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the requisite ‘first post’

How we have maintained healthy social lives, all the while watching a one-way form of entertainment is anybody’s guess (DVR perhaps?). We don’t mind branching out and watching a show that isn’t on the major networks or seeing critically acclaimed indie hits. We’re far from tele-visual hipsters and our faves (Glee and TrueBlood included) are well known and widely loved.

The shows/movies covered on tvd&m won’t stick to a specific genre because our interests don’t and honesty, we’re too scatterbrained for such things. We can promise you that the spirit behind every word (that sounded eerily like a Ghost Writer reference) will be a genuine love for all things TV and movie. We can also promise ZERO amounts of objectivity. The opinions represented in this blog are unabashedly ours and won’t always be the most politically correct, but PC is never good for ratings anyway.

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logo design by Alex Richard

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