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the walking dead recapping: home

Previously on The Walking Dead: Suicide King

The Prison

  • Rick is still reeling from his vision Lori–to the extent that he’s taken a turn for the worse. Rick envisions Lori standing by the graves and runs after her. He promptly follows her ghost outside of the prison gate where he has a brief moment with his deceased wife. He pretty much stays there while Michonne and Hershel watch him from afar.
  • Glen feels it is his job to take up the role as leader since Rick has gone completely nuts and Daryl is out of the picture. Glen wants to take action against the Governor (most likely a personal vendetta against the Governor since he violated Maggie) and hold down the prison against the imminent attack. Hershel, on the other hand, believes that it would be best for them to try to make a run for it since the group has already faced too many tragic deaths.
  • Glen and Maggie have hit a speed bump in their relationship. Maggie seems like she is feeling somewhat guilty about what will happen if the Governor does find the prison, while Glen is hellbent on torturing the Governor for hurting Maggie. They’ll work things out, I’m sure of it.
  • Carol and Axel prepare the prison for the Governor’s attack. During their preparations, Axel reveals that he has never fired a gun, and that the reason he was in prison was because the cops charged him for armed robbery (while in reality, he was only caring a toy gun during the burglary). Carol seems to have warmed up to Axel since his lesbian comment earlier in the season.
  • Glen takes off in the truck by himself to pursue the Governor.


  • The Governor commends Andrea for her uplifting speech to the community. The Governor asks Andrea to take over leadership of Woodbury since he has failed in his protection of the citizens. He also reveals to Andrea that he does not have any plans to attack the prison. Ha.
  • Not even thirty minutes after his conversation with Andrea, The Governor pursues Milton. Milton is obviously a bit twitchy around the Governor, and becomes even more unstable when the Governor asks Milton to keep an eye on Andrea, because he and Milton are “friends” and he does not trust Andrea’s loyalty to Woodbury.

  • The Governor disappears for a while, and none of the citizens of Woodbury want to tell her where he has gone.

The Dixon Brothers

  • Merle and Daryl are hiking through the woods, foraging for food and failing terribly at it. Daryl hears some cries, and runs to find the source. A family is being attacked by walkers, and are almost overwhelmed and killed when Daryl arrives. Merle reluctantly helps kill the zombies, and takes up his normal asshole personality by attempting to rob them of their food in exchange for efforts. Daryl stops Merle from taking the family’s food and sends the family away.
  • Merle and Daryl argue over Daryl’s choice to save the family and how Daryl has become soft–revealing that the brother’s planned on robbing the group of their goods once. Merle pushes Daryl, tearing his shirt, revealing scars all over his back. Merle realizes that their father tortured Daryl as well. Daryl realizes that leaving Rick’s group was a mistake, and heads back to the prison.

And It All Comes Together

  • The Governor arrives at the prison with a surprise attack–and kills Axel with a head shot. It all seems hopeless as the Woodbury crew fire assault rifle rounds at the group–ultimately busting through the prison gates with a van full of zombies.
  • Glen pulls up in his truck and saves Hershel from being eaten by walkers (again)
  • The group holds their ground. Rick is attacked by walkers, and right when it seems that it is lights out for Rick, the Dixon brothers save the day.


  • The Governor just looked orgasmic as he fired those shots at Rick’s group. His appearance at the prison was unexpected (at least for this episode) and we as viewers were really able to see just how conniving and vicious this man really is. I wonder if it was the outbreak and loss that brought about the cruelty in the Governor, or if he has always been a cruel man?
  • The emotional scenes between Merle and Daryl in this episode were enlightening. There is a nice juxtaposition between the two brothers. Daryl really has a soft spot for children.
  • Rick admits to Hershel that he has been seeing visions of Lori and Shane. He seems worried about the visions of Shane, however.


