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revenge recapping: retribution/illumination

Previously on Revenge: Sacrifice


Emily at the Funeral

It’s weird burying myself…

Jack has survived his gun shot wound only to wake up and learn that Amanda is dead. His devastation however turns into a fire for retribution when he seems Conrad Grayson and remembers what he learned about Amanda’s motives on the boat. Jack shares his newfound information with Emily and Nolan, who are obviously already aware of the ploy.

Emily’s grief is overwhelming and Nolan and Aiden are a little worried, but Aiden reassures Nolan as long as Emily stays focused on the Graysons and the initiative things will be fine. Emily takes care of Jack and searches for the laptop but with no success. Jack asks Emily to read the eulogy at Amanda’s funeral and although she is hesitant at first she agrees.

After identifying Amanda’s body, Charlotte is concerned about the size of the funeral. She knows that there will be few people there so she goes in search of other people who were important to Amanda.  She stumbles across a foster brother, who eventually gets in contact with Charlotte.

Prior to the funeral Jack discovers the hiding place of the laptop and realizes there was more of a connection between Emily and Amanda than they initially let on. Jack is upset at how much Emily knew and what he kept from him and refuses to accept an explanation or apology from Emily. In the last scene of the episode Emily encounters Eli James (played by Collins Pennie), her long lost foster brother.

Nolan: [to Emily] Like I said, I’m life’s pawn. I just have to figure out who’s moving me next.

Daniel: [to Conrad and Victoria] All part of the plan? Exactly how much blood are you two comfortable, because I just hit my limit.



Eli, Charlotte, Victoria

You were Amanda’s brother?

Eli is a sketchy character and figures out that Emily is actually Amanda, which is exactly what she was worried about. Even worse, Eli has started in on aligning himself with the Graysons, which Emily fears will lead to an exposure of who she is. We find out that Emily burnt down Eli and her foster home in order to keep them from separating. Eli works his magic on the Graysons and ends up as co-chair of the Amanda Clarke foundation, a position that Emily had been vying for.

Jack is still digging for the answers to what happen the night that he was saved and Amanda died. His quest leads him to a dock and a boat owner who reveals a man with sandy blond hair bought the boat that Jack was saved with. Jack assumes Nolan but when confronted Nolan is quick to prove that its not him. He places the blame on Kenny Ryan so as not to lose Jack’s trust.

While haunted by the ghost of her past Emily finds out that the Graysons are using the Amanda Clarke foundation to hide their assets. When the initiative attacks again, they will not be left stranded without access to the large fund to which they’ve grown accustomed. Emily and Nolan begin working on gaining access to the funds and Nolan finds he has come across a familiar foe, Falcon.

Jacks quest to continue Amanda’s will end sooner rather than later and without success
Eli will be found out before Emily
Daniel will continue to fight the initiative and put his life in danger

Eli: Guy’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not at all the, uh, footloose dock boy you told me about, is he Amanda? You look pretty good for a dead girl.

Nolan: The man, the myth, The Falcon, is back on the Grayson’s payroll.
Emily: Then let’s go hunting.

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