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thoughts on the walking dead: better angels

Previously on The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner

  • The survivors have a funeral service for Dale.
  • Carl tells Shane that he is the reason Dale was killed by the walker.
  • Hershel allows the survivors to move into the house after Dale’s attack.
  • Rick decides that he is going to let Randall free miles away from the farm.
  • Lori thanks Shane for keeping them alive and apologizes for her part in their relationship.
  • Shane frees Randall and heads to the woods where he snaps his neck.
  • Shane goes out with Daryl, Rick and Glenn to find Randall.
  • Daryl finds Randall but he is a walker. Daryl finds that Randall has no bite marks though.
  • Shane gets Rick alone, with intentions to kill him, but Rick ends up killing Shane instead.
  • Carl finds Rick near Shane’s body. Shane then comes back to life – in walker form – but Carl shoots him in the head.
  • A horde of walkers are headed straight for the farm after the gunfire.

Yes Carl, It Was Your Fault: I understand that Shane and Rick didn’t want to make Carl more emo than he already was but I can be honest: I blame you Carl. Had it not been for him playing arround with that walker in the woods then Dale would still be alive. Plain and simple.

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Shane has been pushing Rick’s limitations all season and it finally got him killed. Never did I think Rick would be the one to kill Shane but it made the scene 10x more awesome. I was actually prepared to see Shane try to branch out and make his way to Randall’s group. Even though the survivors are surrounded by walkers and rival groups Shane had managed to become the main antagonist of the season. I have no idea what to expect now.

Necessary Overkill: So you don’t need to be bitten to turn into a walker now?! We saw it with Randall but I assumed Daryl overlooked a bite. In the case with Shane, there was opportunity for a walker to bite him. We saw some random images of walkers…being walkers(?) but definitely no bites. I’m thinking that after extended exposure to walkers one doesn’t have to be bitten to transform, but if they die due to head trauma then the change does not occur. I’m no doctor but I am a pseudo-specialist in the field. You are welcome.

On the next The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire

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