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up all night recapping: working late and working it

Chris is trying to keep the romance in his relationship. He wants to find a way to get Reagan to dress sexier when she is at home instead of just wearing her maternity jeans with the droopy front where the baby use to be. But you can’t outwardly say that to Reagan without being punished in some way.

Chris gets some advice from his new friend Reed (Will Forte) about how to get his wife “in the mood”. After a thorough inspection, Reed tells Chris that he needs to wear tighter clothing and butt cheeks…well…squeeze his butt cheeks more. Needless to say, that plan didn’t work. He ended up saying all the things he wasn’t supposed to say and angered Regan. Even though he immediately reneged on his stance Reagan has the best of him the next morning when she decided to mockingly dress “fancy” all day.

Ava is experiencing her own relationship drama…kinda. Her ex-boyfriend, former boy band badass – if that’s possible, Benjamin “B-Ro” Roth (Jorma Toccone) is getting married. Ava blames Reagan for breaking them up even Reagan insists they weren’t good for each other with the assistance of some vintage blow-ups they had in public during their brief relationship. There may or may not have been a Kelly Bundy sighting…but that’s your call.

Reagan arranges a meeting with “B-Ro” to show Ava that he hasn’t changed and is still the same jerk she got out of a relationship with but she is wrong. He seems to have changed his ways. He says he doesn’t drink or do drugs anymore and is a founder of some schools in Africa. But he suggests that since Ava is doing so well now financially she should stop be so “tight” with the money. Then the riot starts just like the good ol’ days. Ava thanks Reagan for supporting her by buying her some lingerie.

Kelly Bundy Reagan, "B-Ro", Ava circa 1992

Back at home Chris apologizes to Reagan through a cute/cheesy photoshopped slideshow. He and Reagan do some weird dancing followed by a nice PG kiss so I guess that equals desire and romance in the married realm. Mission Accomplished!


“Dude check this out! They’re Swedish, made by Bjorn Borg.” -Reed
“The tennis player makes underwear?” -Chris
“No, the underwear maker played tennis.” -Reed

“When u see a train coming after your best friend you push the out of the way.” -Reagan
“Well maybe a real friend would have given the train a chance.” -Ava
“The train cheated on you with all the members of TLC.” -Reagan
“It was only “T” and “L”, “C” just stayed the night.” -Reagan

“I may not be good with relationships, but I’m pretty good at helping other people with theirs. That’s why they gave me my own show.” -Ava

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