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revenge recapping: collusion

previously on revenge: sabotage

Daniel whisks Emily away to LA to help him secure Stonehaven and completely ignoring Charlotte’s birthday. But it’s OK, Victoria does the same when she also forgets Charlotte’s birthday to whisk herself off to LA to help Jason secure Stonehaven. And Aiden follows them all to carry out an order from the initiative to kill Victoria after he sees video footage of Colleen.

Daniel, Emily and Victoria

Mom, I’m a big boy now, I only need Emily to babysit me.

Victoria uses her body to convince Jason to continue pursuing Stonehaven after Aiden convinces him it wouldn’t be a sound deal. Her body works because Jason doesn’t let up until Daniel uncovers some dirty truths and exposes them to Stonehaven’s CEO. Jason is forced to pull out of the deal securing Stonehaven for Daniel and Grayson Global, just as the Initiative wanted.

Aiden doesn’t through with killing Victoria because Emily stops him in time. She convinces him not to become a puppet for the initiative but in the end he sees a video of what appears to be Colleen overdosing and shuns Emily. Aiden is now a loose, cannon and you can bet he’s gonna explode.

Conrad holds up his end of the bargain and does his best to get rid of the Ryan brothers. Ryan brother one (I don’t totally care to learn their names) is fine with taking the money and pulling out of the bar but Ryan brother two refuses to let up. He approaches Conrad and makes a business proposition to build up the docks, which would be a great platform for Conrad to run on. Conrad is intrigued.

In other news, Nolan figures out that Padma is a secret agent.


  • Aiden will become hard for Emily to control, Takeda may have to become involved
  • With Aiden no longer in the picture romantically, Emily may fall in love with Daniel

Jack: Are we just the poster children for your new public image?
Conrad: What, do you mean do I have a selfish motivation for this? You bet.

Charlotte: I’ve spent the last two days thinking about family and what it means to be a daughter, a sister, and now an adult. And my only wish is that you support my first adult decision. I’m changing my name…you can now call me Charlotte Clarke.

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revenge recapping: forgiveness/illusion

Previously on Revenge: Intuition


So Kara, Amanda’s mom, is kind of weird. And by ‘kind of’ I mean totally and by ‘weird’ I mean psycho. After falling into Aiden’s open arms upon remembering the truth, Emily’s first reaction was, rightfully, bitch has gotta go. Though still worried about Amanda’s recovery, Emily is more worried that her mother might mistakenly kill her. Which would be no good.

Kara and Victoria

i’m surprised those roses don’t wither and die upon your touch

Amanda/Emily’s mom and resident psycho visits Victoria, greeting her with a hug that had me thinking “WTF?!” Victoria invites her to a sleepover at the Grayson’s humble abode, how thoughtful. Her ulterior motive? Find out how this woman is still alive. Oh hey, I know that one!  White Haired Man Gordon was in love with her. GASP! Kara, however seems to be set on making amends with Amanda, who is told by Emily to send her mother packing. But she can’t. Kara’s heartfelt speech about forgiveness has Amanda saying the words Emily can’t. And Kara will live to see another episode.

Kara, Mason, Emily

oh good, my psycho mom and that nosy reporter talking, just what I need

In the other sides of this episode, Padma is investigating David Clarke’s connection to Nolcorp, still not sure of her motive. And our favorite expose journalist, Mason Treadwell, has returned. Curious, naturally, about Kara Clarke’s return from the dead. Jack takes on a partner for the stowaway. And big shocker, in order to get out of testifying against each other, Conrad and Victoria agree to get married….again.


  • Kara will go apeshit on somebody.
  • Still banking on Emily and Aiden starting something
  • Padma’s investigation isn’t over just yet
  • Mason’s return will do some damage


Nolan: “I know I’ve been AWOL, but I just became an uncle. Well, one of those non-uncle uncles, like Kracker or Fester.”

Kara: “So smart to build it right on the ocean, you can see your enemies coming.”


if i stop smiling, they won’t buy it

Mason is digging for dirt and, well, come damn near close to getting a hand full of gold. Amanda and Emily begin to go over details that Mason will use to confuse Amanda and get the truth out. The discuss the scar which Mason is so interested in. But you just know that, like a dog with a bone, Mason is not gonna let this hunch go.

Padma’s investigation has given Daniel an idea and with the help of Aiden, who I think is just pretending, but its impossible to tell. Daniel hoping to gain control of Nolcorp by finding the connection between David Clarke and Nolan’s company. So far, not much has come of it, but you know that this is bound to turn into something more.

Victoria and Conrad’s wedding was a beautiful, loving, and peaceful affair that had everyone swooning. Oh I’m sorry, this is Revenge, not a chick flick. Obviously the wedding couldn’t go off without a hitch. And that hitch came in the form of Conrad’s arrest for the murder of Gordon Murphy, which he was framed for by the lovely revengetress herself, Emily Thorne. Despite the hard evidence, Conrad is released, so long as he agrees to help The Initiative with their next task. Hold onto to your seats, this task is still to come.

In other news, Jack, who two episodes ago wanted nothing to do with Amanda, got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes, of course. That’s sure to implode shortly. Declan and Charlotte are back together, cause it worked out so well the first time. And….Mason Treadwell, with his bone clenched tightly between his teeth, has developed a hunch about how Emily Thorne fits into the web.


  • Mason won’t get to spread his discovery too far before he’s eliminated.
  • Aiden and Emily will discover what Conrad/The Initiative is up to
  • Aiden and Emily will finally do it…pretty please?


Emily: “If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusions. We can allow ourselves to be deceived by self-realities. Or we can use them to hide our true intentions.”

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revenge recapping: confidence

Previously on Revenge: Resurrection

emily and aiden

get your finger out of my face or I’ll bite it off…

So the white-haired man is dead, and Emily is pretty pissed about it. Even more pissed that the shooter was Aiden, who we find out later she was involved with until he left her in the maze. When Emily is angry at you, it’s definitely not a good thing. She ends up clocking him over the head and leaving him in a dumpster with a ticket back to Japan. I’d guess it was a one-way.

The Grayson’s are in the middle of a media storm…surprise surprise. Daniel is still uncertain about all the circumstances, but you know Daniel, he’ll figure it all out just a little too late. When Daniel does finally figure out the truth, he declares his hatred for his mother. But Emily warns him to keep it to himself and beat Victoria at her own game. Queen Victoria has asked Emily to stay away from the family, because it’ll be easier for everyone involved. With that in mind Emily uses Amanda to get close to the Grayson’s during their storm. Long story short, Amanda’s involvement get publicized and since it was against Jack’s wishes he breaks up with her. Poor Amanda, I can’t help but feel like she will be coming back to bite Emily in the ass.


But Jack, I’ll never let go

So, now that Jack is single again do we think Emily will hop on that bandwagon…probably not. I see Aiden in her immediate future.

Nolan is working together with his new CFO, Padma, who so clearly has a thing for him and is confused about who Emily is in his life.

The twist of this episode…the White Haired Man (or Gordon Murphy, as we now know) was involved with Emily’s mother. Romantically? Professionally? Friendship-ly (not a word I know)? We aren’t sure, but I bet she won’t be too happy when she finds out Emily’s ex-lover (and soon to be lover again) shot him dead.


Conrad: [to Daniel] “My boy, at this moment there are things in play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.” NAILED IT!

Aiden: “Are you going to take the head or the feet?”
Emily: [knocks him out with wine bottle] “The head.”

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