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tv moments that “mattered”: 1/4-1/9

*This post, and future posts of this nature, will contain spoilers. If you see the show name and show title and haven’t seen that particular episode, skip it. This is the best spoiler alert we can provide without being redundant.*


The Good Wife – Hail Mary
You knew once Kalinda learned how to hack the metadata and left her computer on the table it was going to end up in the courtroom with Diane and be used as part of Cary’s defense. You knew how that comedy of errors would play out the second it happened, yet the scene was no less suspenseful.

The New GirlShark
While this could have just been a reason to remind us of Let’s Be Copsthe best parts of this episode were all about Winston. Upon receiving an obnoxious bouquet of flowers from Nick and Coach, after they’d embarrassed him: “Thank you, thank you very much, you guys. Oh, also, thank you for the flowers. And just so we’re clear, the first thank you was sarcastic, because you embarrassed me, but the second thank you was sincere as hell, because these flowers are glorious!” Also, Winston inexplicably having food bowls for everyone in the apartment.

Glee – Loser Like Me
The obvious Glee sexual tension between Rachel and Mr. Schue that might not have been obvious or even sexual tension. Perhaps it’s simply the knowledge that Jayma Mays (Emma) is/was too busy filming Getting On, The Millers and other side projects to make a full return as Will’s wife, coupled with the reminder of Rachel’s crush seasons ago. But hey, “Schueberry” would hardly be the strangest thing to happen in the Gleeverse.

Empire – Pilot
There were a lot of interesting moments in this new show’s premiere. However, nothing was as noteworthy as Lucious Lyon‘s luscious locks and love of linens (and fabulous scarves.) Howard’s character looks nothing like the music moguls were used to, which could mean a lot of the other music industry stereotypes will be bypassed in favor of telling new/interesting stories.

Switched at Birth – And It Cannot Be Changed
Bay getting busted for unwittingly acting as an accomplice in some advanced, lunch bag heroin smuggling ring. It was surprising only because the writers keep finding new ways to add outlandish drama to the teen’s already dramatic life. The moment was also great because it led to Emmett calling Daphne out for being selfish. Daphne is the worst and that was deserved.

Cougar Town  – American Dream Plan B
Cougar Town acknowledging Grayson’s daughter, Tampa, exists. She has been essentially ignored for the last few seasons, but her return is a nod to continuity. Without continuity, we are savages. Also, a pregnant Laurie is a frightening, yet really adorable Laurie.

Parenthood – How Did We Get Here?
The entirety of this Parenthood episode had moments that mattered but the biggest was the one that didn’t happen at all: Zeke dying. It was expected that with so much buildup, and the show being in the last days of its final season, the leader of the Braverman clan would expire. Fortunately for the heartstrings of fans everywhere, we’ll be spared a death scene…at least for now. Another notable moment: Hank’s proposal, while full of good intentions, was heartbreaking in all the wrong ways.

American Horror Story – Magical Thinking
Dandy, looking immaculate as hell in his post-murder spree fur fashion, meeting Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) for the first time. It’s interesting that Dandy found the likes of Twisty the Clown to be a kindred soul, yet a guy with an affinity for magic and his dummy is somehow just too freakish. They’re both a little…kooky, along with mysterious and spooky. They’re also enamored with the same woman women, which means that Freak Show’s body count will add a few more numbers before the finale.


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