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how i met your mother recapping: the final page



In the first moments of the episode, the group rejoices as they pin one major jinx on Barney, leaving him at their mercy as far as speaking is concerned.

Ted’s building is complete and there is one person he wants to show it to, Professor Vinick (played by Peter Gallagher) who once told him he’d never an architect. Ted invites him to the unveiling, but the Vinick replies no, claiming he doesn’t know who Ted Mosby is. So Ted, Lily, Marshall and Barney take a trip up to the campus to confront Ted’s professor (also know as his pit person). Unlucky for Lily and Marshall they run into the one person that would probably throw them in a pit, Daryl LaCoutre (played by Seth Green). Also unlucky for them, before he gets a chance to hand over their share of the profits in a business they apparent helped develop, they ask him not kill them. He rips their check and sets himself free of his need for their approval.

Ted, eventually does the same with his arrogant jerk of a professor. And Robin, who fired Patrice over jealousy, finally lets go of her hateful feelings towards Patrice.

When Barney finally gets unjinxed, he tells Ted of his plan to ask Patrice to marry him on the WWN building. He also asks him not to tell anyone. Ted, terrible secret-keeper that he is, tells Marshall who begs him not to tell Robin and to be selfish. Ted, however, can’t do that. He loves Robin enough to know that she is in love with Barney and has a right to know.

Robin and Barney

you really thought this would work?

When he tells Robin, she plays it cool and claims that it’s fine, but Ted knows better. Instead of pulling up to Ted’s building, they pull up to the WWN building and Ted convinces Robin to go get Barney. What she finds instead is the last page of the playbook, which outlines The Robin, an elaborate and intricate ploy to get Robin to realize/admit that she is in love with Barney. Despite being upset and calling Barney out for the exact behavior that proves they shouldn’t be together, she still says yes when he gets down on one knee.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Marshall and Lily crying over being away from Marvin
  • Ted’s speech to Robin
  • Barney, when he first gets back his speaking privileges


Ted: This is gonna be a long jinx. Like Yom Kippur services long. The only difference is Yom Kippur’s a fast and this one’s gonna be a slow.

Barney: You un-jinxed me! I’m free! If the bison on the nickel could hear you talk about them they would diminish their population even further on purpose, if Lily wants a big weiner in her mouth she’s got my number and I’m sorry that you took the rap for all the farting on the ride up here, that was me!

Ted: I need to grow up. Oh by the way I’m breaking a jinx swear here so don’t tell Barney or he gets to whack me in the nuts three times with a whiffle ball bat.
Marshall: Sure, pretty standard.

Ted: Eight years ago I made an ass of myself chasing after you and I made an ass of myself chasing after you a bunch of times since then. I have no regrets because it led me to something I wouldn’t trade for the world, it led to you being my friend. So as your friend and a leading expert in the field of making an ass of yourself. I say to you, from the heart, get the hell out of this car.

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how I met your mother recapping: splitsville

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: the autumn of break-ups

Barney and Robin

I’m going to kill you while you sleep…

It’s taken her some time, but Robin has finally come to the realization that Nick is dumb. It was the overall lack of sex that did it, since Nick pulled his groin muscle while playing on Marshall’s basketball team. But Robin’s having some trouble pulling the plug on their relationship so Barney urges her with the threat of Robin and Patrice’s BFF Fun Day. With that threat looming over her head, Robin gets motivated and takes Nick to Splitsville a dessert shop thats a notorious break-up joint. While there Nick gets a concerning phone call and Robin begins to choke. Barney urges her forward but when she learns Nick can start having sex again, she hits another roadblock. Barney, however, can’t let her get sucked into the relationship again. He rushes to Splitsville and confesses his love for Robin, telling Nick he can’t have her anymore. Nick leaves with two other women. And when before Robin and Barney can get to the truth of their feelings, Patrice calls. Seems she got the invitation anyway. Yay Robin!

Also, Lily and Marshall weren’t having sex until Uncle Ted took baby Marvin off their hands for some alone time. And Ted joined a basketball team for architects, that was more focused on the room than the game. In the end, the team took Ted out to Splitsville to properly “dump” him.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Ted making the basket by bouncing it off the walls.
  • The pics from Robin and Patrice’s BFF fun day.
  • Baby Marvin crying anytime Marshall or Lily tried to do it

Barney: “You were this close to ripping off his misbuttoned shirt and pulling off his inside-out underpants.”

Marshall: “Okay that’s ridiculous! Is Nick a genius? No. But does he have average intelligence? No! But he is a human being with a heart!”

Barney: “Talk about a double standard. Every time I go after a busty dullard that can’t tell time or thinks I’m the ghost of Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m shallow. But somehow it’s okay for Robin to date a guy who can’t be trusted around outlets.”

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how i met your mother recapping: farhampton

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: Marshall and Lily had their baby, Marvin, and we found out the bride at Barney’s wedding is Robin.

Apparently, Farhampton is the place to get married. It’s where Victoria and her fiance planned their wedding. And, it’s where Robin and Barney have planned theirs. One couple didn’t make it. What about the other? You ask. I’d like to know as well, but I can say with confidence we don’t find out in this episode. And I would say it’s likely we won’t find out until later this season, and possibly the finale. But we’ll see, won’t we.

Robin, Barney, Quinn, Lily, Marshall, and MArvin

Similar to the Season 7 finale, this episode flashes between that fateful day in 2012 when Barney and Quinn decided to get engaged and Ted and Victoria run away together. Lily and Marshall are delirious with love (or was it lack of sleep) and seeing their friends under the sea with the fishes and scuba divers. Needless to say they are not helpful with the “Quinn doesn’t need to know about Barney and Robin dilemma”, which of course means, they inadvertently tell Quinn about Barney and Robin.

Meanwhile, Ted has forced Victoria to write Klaus (played by the hilarious Thomas Lennon) a note, because it’s common courtesy when leaving someone at the altar. Ted tries several times to get the note in the right room and on his last attempt he stumbles into Klaus, who is leaving Victoria too. Ted asks him why and he says he doesn’t feel %$&^%*%&(*%^$#%@&*^%*%^ which translated from German to English means he doesn’t feel an absolute need, love, and affection for her that fills every fiber of his being. And Ted realizes, he doesn’t either.

After rehashing the whole Ted, Robin, Barney story Quinn still is reluctant to move forward with the engagement. That is, until she meets Nick and Nick’s abs, aka Robin’s new Beau. Robin tells Barney she’s kind of hurt by how easily he could brush off their relationship, and he gives her keys to a storage unit, which holds nothing but memories of their time together. The good memories before they got fat, lost their hair, and became absolute grouches.

Lily, Marshall, and Barney

Flash to a little ways down the road: we still don’t know if Robin and Barney have gotten married, though they seem to have their doubts. But there is woman with a yellow umbrella waiting for the same train as Ted. Could it be? Could it be? We will see. We will see.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Ted rubbing Victoria’s letter on her, so it smells like her.
  • Barney spooning a Tiger while on a horse drawn carriage ride in central park.
  • Marshall and Lily not remembering anything, all episode long.

Barney: “You know, I hate to perpetuate the stereotype, but German female wrestlers from Saxony are just beggin for it.”

Lily: (talking about baby Marvin) “You’re the prettiest girl in New York City.”

Ted: “When you leave someone at the altar you always leave a note!”

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