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thoughts on boardwalk empire: to the lost

Shoot First…: I knew the season finale was going to be full of people getting deceased real fast but it took all of 30 seconds for a few Klansmen to get there. I didn’t think Jimmy and Richard were going to be the one to make the hit but they did an awesome job nonetheless. I was a bit worried that it would put him on the wrong side with Leander and the other “founders” of Atlantic City but it didn’t seem to have any immediate repercussions.

Marriage & Murder: “Margaret, I need you to marry me.” Nucky has to be the most romantic gentleman in all of Atlantic City. As his trials looms closer Nucky had to make every play he could to get from getting sent to jail for the rest of his life so why not continue to manipulate Margaret. At this point I’m starting to feel sorry for her because she has probably been through the most stress and I know her decision to marry Nucky isn’t going to make things any easier. Meanwhile at the Treasurer’s Office, Jimmy and Richard kill James Neary and make it seem like a suicide to help Nucky once again.

Nucky’s Second Chance: Even though Nucky had moments this season where I wouldn’t have minded if he went to prison for some time I was glad when his case was a mistrial. He is, obviously, the character with the most versatility in the show and all the storylines run through him at some point. I do see him meeting an end that is just as epic as his time as the “Treasurer” of Atlantic City but for now I’m fine with a little more corruption.

My Brother’s Keeper: Listen bro, I know you tried to have me killed and all that but if you just go to jail for a year consider us even. I know that isn’t a verbatim version of Nucky’s plan for his brother Eli but that’s pretty much what happened. A few times during the season I thought Eli wasn’t going to make it out of the season alive but I guess blood is really thicker than water when it comes to Nucky. Or maybe he just saw Eli’s going to prison as just another way to keep him from incarceration.

“The only way it could end”: Talk about being blindsided! The furthest thing from my mind was seeing Jimmy getting killed…before Horvitz no less. I thought Nucky had some compassion for Jimmy’s situation and was actually giving Jimmy a gift – of sorts – by handing him Horvitz. With Jimmy out of the way now I can’t imagine who is going to oppose Nucky going forward. We see that Margaret signed over her land to Father Brennan’s church but I don’t think it will hinder Nucky to the point where his empire is diminished. Maybe he and Chalky White have a falling out or perhaps it will be time for the younger generation (Lansky, Lucky, Capone) to take the mantle.

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thoughts on boardwalk empire: under god’s power she flourishes

Nucky’s Defense: It would seem as though Nucky’s days as the “leader” of Atlantic City have been numbered since the start of the season but as Esther Randolph’s case continues to gain momentum the end may be soon. Until Nucky’ s butler Harlan tells him about Nelson Van Alden drowning his former partner during a church event last year. I honestly thought that Nucky was going to meet his end before the season finale but it seems like he has dodged yet another bullet – pun kinda intended.

A Princeton Man: Seeing Jimmy before he became defined by his tour of duty, marriage, family, and all the joy that Atlantic City brings was a bit refreshing. He and Angela’s background shined a light on what he felt about her during their mostly dry relationship. When by Gillian if he loved Angela his first answer was “No”. Speaking of Gillian…

I KNEW IT: Up to this point I just chalked it all up as Gillian being a complete creep – which she still is – but actually seeing her having sex with her own son you really don’t need any more evidence. If she wasn’t telling people how she use to “kiss (Jimmy’s) winky” when she use to change his diapers or just trying to steal a more sensual than necessary kiss on the lips from Jimmy she was busy trying to make Angela feel like a lesser woman in comparison. I’m glad I finally got proof even though, I’ll admit, it was a cringe worthy experience.

Eli’s Freedom: Eli’s lawyer informs him that if he testifies, against his brother Nucky, that he was ordered to kill Hans Schroeder that Esther and her team won’t argue for the death penalty. An offer that we later find out he accepts. I know that Eli and Nucky have been feuding since the show started up last year but for some reason I don’t see Eli actually following through with his testimony.

Sinful Possessions: With Nucky worrying about his freedom, he tells Margaret that he has hidden away some property and money for her and the kids if anything were to happen to him. But Margaret has some secrets of her own; she has been stealing from and cheated on Nucky during their relationship. Clearly Margaret’s new found religious faith and Nucky’s more than shady dealings are clashing on every level but I think she is the primary beneficiary of the relationship. I understand fighting for what u believe is right but at what cost?

Sweep the Legs: With Jimmy on a hiatus, assumably because he killed his wife, Lucky, Capone, and Lansky plan to take his portion of the alcohol. But Doyle tells them that Jimmy didn’t kill his wife and he’ll be back soon. We all know that Jimmy’s associates blossom – may that’s the wrong word – into successful criminals in their own right but I can’t wait to see how things play out once he realizes he has been cheated.

Van Alden the Vagabond?: Now that Van Alden’s secret has been exposed to Nucky’s lawyer and Esther Randolph he has nowhere to go. Shooting a federal agent never really helps either though.  I don’t have any idea what camp Van Alden is going to find himself in now but I’m intrigued to see what he can bring to the table since no one really likes him.

No More Commodore: After Jimmy kills his father for stopping him from choking the life from his mother it would seem as though all the pressure is really going to be on him now. The reason he hasn’t gotten the support of the more influential members of Atlantic City is because he is new to the political happenings of the boardwalk and it’s surrounding areas. I’m sure Gillian has no problem with the Commodore being gone but it may make things twice as hard on her son.

