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modern family recapping: the wow factor/the future dunphys

Previously on Modern Family: Best Men

The Wow Factor

Mitchell and Luke

Remember that house that Cam and Claire bought? Yeah I pretty much didn’t either. Well they’re hard at work trying to flip it. And while Claire’s method for getting what she wants it to throw a bunch of numbers at Cam, Cam’s method is to shoot a few pegs above what he really wants so Claire will negotiate him down and he’ll “settle”. This works until they figure each other out and Cam brings in his lesbian friend who’s a contractor to convince Claire they need fountains in the backyard as the wow factor. Cam’s plan doesn’t work especially the lesbian seems to find Claire attractive. Cam installs it himself and the two have crossed over to the dark side until the goldfish start shooting out of the fountain

Phil wants to teach his daughters how to own a home by showing them a few homeowners tasks they’ll be forced to do, like change a lightbulb. Phil shows them who to light the pilot light again, but when it doesn’t seem to be working sends them to the store so he can call his dad who walks him through how to fix it.

Jay and Joe have a day for bonding which ends with Gloria finding Jay watching the new James Bond movie while an old friend of Claire’s rocks Joe in the lobby. Mitchell wants to teach Lily’s schoolyard bully a lesson so he has Luke teach him how to win at handball. He succeeds and turns himself into the schoolyard bully in the process.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Lukes training sessions
  • Cam freaking over the fish
  • Gloria seeing a strange woman rocking her son


Claire: Yesterday I accidentally said eleventy five.

Luke: You’re never off the court!

Jay: Or he took a page from the old Jay Pritchett playbook, saw the crap he was in for and pretended to be asleep


The Future Dunphys

Claire is headed back to the hospital to get some tests done to ensure everything is fine with her heart. Before they go she and Phil have a dispute over what advice they should give their kids. Claire favors forcing them to do what they don’t want to, Phil wants them to do as they please. While at the hospital they see grown up versions of their kids who seem to have turned out fine, but really didn’t. Phil calls to tell the kids to do what they don’t want to, while Claire calls to tell them to follow their heart. The kids worry their parent’s behavior means something is wrong with Claire, but they arrive at the hospital only to receive a text that reads “Mom OK”.

Jay and Manny

Jay takes Manny to tour a prep school he really wants to attend. Jay is apprehensive at first acting high and mighty because of his past with the preppy jerks. But the more he tours the school the more he wants Manny to attend the school and show up his old rivals. Under the new pressure Manny blows his interview, but Jay lets him know that he is proud of Manny everyday and he should never think otherwise.

Lily meanwhile has decided she’s gay. Cam, Mitchell and Gloria try to understand why she is gay and they come to the realization that she says she’s gay because she wants to be like her dads.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Jay getting excited about the rare books library
  • Present Dunphy kids in the elevator with future Dunphy kids
  • The whole scene in the Vietnamese restaurant

Claire: Alex what have I told you about staying out past your curfew?
Alex: I need to do it more often.

Manny: I’ve always felt out of place in public school, like a lone petunia in an onion patch.

Lily: When am I going to get real boobs?

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thoughts on the newsroom: bullies

Previously on The Newsroom: Amen

  • Will starts going to his therapist again–or at least his former therapist’s son Jack (David Krumholtz)–after four years because he has been having trouble sleeping.
  • The network’s insurance company assigns Will a bodyguard, Lonny (Terry Crews), after he is threatened on an online message board.
  • Sloan accurately misreports (It makes sense) a nuclear disaster in Japan while filling in for Elliot during the 10pm newscast.
  • Will shows Mac the engagement ring he bought her during their relationship.
  • Don asks Sloan if he is losing Margaret to Jim. Sloan is…emotionally challenged(?) so she can’t answer honestly. But she tells him that he isn’t by default.
  • Charlie suspends Sloan for her actions on-air. He later figures out a loophole to get the network out of the negative light…and to get Sloan back to work.
  • Will’s therapist realizes that Will has been having problems because of his feelings for Mac and his recent on-air behavior.

Will’s Got Issues: Well we’ve known that since the onset of the show but now we know it’s certifiable. His feelings for Mac have been evident. His on-air blow-ups have been increasing steadily. And now he has formed some type of relationship with Sloan, so much so that he feels sorry for the advice he gave her about being relentless during interviews–which, subsequently, led to her suspension. Do I think Will is going to continue treatment? No. Do I think he is going to immediately pursue a relationship with Mac? No. Do I pray that he and Sloan engage in coitus? Yes! (Sorry, Mac). A forbidden fruit must be tasted before the season ends and I don’t see it happening with Maggie and Jim unfortunately so that Sloan and Will would be the next best thing.

Sloan Goes Rogue: Maybe Sloan wasn’t the best person for Will to give advice to. She isn’t the most pragmatic person on the staff–actually she’s probably the least–and she definitely overstepped her bounds during her short stint as an anchor. I doubt she gets that chance again though. I’m starting to enjoy Sloan’s character much more as she is beginning to matriculate through different storylines and interact with other staffers.

Cat and Mouse: I believe they are interchangeable at the moment but Mac and Will are doing this dance every week and I’m starting to get tired of it. Not literally. Or figuratively either. I just need someone to make a bold move…or for Sloan to share her bare breasts–and I say that because I adore alliteration…and I kinda mean it, too.

Top Flight Security: Former collegiate football star? Check. Former NFL draftee? Check. Former Army MP? Check. Awesome Old Spice Ads? You decide. I think Will is in good hands.


Who else’s body have you guarded?” -Will
We don’t talk about that.” -Lonny
Okay.” -Will
Kanye. It was awesome.” -Lonny

Sarah Bernhardt was a turn of the century stage and film actress from France! Sandra Bernhard is a…I don’t know what the hell!” -Charlie

The wife of a board member died and Will asked me to send flowers. I wrote on the card ‘I’m so sorry for your loss. LOL.” –Maggie
Lol?!” -Jim
I thought it meant lots of love.” -Maggie
How do you still work here?” – Jim

On the episode of The Newsroom: 5/1

Will is a (not so) recovering TV and movie addict and TVDM only helps in feeding his vices. TVDM is the best outlet for him to spread his disease–without the use of airborne pathogens...

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