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thoughts on parks and recreation: bowling for votes

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Campaign Ad

Synopsis: Ben and Tom run a focus group, where the feedback inspires Leslie to connect with voters…or at least one in particular. She throws a bowling party that results in mangled hands for Ben and Tom, albeit for completely different reasons. On the other side of time (or wherever it is that Ben, April and Andy live), the rest of the department attempts to raise money for Leslie’s campaign. Jerry offers up a prize for whoever can raise the most from the cold calls and the winner is the biggest surprise.

Last week PandR was hilarious, this week wasn’t nearly as funny, nor was it on par with the show’s better episodes this season. Yet even at its most sub-par, it’s stillĀ “streets ahead” of another show I won’t name that stayed on the NBC Thursday night roster when another, much more worthy show was put on hiatus. But I digress. Here were my fave moments of the night:

  • I didn’t realize that someone could be “aggressively short” to the point where it feels like they’re throwing it in your face.
  • Does anyone notice that Pawnee doesn’t really seem like it’s ‘fourth in obesity’? Maybe Chris has had an influence or perhaps we only see the thinner side of the city.
  • Similar to Andy, I also found Chris’ elated giggle contagious.
  • “When I eat, it is the food that is scared.” Ron F*cking Swanson.
  • Tom’s new bowling swag was immaculate. “Bowl so hard.”
  • At one point during the cold calling, Donna got her Girl 6 on and Jerry gave out his SSN.
  • “I don’t care about that prize, but I’m gonna win because I want his happiness to go away.” As much as I love April, I NEVER want Chris’ happiness to leave.
  • “Straight down the middle. No hook. No spin. No fuss. Anything more and this becomes figure skatin.” Ron F*cking Swanson on proper bowling technique.
  • Tommy’s strike is the bowling equivalent to this.
  • Not only is Ice Road Truckers real, but it’s been on for years. The more you know.
  • “You’re so down with strikes, they should call you Norma Rae.” A ‘high-brow’ joke from the overly intellectual Leslie.
  • I loved Chris’ awkward whistle, almost as much as I loved Jerry’s awkward smile ,when Millie came to see Chris. But does this breakup mean a rekindling for Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger?!
  • “I wished for his happiness to go away. I might be a wizard.” April with my favorite line of the night.
  • “What Ben did was warranted and extremely awesome.” Leslie summed up my response to Ben punching that guy perfectly.
  • “King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me…ahh my pinky hurt!”
  • Sad Chris is worse than any one else being sad…ever. So much in fact that it made April do something nice.
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