“Andrea..I’m not sure where her loyalties lie..”-The Governor

“You went down to help them even thought you might have died trying? Is that something your sheriff friend taught you?-Merle

“There was a baby!”-Daryl

“I may be the one who is walking away, but you’re the one leaving..again.”-Daryl

“We need you [Rick] now more than ever”-Hershel

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: suicide king

Previously on The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

After an adrenaline filled mid-season finale, and what felt like months of waiting, the Walking Dead finally hit the airwaves once more! Questions are answered BUT like any good show, even more questions are raised.


  • After being captured and thrown into the zombie-gladiator pit, the Governor riles up the Woodbury towns people up into a blood thirsty frenzy. Merle, who has been thrown under the bus by the Governor, attempts to demonstrate his loyalty to Woodbury, and proceeds to beat on Daryl. Just when you think Merle is the biggest piece of poo you’ve ever seen, he reveals he intends on surviving–with Daryl in tow. The duo are then saved by Rick and his crew, who have come to rescue with guns and smoke bombs.
  • The antics from the previous night leaves Woodbury civilians in an uproar. Although many of them are furious with the Governor for not adequate protecting their haven, but zombies have found a way into Woodbury (in a surprising scene that showed that yes, zombies can pull back a fence, a slightly terrifying notion). The zombies do bite some people, and the Governor loses even more popularity when he nonchalantly walks up to a bite victim and shoots him without any remorse.
  • Andrea tries to talk the Governor into calming down the townspeople. However, the Governor has retreated from his “wonderful leader” persona into “this is war and shit happens” attitude while blaming Rick’s group fully  for the casualties. Andrea later finds out that the Governor kept her prisoner friends a secret to her, and that since she’s just a visitor, he had no reason to tell her. Ouch. Andrea, realizes that she must step up in the Governor’s stead to calm the townspeople down, while the Governor looks on.

Rick and the Prison

  • After the brave rescue of Daryl and Merle, it is quickly realized that Merle’s presence is not only unwelcome, but also a source of tension. Daryl explains to Rick, Michonne, Maggie, and Glen that if Merle is cast out, then Daryl goes with him. Rick tries to convince him otherwise, but Daryl refuses to abandon his brother again, and the Dixon brothers walk off into the wilderness to fend for themselves.
  • Tyreese and his comrades are still at the prison. They are welcomed by Hershel, who unfortunately informs them that their stay at the prison will be short lived, as their group has become wary of strangers. Allen (played by Daniel Thomas May) is displeased by this, and tries to convince Sasha and Tyreese that they can overpower Herhsel and the few others remaining, while Sasha and Tyreese argue against that, and want to remain peaceful.
  • Rick, Michonne, Glen, and Maggie return to the prison. Rick informs Carol that Daryl is no longer with them, and she is obviously devastated. The rest of the group is furthermore devastated by Daryl’s departure, and realize how vital he was to their survival. Hershel notices a distance between Glen and Maggie, and begins to wonder what happened to the two of them while they were captive. After Michonne’s disappearance to take care of business with the Governor, Rick is extremely wary of her, and expects to kick her out of their group soon.
  • Rick meets Tyreese’s group. Tyreese offers a peaceful alliance with Rick, in exchange for shelter and protection. Hershel tries to convince Rick that he must take chances in trusting others (a slight echo of season two when Hershel allowed Rick and his crew to live at his farm). Before Rick can accept of decline Tyreese’s pleas, Rick is haunted by the ghostly image of Lori, and in an angry (and delusional) outburst , orders Tyreese and the others to leave.

Just a little more

  • In the past couple of episodes, Rick has hallucinated both Lori and Shane, and has received phone calls from deceased members of the group. Part of me is wondering if Rick is seriously unhinged, or if this is just his conscience manifesting.
  • Daryl needs to come back. End of story.
  • What is going to happen with Tyreese and his group?