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boardwalk empire recapping: georgia peaches

Nucky’s Return

  • Nucky begins selling Irish Whiskey to all of Atlantic City for less than half of what Jimmy has been selling his liquor.
  • Nucky’s lawyer can’t get the trial moved back to Atlantic City so Nucky fires him.
  • As the investigation into the World Series scandal begins against Rothstein Nucky heads to New York to meet his new lawyer.

Darmody’s Struggle

  • Jimmy and his crew are hit hard by Nucky’s new offer in the liquor market.
  • Meyer and Lucky propose that Darmody start moving heroin but he isn’t to eager to change his business plans before they sell all the liquor they have.
  • Important businessmen and politicians are pressuring Jimmy to end the strike that many of the black workers have began.
  • Jimmy sends Doyle to meet with Horvitz in Philadelphia to pay him back with liquor. The meeting doesn’t go too well because Horvitz knows that Jimmy put the hit out on him even though Doyle disagrees with him. Horvitz gets Doyle to tell him where Darmody lives due to some hands-on interrogation.
  • Jimmy calls a meeting with Chalky White in order to get him to stop the worker strike. Chalky asks that the men responsible for killing his workers are brought to him so he can deal with them personally but Jimmy denies and Chalky doesn’t call the strike off.
  • While Jimmy is out of town to sell liquor Horvitz visits the Darmody residence to kill him. What he finds is Angela and her new girlfriend Louise. He shoots Louise as she is coming out of the shower and then kills Angela after she pleads that he spare her life.

Margaret’s Dilemma

  • Emily’s polio has gotten worse and it seems as though she is going to be paralyzed permanently.
  • Teddy is jealous that Emily has been getting all the attention lately and mocks her illness. But his mother slaps the shit demands that he stop.
  • Margaret goes to the church for help but Father Brennan says she needs to show devotion for God to assist her. She then takes all the money she has been saving up, along with some jewelry, and donates it to the church.


  • Deputy Halloran is attacked by the mob that attacked the workers on strike.
  • Eli is imprisoned by Esther Randolph over the Hans Schroeder murder.
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thoughts on boardwalk empire: battle of the century

Nucky’s Trip to Ireland

Nucky heads across the pond to Ireland, with Owen Slater, to propose a deal to John McGarrigle. Nucky offers to give McGarrigle Thompson Machine Guns in exchange for Irish whiskey. McGarrigle turns down the deal because he thinks peace is soon coming for the Irish. His cohorts clearly don’t feel the same way because they have McGarrigle killed so they can proceed with the deal with Nucky.

I knew Nucky was going to Ireland for more than just a little vacation and now it seems as though he has alreadytaken a huge step on the comeback trail.

Team Darmody

Jimmy gets a visit from “Mr. Third Person”  George Remus himself and successfully brokers a deal for more alcohol. Darmody also meets with Waxy Gordon to talk about killing Horvitz in Philadelphia. Waxy sends his assistant to do the job but he ends up getting killed himself – the hitmen in the 1920’s have to have been the worst in the world! Horvitz finda a matchbook on the hitman that shows he came from Atlantic City so I assume he knows who was behind the failed hit.

Jimmy seems to make his decisions based on emotions alone and that can’t be the best decision in the business he is in. He is making too many enemies in his own backyard.

  • Esther Randolph questions Deputy Halloran about Hans Schroeder.
  • Emily has been diagnosed with polio.
  • Donn Purnsley begins a worker’s rebellion at a hotel, with Chalky’s permission.
  • Who is the better creep? Purnsley or Doyle? Like, seriously?
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boardwalk empire recapping: two boats and a lifeguard


It seems as though Nucky has a trick up his sleeve in the episodes to come. He publicly made Atlantic City, and it’s players, aware that he is steeping down as Treasurer but that doesn’t seem to be the end game to his plan. I like that Nucky is showing that running Atlantic City isn’t about having the most muscle but knowing when to pick one’s battles. I’m not sure what he has planned with the assistance of Rothstein and Torio – or the upcoming trip to Belfast – but I’m positive it’s more than just retirement.


Jimmy is beginning to feel the pressure of being a power player in Atlantic City. He has Horvitz on his back about the money he owes him. Eli is doubting that he knows what is about to happen with Nucky. And Angela, unbeknowst to Jimmy, may be having another lesbian episode. I never thought Jimmy had the experience to be successful as the “leader” of Atlantic City and even after this episode’s proceedings I feel the same way. Jimmy is just getting himself into a situation that he is not ready for, no matter who he has by his side.


  • Nucky and Eli’s father has died.
  • Van Alden hires a live-in nanny for his child.
  • Rothstein seems to think Lucky and Meyer are making deals that are undercutting his deals with Nucky.
  • Angela meets a new female friend, Louise, on the beach.
  • Horvitz pressures Jimmy about the money he is owed.
  • Nucky, Torrio, and Rothstein have a private meeting to discuss Nucky’s next move.
  • Angie attends a party with Louise and the two share a kiss.
  • Nucky asks Margaret’s children to start calling him “dad”.
  • Eli and Nucky get a chance to talk at their father’s wake. Eli is seemingly apologetic of his actions but Nucky is unforgiving.
  • Nucky announces that he is stepping down as Treasurer.
  • Nucky asks Chalky to get the black community to go on strike in the middle of “tourist season”.
  • Jimmy and his followers have a celebratory event at Babette’s. Eli tells Jimmy that Nucky is “smarter… and a lot more dangerous” than he is.
  • A frustrated Jimmy throws Doyle from the second floor through a table.
  • Nucky tells Slater to set up a meeting with McGarigle in Belfast.
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