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revolution recapping: plague dogs

Previously on Revolution: No Quarter

There are only two ways to watch Revolution: with other people as you laugh and cackle at the bizarre dialogue, “retro violence”, and sea of scowling faces; or alone, like me, drowning your gripes and surprising outbursts of emotion in a bowl of melting ice cream.

Last night’s episode was weird, okay? I don’t know if I’d go as far to say it was good, but it successfully achieved . . . something.


Charlie, Miles and Nora reunite with Maggie and Aaron. We find out that Uncle Miles is planning on leaving Charlie (just like everyone else in her life . . .) and that after the blackout Maggie tried really, really hard to get back to orphaned England and her jolly good kids (or maybe it was the other way around).

A crazy person with a hastily sketched out personality – that largely revolves around his aforementioned craziness – sets his (plague?) dogs on our semi-likeable band of heroes, severs an artery in Maggie’s leg, and kidnaps Charlie. Miles and not-Nate (oh yeah, he’s back) save the day by killing the crazy person. They release Charlie before returning to the rest of the group in time to be with Maggie as she dies.

Meanwhile, through a tornado-assisted miracle, Danny escapes the clutches of the Monroe militia. Then, through an idiotically misguided act of kindness, Danny is recaptured.

Talking Points


I was kind of bored for awhile. Rabid dogs, crazy guy, attractive people fighting and scowling — how could this be boring? I don’t know . . .  Maybe because we keep delving into poorly realized character development. Like Charlie and her abandonment issues. Or Nora and her feelings or non-feelings for her former flame Miles.  Maybe I like The Walking Dead so much because zombies appear and bite someone’s throat out whenever the awkward character dynamics threaten to get out of hand.

Plot progression

Where did we go in this episode? Absolutely nowhere (except that we’re down one blond British lady). So Miles isn’t going to leave Charlie. Big whoop, I didn’t even realize that was a possibility till the first five minutes of this episode. Danny has neither risen nor fallen in my estimations – he did exactly what I expected of him (which led him absolutely nowhere as usual). Gah, let’s go somewhere, guys! We have the whole planet to explore, infinite relationships and moral intricacies to create and examine! And instead we’re still tripping around the backwater edges of some eastern state waiting for crazy people and their dogs to capture us.

And yet . . .

Here’s the weird thing: the last twenty minutes kind of worked for me. I know it was burdened with the same clunky plotting and silly exchanges – and maybe the late hour was enough to mellow my overly critical brain to a pile of mush – but things started clicking. I mean, come on: Maggie giving up on finding her children and resorting to suicide? That was pretty sad. Not-Nate heroically joining Miles to rescue Charlie? That was sort of romantic (even though I wish their relationship was built on more than a random water meeting). Rachel leaving her children to turn herself in to her husband’s brother? Hmm that’s kind of intriguing. Touché, Revolution. I guess I’ll be back next week.

She won’t be.


Hey 18-49 year olds, what are you watching on Monday nights? According to the completely reliable Nielson ratings, you’re watching Revolution! Up against Hawaii 5-0 and Castle, my little pseudo-post-apocalyptic mutt is actually dominating. Take that, crime.

Hayley has other interests besides just nerdy TV shows. She also is a big fan of thinking. She ponders the great mysteries of life, like how more of her time can be devoted to watching those nerdy TV shows.

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revolution recapping: chained heat

This may have been inevitable, but I find myself – slightly against my will – liking Revolution more and more. Sword fights, faked deaths, ethical justifications, and a wrist gun? My poor brain can’t resist.


  • The gang (Miles, Charlie, Aaron, and Maggie) are off to find Nora, an explosives expert who Miles insists they need to rescue Danny.
  • Charlie learns an important lesson: sometimes you should let Uncle Miles kill ruthless bounty hunters in cold blood.
  • Miles takes off on his own to rescue Nora from a militia prison camp, leaving Charlie, Matt, and Maggie.
  • Maggie gets a back story: she keeps her defunct iPhone since the photos trapped inside are the last reminders of her children from across the pond.
  • Charlie catches up to Miles – after sneakily handcuffing her stalker, not-Nate.
  • Apparently, Nora didn’t need to be rescued. She was at the slave camp to steal a sniper gun from the warden.
  • Charlie volunteers to use Nora’s nifty wrist gun to shoot the warden. But wait? Isn’t she a sweet, innocent girl? Nope! Flashbacks reveal that Charlie’s mother, Rachel, was sort of a bad ass – and apparently the apple doesn’t fall very far from the presumed dead tree.
  • Charlie ends up killing the warden and another militia man as she, Miles, and Nora liberate the prison camp.
  • Nora’s resistance tattoo (an American flag that’s missing a few stars) is revealed, and Miles doesn’t like it.
  • Maggie and Aaron, embarking on a side story, don’t make it to Grace’s house in time to hand the mysterious woman Ben’s necklace. Randall got their first! Who’s Randall? I don’t know, but Grace does – or at least she did.
  • And twist! Rachel, Charlie and Danny’s mother, is alive and a prisoner of evil Monroe!

Talking Points


So let’s get something out of the way: Danny is an idiot. Last week, I compared Danny to a llama, but that’s unfair to llamas. Llamas at least know how to stay silent. Why does this guy keep talking? He practically got his father killed because of his big mouth (and quivering crossbow), and now he taunts his captor as a morally misaligned murderer? You know something funny about morally misaligned murderers? They’re not that forgiving to mop-topped young brats with an apparent death wish. This isn’t the actor’s fault, I should add – and maybe it’s actually no one’s fault. I just think that since a lot of this show currently hinges on rescuing this silly guy it would be nice to make him slightly more appealing . . . or intelligent.