“Brother against brother. Winner goes free; fight to the death!”-The Governor

“I must be the first brother in prison to break into prison.”-Tyreese

“You’re wrong on this, you’ve got to start giving people a chance.”-Hershel

“Take care of yourself, take care of Lil’ Ass-Kicker and Carl.  He’s one tough kid.”-Daryl
When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: made to suffer

Previously on The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

It’s here, the mid-season finale! And with it came the introduction of new characters (from the graphic novels I might add) desperate situations, and the evolution of evil. The show will pick up again in February!

  • We are finally introduced to Tyreese (played by Chad Coleman, from The Wire) and his group of survivors, as they are running away desperately from a hoard of zombies. When Donna is bitten, many of the group members want to leave her in order to make an escape, but Tyreese decides against it, and they make their way into the prison where Rick’s group resides. Once in the prison, the group is still not safe from the walkers. Nearby, Carl hears noises coming from the prison and decides to investigate, which leads him to find Tyreese. Carl ultimately saves them, but to their dismay, Carl locks them in a cell, since he’s learned to be wary of strangers. Tyreese understands Carl and respects his decision to lock them away, arguing to his group that their cell is the best home they’ve had in weeks. In this process, Donna has died and Tyreese uses a hammer to keep her from turning.


  • At Woodbury, Rick and his group have infiltrated the camp to save Maggie and Glen. The community is quickly alerted of the “terrorists” and are on the move. Andrea, who once again feels she has to prove herself, wants to defend Woodbury, but the Governor insists she take on the “womanly duty” of checking up on the community. Of course, Andrea doesn’t listen.
  • Merle pleads with the Governor to make sure his brother Daryl goes free. The Governor has a plan to do exactly what they did with the Army Reserve camp in the season premiere: kill them all.
  • While infiltrating Woodbury, Michonne has left Rick, who are using smoke bombs and gun shots to rescue their friends. Michonne goes directly into the Governor’s office and discovers his daughter, Penny, in a hidden cell. At first, Michonne believes it to be a captive child, but quickly realizes she is a zombie. The Governor walks in, and pleads with Michonne (rather pathetically, I might add) but Michonne kills the child anyway. This quickly leads to a fight, where the aquarium of heads is knocked over and the Governor is stabbed in the eye by a shard of glass (now he can finally look like the creepy fellow from the graphic novels). Andrea walks in during this, and her and Michonne size each other up, but ultimately do nothing to each other.
  • Maggie and Glen are still being held captive. Glen does not want to go down without a fight, so he breaks off the arm of the zombie and uses the bone as a weapon against the Woodbury soldiers. Maggie and Glen manage to kill one soldier, but are quickly apprehended. The Governor plans on executing them, but Rick and his group show up in time and save their friends.
  • Once Maggie and Glen are saved, they try to make their escape out of Woodbury. Glen is deeply injured, which holds them back a bit. Daryl volunteers to stay behind for a bit and defend them while they climb over the fence. While escaping, Oscar is shot and killed. Once over the wall, they realize Daryl has not followed them, and Michonne meets up with them. Rick is angry at her disappearance, but she makes him understand that they need her.
  • After all the fighting and “terrorist” acts are over, the Governor calls the community to the fighting pits. He is sporting his bandaged eye (buh bye Jim Jones look) and gives a big speech about how he has failed at keeping them safe. Then, he decides to throw Merle under the bus, and accuse him of leading Rick and his group to Woodbury. Merle is forced into the fighting pit with his captive brother Daryl as his opponent. Andrea has now finally realized that the “terrorists” were her former comrades.


  • Andrea finds a photograph of the Governor and his wife and quickly realizes that she has a strong resemblance to the woman.
  • Did the Governor become disheartened when he realized that the triggers were not working on Penny and she was not regaining humanity, but seemed more preoccupied with food than her own father?
  • Axel thought Carol was a lesbian because of her buzz cut.
  • While having a shoot out at Woodbury, Rick thinks he sees Shane coming at him. It turns out to be just a resident of Woodbury, but it does make you question if Rick has a full grasp of sanity yet.

