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thoughts on american horror story: dark cousin

Previously on AHS: The Origins of Monstrosity



The Kiss of Death

Miles, a patient at Briarcliff, is having a battle royale with the voices in his head (“Somebody’s got to be the hero, so why not you?”), which prompts him to slice his own wrists. His suicide attempt fails and when Sister Eunice comes to check on the hoopla, she sees some ancient Aramaic written on the wall in his blood. She assumes Miles has summoned Shachath (the Angel of Death). Although the thing that inhabits Sister Eunice appears uneasy with the arrival of its “dark cousin”, the Angel is neutral and doesn’t seem like much of a threat.

Several of the ladies had brushes with death, but ultimately Grace was the only one who died. It wasn’t the alien invasion, which ripped out her lady parts, but the bullet shot by Frank the guard. Grace was given just enough time to save Kit before she received her kiss of death and left this season’s horror story.

The Saga of Sister Jude

Missy Stone isn’t dead, which means Sister Jude spent all that time with a heavy soul for no good reason. It seems that after the accident, Missy went home with no more than a few broken bones. I’m assuming that because Sister Jude went right into her new life as a nun she didn’t follow up on the accident; clearly she didn’t even bother to read the obituaries or send flowers to the family for their loss. With that weight lifted, Jude is still saddled with indirectly causing Goodman’s death.

Sister Eunice has framed Sister Jude for the murder, but this little plan only works if Goodman was investigating a crime that we now know Jude never committed. If Sister Eunice did this just to get Jude to commit suicide then she failed twice. Also, if the thing that’s possessing Sister Eunice is satanic, why is it so steadfast on destroying Sister Jude? She’s hardly an innocent and she doesn’t even know that Eunice is possessed…so what’s the major reason for getting rid of her?

Lana’s Escape

Poor, poor Lana. Somehow she went from being Thredson’s mommy stand-in to being whatever the heck role he has her playing this week. It’s unclear how/why Thredson went from seeing Lana as “mommy” to “patient” so quickly. This whole thing made me as confused as he is deranged. Now I’m all for Thredson being crazy, but I can’t tell if his lack of consistent insanity is a brilliant storytelling technique, or an unnecessary way for the writers to include rape scenes and other things that further torture Lana and do nothing to move the story forward.

Alas, Lana doesn’t wait around for Thredson to kill her and has a great escape. I cheered, and then I felt foolish for thinking it would ever be that easy with so many episodes left in the season. Instead of running into the night and never having to go back to dark basements and insane asylums again, Lana runs right into the arms of a hardcore he-man woman hater. She really should have been tipped off by his blasé attitude to her getting in the car, but in all the excitement, I can see how she was just happy to be somewhere safe. The driver shoots himself in the head, the car crashes and Lana wakes up at Briarcliff. Poor, poor Lana thought she was safe, but now she’s back in hell and the devil (aka Sister Eunice) will probably have Thredson on the way in the first few scenes of the next episode.

Other Bits

  • “Don’t look so frightened, OK, I don’t want to hurt you. I want this to be as painless for you as possible, so I will give you a choice; I can either cut your throat or I can strangled you, I don’t believe in guns.” – More great delivery by Zachary Quinto
  • Why did we need to see the guy from Save the Last Dance kick Sister Jude out of the band? We already knew she was at a low point in her life, did they really need to add that in there?
  • Until Kit was attacked, I’d forgotten about Arden’s monsters in the forest.
  • Speaking Kit, he’s going back to jail…right? Even if it’s proven that he’s not Bloody Face, he still killed his lawyer.
  • I’ve decided to bet on who makes it to the final episode of the season: Kit
  • On a note unrelated to this specific episode [SPOILER ALERT] Dylan McDermott is returning to the American Horror Story universe as the modern day Bloody Face. This could be amah-zing.
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thoughts on dexter’s ‘the angel of death’

“During the Middle Ages it was believed that the outcome of nearly all earthly events was decided by angels, either light or dark. I’m quite certain that face I saw in the crowd was of the dark variety.” – Dexter

I’ve watched The Angel of Death twice since last night and I’m still not sure how to feel about everything that transpired. The episode wasn’t confusing and the surprise twist would have more weight if not for those pesky, revealing promos. But watching a show like Dexter, it’s pretty hard not to be emotionally/mentally invested in what happens week after week. One thing is certain, I’m increasingly convinced that the answer to the question I posed last week about whether or not Travis is working alone will be revealed next week.

  • According to “Gellar”, it’s a good thing that his voice is the only one Travis can hear. This would be one of the more obvious clues that Gellar isn’t real, but it also draws yet another parallel between Henry/Gellar and Dexter/Travis.
  • Dexter is ALWAYS ahead of his coworkers in the race to catch the serial killers, is that because they share similar ways of thinking or is he just smarter? Not counting Deb as an outlier, I think it’s a little of both. But what is the relevance, plot-wise, for Dexter to catch Travis so early in the game?
  • 1237, 1242, 1244…just to keep track of these numbers.
  • Masuka fired Ryan off camera? What a waste! Unless this is some set-up for later…but until then, my disappointed sentiment remains.
  • Brother Sam and Dexter continue their opposites attract-style bromance. He sees the light in Dexter, but would he still see it if he knew about Dexter’s true nature, regardless of how “pure” his motives are?
  • Murderer-esque black sweats aside, is anyone else having a hard time believing Travis is genuinely evil? Without Gellar around, he seems torn, like he’s going through the motions out of obligation. Even if he wasn’t able to kill the young cautionary tale lady on the dock without Gellar, you can still see how “normal” he is without his mentor lurking in the corners of his apartment….and his mind….assuming he’s a figment, which I am at this point.

  • Although their “evil exes” have hurt both Quinn and Batista, please oh please don’t turn them into a Crockett and Tubbs type of duo just to give them something to do. It feels forced and I’d prefer watching either of them play off of another character.
  • Speaking of Quinn, watching him chase after Lorena Professor Porter was equally but not more pitiful than thinking about her lusting after Gellar. If she’s involved in all of this doomsday killing, Quinn should just bow out of the dating game for awhile.
  • Am I that fucked up?”….Yes Deb, you are. However, the surprising part is that you haven’t realized it yet.
  • Anderson is married. Deb is drawn to relationships that are dramatic and end tragically, so the sparks that may or may not have been there between these two would be completely understandable. Why? See above.
  • Dexter hunting and catching Travis was entirely anticlimactic. I think Dexter went soft because hearing that Travis is being led by Gellar reminded him of his relationship with Henry and after his conversations with Sam, he believes that people believe they are speaking with God. No, I’m not saying Dexter believes in God, but I do think he believes other people that say they do.
  • The shooting should have been pushed back another week or so, unless Brother Sam really dies, in which case they could have just left that part out all together. The cliffhanger for this episode was who shot Sam, why they shot him and whether or not he’ll live. Introducing that character was one of the best things about this season and aside from Lumen, Dexter has never had such a fast connection. If he has to be dead, I’m really hoping it’s due to a pivotal point in the plot that we haven’t seen yet.

Next on Dexter …

Word is there’s a huge twist in this episode [the link is only for those who enjoy spoilers…you were warned!]

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