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grimm recapping: lonelyhearts

A man’s hand shuts a door, locks it and pulls a lever.

A woman’s arm breaks a window and reaches out franticly.

A woman runs for her life onto a bridge, her point of view distorted by the gas she’s breathed. Inanimate objects seem to threaten her.

She’s so distraught and distracted she never even sees the car and walks right out in front of it.

The driver of the car (Leroy Kent) immediately runs to her aid and is very relieved to see she’s still breathing. A dark figure joins them and suggests that Leroy call 911. When Leroy returns to his car to make the call, the figure bends down. “Kiss me,” the dying woman begs, but instead the figure pinches off her air and smothers her with his hand.

When Leroy looks up, the figure is gone and the woman is still.

Hank and Nick are called to the scene. The woman has glass on her arms but not on her feet. She was barefoot, but can’t have run far.

Meanwhile, another dark figure arrives in Portland carrying a suitcase. He checks into a down-market hotel and makes a phone call. “It’s me,” he says in French. “I’ll call when it’s finished.”

Then he opens his suitcase and pulls out … a Grimm reaper blade.

Medical examiner Harper has a look at the dead woman, who has been identified by her fingerprints as FAITH COLLINS. Harper tells the detectives that she died of suffocation but there’s no sign of crushed lungs, which means it wasn’t a result of a car accident.

When the detectives consult with Captain Reynard, he looks at the info on Faith’s husband Ray and sees that the cops were called to the Collins house several times for spouse abuse.

Hank and Frank pay a visit to Ray Collins at his work place. He freely admits that he and his wife had an argument the night before. He’d come home hungry and she’d been too busy updating her “friends” on her life to cook. She took off around 10, he tells her, and he just waited for her to come back.

“She always comes back,” he tells them.

Not this time, Nick tells him, she’s dead.

Faith had a suspended license due to a DUI, so there’s a record of a cab picking her up a bar called the Blue Moon. There’s also an online post with a photograph attached. The photo is a gorgeous garden sanctuary, and when Nick and Hank track the location, it aliases to Bramble House Bed and Breakfast, where the cab dropped Faith off after picking her up at the bar.

Nick notices the owner’s car parked out front. It’s a cherries-out 1967 MGB roadster with a midnight blue paint job, a car coveted by collectors.

They catch the proprietor checking out a pair of newlyweds—the wife assumes Hank and Nick are a couple and tells them they’re going to love it—and he tells them he remembers Faith, who showed up around 11 without a suitcase. He tells them he showed her the garden and then she left.

The detectives ask to see the garden and when the owner, Billy Capra stands near a pool, Nick sees the reflection of a horned, goat-like creature. Meanwhile, Hank accidentally steps on a toad. He apologizes and the detectives leave. As soon as they are out of sight, Billy gobbles up the smashed toad.

Meanwhile, the Reaper shows up at HQ with a newspaper article about an off-duty detective shooting an assailant. He tells Officer Wu that he wants some information about the detective who shot his friend. (The detective is not named in the article but it was Nick, who shot the reaper to save his Aunt Marie in the pilot episode.)

Wu tells the Reaper to have a seat and then goes to Captain Renard. The captain tells Wu to send the man away after getting his name and phone number and address. Continue reading

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