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tv characters that would make perfect matches

Sometimes two people are destined to be together, but circumstances beyond their control keep them apart. Forever destined to date a string of not-quite the ones while The One they desperately long for is just outside their reach. Perhaps on another show or sometimes it’s a Romeo and Juliet-esque love, separated by being on rival networks. Whatever the case, I’m thinking these four couples would probably have an epic love affair if they ever stumbled into each other in the vast TV world.

Nancy Botwin (Weeds) and Hank Moody (Californication)

The fact that they’re both inherently screwed up aside, Nancy and Hank could bring enough to the table to keep things interesting. He would write all day while she finally goes back to selling the greenery. They’ve both demonstrated that they’re skilled in the art of lovemaking.  And he’s a great dad so he’d probably do swimmingly with Silas and Shane, while giving Andy someone to interact with from time to time.

Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny) and Kelly Erin Hannon (The Office)

Erin is just awkward enough to appreciate Charlie’s quirks (i.e., boiling denim found under a bridge). Charlie is sweet enough to not take advantage of Erin’s naivete. Subtle Sexuality would get a new songwriter and Charlie would have someone to help with a part deux for The Nightman Comenth. See? Perfect match. Assuming Dennis doesn’t sleep with her first.

Schmidt (New Girl) and Penny Hartz (Happy Endings)

Sure, he can be a little douche-y, but Schmidt just might be one of the few guys to appreciate Penny’s “amahzing” outlook on life. The couple’s Halloween costumes would probably be the best part of this dream duo. And Schmidt has already proven he gets along just fine with one of Penny’s BFFs. Plus, he’s a social climber and she works in PR. Match made.

Eli Goldsworthy (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and Jenna P. Hamilton (Awkward)

Jenna is known at her school as the weird chick who tried to kill herself, while Eli is known as the weird guy who purposely crashed his car. She writes in an online journal and he writes plays about heartbreak. He’s the perfect combination of Matty and Jake, and she would appreciate his angst in a way Clare just doesn’t get. The love affair could last forever…or at least until one of them goes off to college.


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