Predictions for Part Two of Season Three

  • Daryl and Merle will escape and become part of Rick’s group again
  • The Governor is going to continue his plan with invading the prison
  • Andrea will continue to be a bimbo and stay with the Governor even though she was creeped out by his zombie daughter and his aquarium of heads
  • Tyreese will become a big character in the show, just like in the comics. But, will (mild SPOILER ALERT) he hook up with Carol in the show as well or will Daryl step in?
  • Since there has been an introduction of new characters that will hopefully join Rick group, that means a few others are going to die.
  • Also with Tyreese, he has been introduced as the man that Rick used to be: just and level headed. I wonder what this will do to the working dynamic that Rick and Daryl have?


“All this time running from walkers, you forget what people do, and always did.”-Maggie

“You’re not a lesbian? That’s interesting..”-Axel
“No, it’s not.”-Carol

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: when the dead come knocking

Previously on The Walking Dead: Hounded

Last week, the two story lines between Woodbury and the Prison finally collided, and they have some very serious and probably quite bloody consequences for both groups.


  • Glen and Maggie are held hostage and under interrogation by Merle. Merle savagely beats Glen (who has shown excellent resistance and strength that we didn’t know he had) to get information on the whereabouts of Daryl and the other survivors. Frustrated, Merle sets a hungry zombie off on Glen, who uses every ounce of strength he has to kill the zombie while tied to a chair. Maggie, on the other hand, is interrogated by the Governor, who tries to use his suave and charming personality to convince Maggie that no one will be harmed if she tells him where the others are residing. When that does not work, the Governor turns to his creepy sadistic side, nearly raping Maggie for information. It is not until a gun is pointed at Glen that Maggie breaks down and confesses that the others are at the prison.
  • The Governor and Andrea continue their affair.
  • Andrea agrees to help Milton with an experiment. Milton believes that once a person has died and changed into a zombie, certain triggers can be used so that they can recall their former selves. Andrea does not believe this theory as she watched her sister Amy transform before her eyes and lose all humanity. The test subject, Mr. Coleman who is dying of pancreatic cancer, surely dies and transforms into a zombie. Milton tries to use the triggers to bring back his former memories, but Andrea only sees the monster, which prompts her to kill the zombie.
  • Now that the Governor knows where Rick’s group is hiding, he orders Merle and a few others to scout the prison, claiming that Rick’s group was able to do what he was told was not possible.

The Prison

  • Michonne has made it to the prison. Rick is hesitant to open the gates because he has become wary of outsiders. Unfortunately, the zombie blood and guts has worn off of Michonne’s clothing, and she is attacked. Already in a weakened state from the bullet wound, Michonne passes out, but Rick and Carl rescue her before she is ripped to pieces.
  • Michonne is cared for in the Prison, but refuses to offer any information initially. It is not until she witnesses the reunion between Carol and the group that she decides to tell the others about how she stumbled upon Glen and Maggie being abducted by Merle, Woodbury and how to get there. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyrese decide to find Woodbury and rescue their friends.
  • Carl and Rick decide to name the baby Judith, because Daryl’s name for her (ass kicker) isn’t as cute.
  • Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyrese are attacked by walkers. They run to a nearby shed, where a middle aged redneck is living. They have a brief stand off, which ends in a knife between the man’s shoulder blades by Michonne. As a way to escape, the group throws the dead man’s body out to the walkers.
  • The group makes it outside of Woodbury’s borders, and are plotting a way to get inside.

The mid season finale is next week. So here are my predictions:

  • Merle and Daryl will meet, and Daryl will have to make a decision between his loyalty to Rick or his loyalty to his brother.
  • Merle is going to go ape shit when he sees Rick
  • The Governor is going to reveal more about the experimentation (maybe Michonne was right, the residents of Woodbury do end up being guinea pigs for Milton and the Governor’s theories)
  • Since the strongest members of the group at the prison has left, and the Governor sent a group of “soldiers” to scout the prison, something is going to go down at the prison.


