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how i met your mother recapping: weekend at barney’s

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: The Ashtray

Jeanette burning the playbook

Burning the playbook makes it the burn book

So there was this playbook, which Barney burned to prove his love to Patrice, but actually Robin. And Robin has told him that was the moment she knew she could marry him because he’d given up his old life. Well, turns out, the playbook is very much in tact.
Lily is trying to nab the work of an up-and-coming hot new artist, which means she needs to schmooze. Marshall pledges to support her by attending the opening. Try as he might, Marshall has difficulty talking to the other guests. And try as she might, Lily has a hard time getting a chance to talk to the artist. But, it turns out. The artist is the one person in the room who can be charmed by Marshall’s interests and jokes.
Ted has broken up with Jeanette, but he’s having a rough time staying away from the crazy and the crazy good sex. Barney decides to help him out with use of the playbook, secret mission style. Unfortunately, the advances don’t work and Barney gets caught by Robin. Leaving Ted unmonitored for long enough to get back together with Jeanette, who throws a crazy tantrum and burns the playbook and throws Ted’s stuff out the window. This time they’re definitely over.
Robin and Barney reconcile because they are crazy in love with each other and perfect together. And when Jeanette burns the playbook, Barney could care less.
Best/Funniest Moments

  • All the plays Barney runs through Ted
  • Marshall dropping the skittles
  • The Weekend at Barney dreams and Robin’s confusion over the play

Barney: My other one rule.
Ted: Lebanese girls sprint to third base and then stay there.

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how I met your mother recapping: the lobster crawl/the over-correction

The Lobster Crawl


When Robin is told she can’t have something, she wants it even more, like lobster. Robin finds out that she’s allergic to lobster and cannot eat it, so naturally she goes crazy and eats it anyway. When Barney tells her he is done trying, she goes crazy and goes after him anyway. Pulling out her best trick and stunts Robin tries to seduce Barney only to find that he has taken an interest in her archenemy Patrice.

Marshall and Lily are concerned and frankly pissed about Marvin’s “firsts” that they keep missing, while Ted witnesses and documents them all for his personal scrapbook. They believe it’s because now that Ted’s first baby (his building) is all grown up, he needs a new project. Ted agrees to stop stealing their first moments and find a new project.

Best/Funniest Moments


Lily: Do it! If you ever wanna see these boobs again, crawl you sonnova me!

Barney: Why should bibs only be socially acceptable when you’re eating lobster?

The-Over Correction


Barney doesn’t seem to be letting go of this Patrice thing. Just like Robin doesn’t seem to be letting go of this Barney thing, which she denies is about anything more than needing to get him out of her system. Silly Robin, tricks don’t work on these kids. So she breaks into his apartment to get the playbook to show Patrice he is not who she thinks. She discovers Lily, who has been using Barney’s apartment as a breast-pumping station. Ted, who is trying to help Robin out (and get back his red boots), also ends up in the apartment. And all three are in the broom closet while they watch Barney burn the playbook in an act of devotion to Patrice. The gang is forced to stage and intervention for Robin.

Also, weird side story. Marshall’s mom and Lily’s dad did it. Marshall and Lily are horrified and end up in the closet, screaming under a blanket as they try to wipe the un-welcomed images from their minds.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Marshall’s mom going to Lily for advice
  • Marshall channel ling Andrew Dice Clay and Chris Rock in his stand-up act
  • Marshall discovering his mom with Lily’s dad
  • Robin and Lily both locked in closets in Barney’s room


Robin: I love Patrice, we’re like sisters.
Ted: You’ve never gotten through even one exchange without screaming at her.
Robin: Sisters fight Ted!

Ted: Hugh Hefner, in you lobby, right now!
Barney: I’m gonna grab my robe!

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