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revenge recapping: scandal

Previously on revenge: chaos

The interrogations begin as the police comb the beach for answers. Charlotte saw a man in a hoodie. Declan isn’t sure what he saw. Queen Victoria raves Tyler is a lunatic. Ashley says Tyler was sick. King Conrad questions the authority’s abilities to keep Tyler locked up. Emily knows where Tyler got the gun, in her house, after climbing in through an open window. Daniel heeds his mother’s advice and says he doesn’t remember anything. Even with all these odd puzzle pieces the only obvious answer is that Daniel shot Tyler.

Emily and Daniel

Daniel is withdrawn from Emily and it seems clear that suspicion has been aroused in him. Odd considering it was aroused by a gun toting maniac. Even though Tyler is right, why would sweet trusting Daniel choose to believe Tyler’s accusations against Emily? Oh that’s right, because of the ones Queen Victoria made against her in the last episode. Emily didn’t flee to Paris with Daniel, if she had things would be different. Daniel’s suspicions cannot be confirmed though Emily finds him digging through a box under the floorboard (not the infinity box). It seems that he has decided to trust Emily, for now.

Queen Victoria and King Conrad

The Graysons are presenting a united front, with Emily by their side. Charlotte is still indulging her new pill popping habit, but hopes to be able to help Daniel in some way. It’s clear Queen Victoria wants her to identify the man in the hoodie on the beach. King and Queen are reunited again as King Conrad moves back into Grayson manor to further project the united front. Ashley, meanwhile, is using the Graysons’ latest predicament to her PR advantage. Leaking photos, speaking to the press, and advancing her career in the best way she can.

Jack meanwhile is frantic over Amanda’s disappearance and the implications of her being at the scene of Tyler’s murder. He has no regard, though, for his own well-being and what this could mean for him. Such a hero. Only this time, Declan catches on and tells him it’s time he stopped taking the fall for the people he cares about. I don’t think Declan got through to him, but we’ll see. And the ever pressing questions: where is Amanda? What did Master Satoshi do with her? And does Amanda know?

Daniel is arrested

Daniel is arrested and at his preliminary hearing the judge doesn’t grant him bail. I can’t say I disagree. Given the abundance of resources the Graysons could use to get Daniel out of the country it would be a really stupid move. The lawyer they hire is a shark and I have a feeling we’re gonna get some interesting stuff out of him, but first…

FLASH TO 48 Hours Earlier:

A frantic Emily, still in her fire dress races up the steps to her house, box in hand. She rips back the carpet and reveals the space beneath the floorboards. A noise catches her attention and she turns to throw a punch. Satoshi. In the shadows of night a small scuffle until Satoshi has an emotional Emily pinned to the wall. He accuses the current chaos on her actions. Explains what he saw at the beach: Daniel and Tyler scuffle, Daniel shoots Tyler once, Satoshi steps in and shoot Tyler another two times after knocking Daniel out, Satoshi drags Daniel off, Amanda races up followed by Jack who sends Amanda on her way, and drags Tyler’s body away from the beach. Satoshi releases his grip on her and say “You can’t save them both” before leaving Amanda in a furious state.


  • Satoshi blaming the current chaos, aka Tyler’s actions that led to everyone else’s actions, on Emily seems a little unfair. Even if she had no feelings for Jack and no feeling for Daniel, she still couldn’t predict that actions of a crazy man. No matter how in control of everything she is, there will always be an unforeseen X factor.
  • Good to know that Emily is human enough to panic.
  • No new episodes until April. Lame. But I bet they’ll be worth the wait.


Nolan: “You ever notice how whenever you want girlfriend to leave she keeps popping up like the homicidal stripper version of whack-a-mole but whenever you need to find her she vanishes?”

Conrad: “Life as we know it, Victoria, is over.”

Emily: “Tragedy and scandal it seems have a unique way of clarifying people’s priorities.”

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revenge recapping: chaos

Previously on Revenge: Perception

Charlotte and Declan

And we begin the episode the same way we began the series. Flash to 24 hours earlier. Nolan and Emily are frantically searching for the Infinity box in Amanda’s hotel room, but it’s no where to be found. Luckily (or maybe not) Tyler calls to let them know that it’s in his possession, Amanda too. Not what I expected, actually maybe even better. Tyler informs Amanda that Emily is not who she thinks and kicks the infinity box her way. Amanda begins digging. Amidst the planning of the engagement party Daniel has a meeting with his grandfather about taking over the company. Daniel, in his usual form, informs the wrong person of the wrong thing. Shorty after their meeting, grandpa pounces on a hurting Charlotte bribing her with Declan’s admittance into prep school in exchange for not going to a therapist.

Nolan, Ashley, Emily

Tyler and Emily set up an exchange. Emily will hand over cash, Tyler will hand over the infinity box and Amanda will be released into the wild. In typical fashion Emily takes over the exchange and zip ties Tyler to the fence. She searches her infinity box to make sure everything is in there. Her diligence is forgotten for a moment and Amanda ambushes her. Tyler and Amanda get away with the money, Amanda’s gun, and her infinity box. Emily arrives home to Nolan who is uneasy about Tyler’s sudden reappearance. But before the two can discuss Jack shows up with news. He’ll be leaving for Port Au Prince tonight and he needs Emily to take care of Sammy. Nolan suggests that Emily run away with him, but she can’t leave behind her path of revenge so easily. Plus she has to protect Daniel and the other innocent people at the party.

Amanda wonders about Tyler’s motive and he tells her about Emily framing him for Frank’s murder, which, as we all should remember, was actually committed by Amanda. Amanda realizes that Emily was protecting her and regret flashes in her eyes. Tyler insists that Amanda accompany him to the party, but she refuses and slashes him in the head with a hanger. Then runs all the way to Jack’s sailboat for a quick rendezvous. As she leaves him to go collect her stuff, Jack finds blood on his hands and chases after Amanda.

On the Beach

At the party Emily receives the gift she’s always wanted (the infinity box) from her mentor. She buries it on the beach and Daniels finds her afterwards, asking her to run away with him to Paris. Her response is not what Daniel expected, but exactly what Queen Victoria said she would say. Daniel is disappointed and sulks off down the beach while Amanda returns to the party. While brooding and watching the waves crash Tyler shows up and ruins Daniels moment. Tyler is revealing everything, while holding Daniel at gun point. Declan and Charlotte are scurrying off from a midnight swim and Jack has followed Amanda to the beach. He hears gun shots and runs after her only to find she is hovering over a shot Daniel. The noble man that he is, he tells Amanda to run and pulls Daniel off to the side. Amanda abandons him and falls into the capable hands of Emily’s mentor. Charlotte’s scream cut through the touching speech Queen Victoria was giving and everyone runs to the beach. As Queen Victoria sobs over the body of her son, she turns him over to reveal that the body isn’t Daniel’s. A confused Daniel wanders upon the scene. Queen Victoria gratefully hugs him and whispers sternly “Don’t say a word.”


  • This show continues to make me gasp aloud.
  • I don’t even know what’s gonna happen, though I have a vague idea of what went down on the beach.


Nolan: “Sail away. Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies.”

Victoria: “One day you may or may not become Daniel’s wife but I will always be his mother.”

Emily: “The best way to fight chaos is with chaos.”

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