The Abram Effect

Oh, J.J. Abrams, I’ll follow you wherever you lead – even though all that usually gets me is a closet full of Rambaldi junk and a forgotten smoke monster. I’m genuinely hopeful for the direction of this show, and I’m especially looking forward to further intrigue surrounding Monroe, Rachel, and the resistance. I think Rachel, in particular, adds a lot to the show’s ensemble. She’s already been given more depth than characters with triple her screen time and it doesn’t hurt that she has some proven acting chops. Monroe seems suitably intriguing and complex, as does his obedient henchmen and the mysterious members of the resistance. If Abrams can resist his trademark slant toward the supernatural, I think we’ll be all set for a fantastical and character-driven adventure.

Complaining (Or a surprising lack thereof)

I have nothing to really complain about this episode (though I did watch it at 6 a.m. this morning in a groggy, pre-coffee haze). Sure, I find Charlie’s perpetual frown and dopey repetitiveness a bit grating (“So you’re militia”?) and I already complained about her unlikeable brother, but that’s nitpicking and I know it. I generally just enjoyed watching the characters prance around and slash each other with swords. It’s fast-paced, somewhat intelligent, and overall intriguing story-telling. It’s not perfect, okay – I get that. But in a sea of nauseating network sitcoms and been-there-done-that drama programs, Revolution offers something refreshingly different and I heartily appreciate that.

Looking Forward

No cancellation rumors! And the preview for next week features a former BSG cylon. It’s like this show is consciously trying to to lure me in – and it might be working.

Hayley has other interests besides just nerdy TV shows. She also is a big fan of thinking. She ponders the great mysteries of life, like how more of her time can be devoted to watching those nerdy TV shows.

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia recapping: sweet dee gets audited

Will’s P.O.V.

Dee got her “surrogate money” back and she is $30,000 richer and plans on writting off the child as a dependent for the next 18 years. What a  sweet scam for Sweet Dee, right? Wrong. She is being audited by the IRS. Dee panics and needs to prove that she has a child – the she doesn’t have – to the auditor. Charlie and Mac tell Dee that getting a child for Dee to borrow is no problem and they will have one for her by the time she meets with the auditor. Mac and Charlie hold their end of the bargain…kinda (not really). They show up with two crucifixes wrapped in a blanket with a recording on a child crying. Just enough to escape the meeting as Dee tells the auditor that the baby is sick. They then invite the auditor to a faux-funeral for the “baby” – Dennis’ plan. The plan ultimately backfires when Mac and Charlie open the casket at the funeral to show a dead and disgusting dog. I don’t think the bar Dee or Paddy’s Pub has heard the last of the IRS though.

Meanwhile, the boys are trying to make some changes at the bar. Dennis wants to learn the secrets of the business from Frank. Frank has been making illegal transactions and their “books” aren’t exactly IRS friendly. Since Frank is making all the decisions about the bar Dennis thinks it is smarter to align with him if he wants to a make a profit…and some “puss”. Mac and Charlie branch off and create their own party to vote against Dennis and Frank. After Charlie and Mac recruit Dee to their side to get the majority vote Dennis causes a rift in the newly formed “Pickle Party”. After Charlie and Mac compromise on putting a crucifix in the bar they then begin to argue on how much blood should be on it. After realizing that Frank and Dennis are making them focus on trivial things instead of money, Mac and Charlie decide to ruin the funeral. The gang then votes to not let Frank make all the decisions around the bar anymore and go back to their adopted method of “organized chaos”.

I didn’t like this episode all to much but I think the best parts were when Dee’s story was the focal point. The rest of the episode seemed more like filler with a lot of flat moments. The idea that the IRS is still looming makes me think that we might be seeing the end of Paddy’s Pub soon…eek!

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Sweet Dee getting audited isn’t as funny as one might hope. We start the evening with the guys having an emotional argument over where the money Frank takes out of their paychecks is going. They decide to remove emotion from the equation and argue everything in a rational manner, which of course means the near opposite when it comes to the gang.

Dennis and Frank partner up on a scam, while Mac and Charlie search for a way to settle a lime slicing debate. Sadly, none of this was all that humorous. Dee isn’t all that stealthy, so watching her try and come up with a real baby to match the fake one she’d been putting on her taxes was “meh” as well.

Mac and Charlie together is probably my favorite combo, so I was in full support of the pickle party. However, if Paddy’s Pub were real, I’d NEVER be fine with ordering a Corona with pickle…ever. The funniest part of the night for me was Sweet Dee with the chili pepper in her eyes. Not only did she cry True Blood-esque vamp tears, but also Kaitlin Olson really brought her best physical comedy game to that whole moment.

Always Sunny isn’t exactly the most plot-driven show on television, but even by its own standards, nothing really happened this episode. I can only hope the whole IRS bit was a setup for future troubles. I’d love to see them squirm out of tax fraud charges!



“Charlie, you can’t just start your own party. You gotta talk to people about…” – Frank
“Yes you can! When you’re not as educated or informed, what u gotta do is start your own party and you yell the loudest.” – Charlie

“People don’t trust you Frank. You’re a piece of shit! And you’re ugly. And you ooze sleaze. And you’re very very ugly.” – Dennis

“You guys better all eat a dick. Cuz Sweet Dee beat the system.” –Dee

“Goddammit! I don’t know how to express myself unless through and personal attack.” – Mac

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