“You don’t scare easy do you? I like that.”-Merle

“We’re not going to hurt you. Unless, you do something stupid first.”-Rick

“There’s a town…Woodbury. About 75 survivors. Run  by this guy who calls himself the Governor. Charming, pretty, Jim Jones type of guy.”-Michonne

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: hounded

Previously on The Walking Dead: Say the Word

This week, the two parallel story lines between the Prison and Woodbury finally collide. And you know what that means, things are about to get even more dramatic than they’ve already been.


  • Andrea finally admits to the Governor that she liked the gladiator pit fights and that alone scared her, which is why she reacted so negatively. The Governor assures her that he loves the fight. To show that they both have something in common, the Governor and Andrea engage in a love affair.
  • Andrea decides that she wants to be a part of Woodbury, and asks to be put on watch guard. She is paired up with Haley (played by Alexa Nikolas), an over-cocky girl with a bow and arrow, and when a walker shows up, Andrea hops over the fence and stabs the Zombie (much to her pleasure). However, this is frowned upon.


  • Merle, and his three companions (oddly enough, they mirror Rick’s group of companions) set off into the wilderness to find Michonne.
  • Michonne obviously does not like being hunted by Merle, so she jumps from behind a bus, decapitates one group member and stabs the other in the stomach. Merle is enraged by this and sends shots firing at Michonne. Although he hits her in the leg with a bullet, she is still able to outrun him. Merle is satisfied with his deed of shooting her, and reaches the conclusion that she will die soon.
  • Merle’s only remaining companion, Neil/Garguilo (played by Dave Davis), refuses to lie to the Governor about killing Michonne, which prompts Merle to shoot him in the head.
  • Injured Michonne is attacked by zombies, but because she is such a badass, she kills them all while spilling their blood and guts all over herself. She later learns that all the nasty blood and guts on her body allow her to walk among the zombies unnoticed (as we discovered in the ‘Guts’ episode in season one).
  • Maggie and Glen are on a run for bullets, supplies, and baby formula. They however do not know Michonne is observing them in the background. Merle walks up to them, recognizes Glen as his former companion, and holds them hostage as a means to interrogate them on the whereabouts of his brother, Daryl.
  • Merle brings Glen and Maggie to Woodbury, where he tells the Governor that his prisoners know who Andrea is, and wants to find out where their safe haven is.

creepy merle

When A Stranger Calls:

  • Last week, Rick received a surprise phone call. A woman talks to him, and he explains to them that his group is dying and that they need a safe refuge. The woman says that she will talk to her group and hangs up. An hour or so later, the phone rings again, and it is a man, who questions Rick about the loss of his wife. Rick refuses to answer, and is hung up on. Again, the phone rings, and it is another woman who is able to draw a confession out of Rick about the people he has killed, which Rick obviously justifies. A last phone call ends up being the revelation to all of these strange calls. The last caller is Lori, who explains that the first three callers were Amy, Jim, and Jacqui (who all died in the past seasons). Rick realizes that he must have a better grip on reality, decides to clean up all the blood and guts off of himself, and see his newborn daughter.

rick on the phone

Other Events:

  • Daryl, Carl, and Oscar are cleaning up the prison after the zombie hoard attack. Daryl and Carl swap stories about the demise of their mothers.
  • Daryl discovers a zombie with Carol’s knife lodged into it’s neck.
  • Michonne shows up at the prison with the supplies that Glen and Maggie were forced to leave behind.
  • An exhausted Daryl finds Carol, who is either injured or exhausted, behind a closed door.


“It’s a Biter Gram.”-Merle

“I’ll sit here with you, that’s something I’m pretty good at these days.”-Hershel

“What you need slippers for?”-Daryl
“End of day, you know, relax.”-Oscar

“You can trust me.”-Merle
“You can trust us. Stay here.”-Glen

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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