’s Day miracle?

Neal’s Newsroom? Possible show name? I mean, this kid has eyes/fingers on everything! Maybe it’s because he is practically attached to a computer at all times but he can find anything. he found and befriended “Amen” before Will and Mac finished explaining the situation in Egypt. I understand that, at times, he may go too far into the realm of internet conspiracy theorists but I’d take that chance with him any day.

Friendship Exchange: It didn’t occur to me that Sloan was the residential robot–emotionally speaking–of the crew until this eppy. And I definitely didn’t see her character linking up with Mac, although I did enjoy their interactions. A slew of fast-paced, fact-based witty remarks makes me swoon like no other. Mac and Sloan really don’t have any other real friends in the newsroom so it makes since that they find comfort in each other. I just hope Sloan is human enough not to sleep with Will and ruin two potentially epic relationships.

Sorry, Mac…but any person with a stitch of athletic fiber, or just some simple decency (Geesh!), in their body cried at some point during Rudy but the “jersey scene” had to be chief among them.


I’ll begin by saying that Will cries when he watches the movie Rudy.” -Mac
No, I don’t.” -Will
Cries like an onion.” -Mac
Onions make you cry, they don’t themselves experience emotion.” Will

I just need you to teach me a few things so that it looks like I know something. How long did it take you to know what you know?” -Mac
College. Grad school. Doctorate. Post-Doctorate. Practical experience. 15 years. When’s the panel? -Sloan
Tuesday morning.” -Mac
How about I give you a few things to write on your hand?” -Sloan

You’re gonna be like St. Valentine himself. You’re g–” -Maggie
St. Valentine actually–” -Jim
Focus, nerd!” -Maggie

On the next episode of The Newsroom:  Bullies

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease–without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on the newsroom: i’ll try to fix you

Previously on The Newsroom: The 112th Congress

  • Will rubs some women the wrong way–literally and figuratively–during a New Year’s Party and some individual dates. The tabloids and the New York Post(?!) find out about this and run stories about him.
  • Don hooks Maggie’s roommate, Lisa, up with Jim. Clearly against Maggie’s wishes.
  • Bigfoot is real…
  • Maggie is upset with Jim for not telling him about he and Lisa’s second date.
  • Charlie tells Will, Mac, and Don about his meeting with Leona.

I think people that willfully, purposefully, and gleefully lie to the American people in order to damage someone’s reputation should, like a registered sex offender, be required, by law, to come with that warning label for the rest of their lives.” –Will 

Will v Wade: I like Mackenzie and all but all this whole “Bringing her new boyfriend (Wade) to the workplace while she is working with the guy (Will) who still has feelings for you (Mackenzie) and is still bitter that you cheated on him” thing has to stop. Will obviously doesn’t have the temperament to deal with such a situation now–or ever for that matter. I know we don’t get enough of screen time with Wade so I can’t weigh out the pros and cons with he and Will at the moment but Mac seems happy with her new beau and Will seems dedicated to making her show that she is jealous of his new…uh…conquests?! Usually I’m all for couples making up and giving it another chance but something tells me that these two work better when they are at each other’s throats…without the tongue, ya pervs!

Devious Don: It was only a matter of time before Don caught on to Jim and Maggie’s awkwardly arousing attractions but the way he’s going about it is only going to push Maggie away–that gem is free, Don. I didn’t like Don from the onset and now he’s only driving that wedge so much deeper. Unlike Mac and Will, Maggie and Jim seem like a really great match which is exactly why I don’t plan on seeing them together for some time. The long tease makes the reaping of…rewards(?) that much better–at least that’s what they’re teaching these days…

Listen to Neal! I don’t know if it’s ever going to be explained–and I think I’d like it more if it isn’t–but why is Neal so good with the ladies? And why is he not sharing his secrets with Will? Because he is clearly in dire need of assistance since Sloan is currently 0 for 2 when it comes to Will’s women. Also, he speaks the truth about Bigfoot. How can you not trust this man?!

