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new blade runner movie: replicants revisited

The whole ‘dystopia universe’ concept was first introduced to me by the book, Brave New World (English class circa high school years). I like seeing worlds where there’s little room for grey area and most of the citizens are policed in every aspect of their lives. Whether paper or film, these characters tend to have the types of personalities born in a world of extremes. The rulers are driven by an ‘irrefutable’ law and the detractors (because they ALWAYS exist and tend to drive the conflict of the story) picture a better world than their own and are subsequently ruled by a desire to break from the status quo of their own reality.

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner came out a few years before I was born and still another 15+ years before I would eventually see this cult classic and (more or less) enjoy it. I won’t pretend that my original response to seeing the movie was anything but luke-warm at best, but by the time my second viewing came around and I was able to appreciate certain aspects of the movie I felt…well….pretty much the same. It’s not a boring movie by any means, but when I hear ‘cult classic’ it automatically makes me think I’ll LOVE the movie (I may go ahead and blame that on my semi-elitist desire to like/understand things that most other people dismissed already).

I’m sure you’ve already heard they’re remaking the movie. Great. Hollywood needs more remakes. Today’s moviegoer doesn’t want fully original content, we want something we used to love remade into something else. Whether any of what I just wrote is true or not is a debate for another post. But the remake of Blade Runner is real, it’s happening. I read an article over the weekend, which was appropriately titled, “5 Ways to Ensure the New Blade Runner Doesn’t Suck“.

Harrison Ford....will (probably) NOT be in the remake.

The ‘way’ I can most agree with: Please God, Not Another Origin Story! Origin stories are tricky territory and when done all wrong, they tend to rewrite the original history fans fell in love with. We probably won’t see this movie on the big screen until 2013/2014, so it’s still early enough to form an opinion about the movie….forget it’s being made…see a trailer….form another opinion….get super excited/become completely disinterested….all before opening day.

Update: Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson have big plans for the Blade Runner remake

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