Battling the Boss: I’m eager to see how the newsroom responds as a whole now that everyone knows about Leona Lansing’s threat/promise to Will. Will doesn’t strike me as the type that shies away from a confrontation but being off the air for three years is a solid enough reason for anyone in his position to fly straight–or slightly to the right in this case. Mac already feels like she’s the reason Will is in the situation since he reworked his contract because of her arrival. I expect to see Mac trying to keep Will in line more so as this storyline progresses. We can tell she wants to look out for Will even though she seems to be moving on in her life but Will doesn’t take the safest routes to get to his destinations which should lead to some awesome headbutts going forward. Yay drama!


…I’m a registered Republican. I only seem liberal because I believe that hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not gay marriage.” -Will

Someone’s had a few cocktails.” –Maggie
Men have cocktails. Carrie Bradshaw has drinks.” -Don
I think you got that mixed up.” –Maggie

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens...

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thoughts on the newsroom: the 112th congress

Previously on The Newsroom: News Night 2.0

  • Will apologizes to his viewers for having a hand in the biased news he has been reporting.
  • Don and Maggie breakup (again!) and Neal (Dev Patel) convinces Jim to try to build a relationship with her.
  • Charlie is in a meeting with Leona Lansing, the president of the network, discussing Will’s seemingly irrational on-camera demeanor.
  • Will has begun a new method of revolving door dating which upsets Mackenzie. She then begins a relationship of her own which startles Will.
  • Leona informs Charlie that she won’t hesitate to fire Will is his new on-camera agenda doesn’t change.
…From this moment on we’ll be deciding what goes on our air and how it’s presented to you based on the simple truth that nothing is more important to a democracy than a well-informed electorate…We’ll be the champion of facts and the mortal enemy of innuendo, speculation, hyperbole and nonsense…Who are we to make these decisions? We are the media elite.” -Will McAvoy

Anchors Away? What Will doesn’t know just might hurt him. Charlie might be able to defend Will when it comes to Leona’s son but she clearly is an entirely different beast to quell. It’s honorable that Will wasn’t afraid to own up to his mistakes as a professional but, usually, for every noble action in today’s society there seems to be a consequence. Will, Mackenzie and everyone in their newsroom have a collective agenda that seems like a no-brainer: Report the news as it is. Without bias. But we all know successful big business thrives on swayed perspective–at least you should. I’m eager to see how Will reacts when Charlie gives him the news but I don’t see Will as the type that backs down. Someone might be heading to the Principal’s/President’s Office…

Running the Gamut: From New York Jets cheerleader to a neurosurgeon. Will McAvoy doesn’t discriminate…when it comes to getting revenge on Mackenzie. Clearly Will is one to hold a grudge but it’s apparent that he still cares about Mackenzie to some extent because he wouldn’t be going so far out of his way to get on her radar–if that’s not true then I’ll listen to objections. What Will didn’t realize what that the door swings both ways. Now we don’t know anything about Mac’s new beau, Wade, except that they’ve been dating for three months and Will doesn’t seem to be too attached to any of his “Hooter’s girls” so I’m prepared for some more heated debates and maybe some infidelity. Win!

Hi, I’m Good Guy Jim…and I’m destined to be overlooked because of some douchebag. Anyone else getting that vibe? Yes, sometimes your heart strings are more durable for a certain person for whatever reason (duration of relationship, sex, money, maybe even love…nah) but you’ve got to be able to cut the chord when things are in dire straits. At this point I’m willing to Jim if Maggie doesn’t and I don’t even like any other man-meat besides my own. The man helped her during a panic attack when her boyfriend dismisses and says “…She just needs to be left alone…” . Also, shame on you Maggie’s roommate, Lisa (did the Simpson girls grow up?!), for letting your friends steal Maggie’s Xanax. For shame!


The newsroom turned into a courtroom when I decided the American people needed a f—ing lawyer.” -Charlie (to Leona)

You’re in second stage of the A-Anxiety Table of Army Field Manual FM2251: New Infantry Adaptation to a Threatening Situation.” -Jim
I’m in midtown Manhattan, Gomer Pyle. You’re in Fallujah.” -Maggie

I never knew what the word ‘smug’ meant until I met you.” -Maggie
You’re 26 years old and you didn’t know what ‘smug’ meant until this year?” -Jim
Right there.” -Maggie

You have ink on your face.” -Will
I WORK WITH PENS!” -Mackenzie

Stop breaking up. Learn how to have a fight.” -Jim (to Maggie)

Next time on The Newsroom: I’ll Try to Fix You

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease -without the use of airborne pathogens...

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